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2018 Indian Chief Vintage | First Ride & Review

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So this is the indian chief so if you haven’t been on the chief model you’re gonna check it out today let us get on and get comfortable and this looks like it’s push-to-start yeah like that give me some more that technology yeah all right let’s start it up that’s it push the start how do you start this guy okay that’s simple enough very good things are let’s

Get a feel for the clutch oh yes i’m so comfortable still got that two finger clutch back edit again now i am comfortable oh alright you guys this is the indian chief the vintage and this is powered by the thunderstroke 11 not sure what that means that i throw up some specs for you again the indian chief vintage powered by the thunderstroke 11 this guy is

Just a big style bag i mean it says it’s number style right here i got the fringes on my tail bag the whole bit definitely a good feeling bike that’s for sure feels good comfortable the seat oh man it’s just it’s just covered my booty man it’s just it’s just like i’m sitting down on a couch is what it feels like and i love every bit of it i can sit on this

Thing ours and uh my complaint me this dude to hurry up and catch up with the group man oh yeah feels good he’s mira need to be adjusted oh they’re adjustable yeah i have some ears that i could have just now see controls for my b on the left there it feels so good yes all right yes i’m with you let’s do it man let’s go don’t stop me let’s go baby yeah let

Me turn oh wow this has a very short first gear that’s for sure very short so i definitely need my second gear quickly this bike for sure though when it comes to comfort though i can definitely slosh on this and be happy because it seats so comfortable i was just on this bike earlier on the indian scout indian scout bobber they’ll fit nice back – but we’re

Not talking about that so what’s this bike got nice fuel gauge up there the scout did not have that this bike does have the fuel gauge on it so what else we didn’t look for through this bike this bike has some beautiful floorboards for me to be comfortable while i ride make this turn real nice back oh yeah yeah this engine definitely leaves something

To be desired i’m not too big of a fan of this so far again about 3,900 miles on this bike but i can tell you this much i’m so far from their little jaunt the power is not quite there and let me make sure i’m on me i was in ok there we go maybe that’s why i was in third so let me take that back i forgot the arrow let’s take it let’s go so turning is a bit

Awkward but maybe i’ll get used to it as i’m riding this bike does not have all of the not as many creature comforts as let’s say the chieftain but the chief definitely got that comfy seat if you want to bring your girl or your boy on the back you can do that you have a pillion seat that’s nice and plush it doesn’t have a backrest though so they’re gonna have

To hold on to you but outside of that this bike definitely does come loaded with a few goodies i get a nice big wind screen right here controls feel good nice grips on them the push to power the bike on that’s nice i got to get used to that and then i have the actual starter over there on the right very nice and as far as controls go i’ve got cruise control

On this bike right over here you can set it and forget it as your cruise control you don’t need a cramp bust or anything like that simple enough but other than that the controls are fairly basic not too much going on i believe these are dual gas tanks i’m not sure i’ll find out this does by feet this bike does feature keyless ignition so you have like a key

Fob or whatever the case is that you use i think the key file is probably under the seat for this bike that’s why i can walk up to it and get on it it does have quick-release leather saddle bags that are locked yeah i’m not too big of a fan of the way this engine feels i mean not too big of a fan of it and when i say that i don’t like how it feels it’s maybe

A little bit too responsive for its size like i feel everything if i hit the throttle a little bit oh i feel it i feel too is too much input i guess too much rider input you can soften some of that up like on the scout that thing felt more like it was more refined for me this not so much i’m pretty sure this bike just wants to get on the highway and stay

There this bike does not want to be on the street for very long and i agree if i’m running something like this i don’t want to be on the street i want to be on the highway even if miles is what i’d rather be doing didn’t sit in behind this but yeah it’s definitely comfortable to sit on that’s for sure but with the way the engine handles you know when doing

The small stuff you know minor turning and cruising up the road just like that i’m not feeling that too much i’d rather be on something smaller and lighter maybe that’s why i feel more comfortable with that but this one just feels like they took this bike from like 2001 and slap the 20 18 on it and just decided to sell it i mean this doesn’t feel like something

Very refined to me to be honest they put up the second i mean i was in third i’m in third man so i was in second and i’m still getting this weird rumble from the engine don’t get over here apparently i don’t like that this engine doesn’t feel very good it’s let alone speed i wouldn’t think i feel a rumble like that but maybe it needs to be opened up i don’t

Know so on the save judgement final judgement for when we open this back up the house how easy is it to find neutral what’s this dude doing that was easy so neutral is pretty easy to find that feels good my bad saddlebags and whatnot whitewall wheels i’m gonna love that scout though that scouts called him i mean i’m all i wanted not a big fan of the bank i

Would expect to fight this big to be smoother and not so jittery when i say jittery i mean i feel like in the tank i hope the tank i feel like i’m feeling every little spider bump now that i’m in third gear it finally you know rolls off but maybe this is the giri maybe that’s where i’m missing maybe i’m misunderstanding is the gearing is so short that i think

That it shouldn’t be vibrating the way it does but okay you felt that i just leave this lurched and then second so bro you’ll notice this cuz we’re on real backs see i don’t even have to say that when i’m right well spread the scout i think i said like once right at the end this feels like what the quote-unquote real back feels like it’s heavy its clunky it

Doesn’t feel like it was well put together i think they need to tear this bike apart and put it back together so far with how i’m feeling i’m not in i’m not enjoying this i’m enjoying being on two wheels yeah but not like this this is a so far i feel yeah looks nice that’s that’s about it oh but yeah anyway definitely a nice looking bike i like the styling

But that’s about it man i’m not too impressed with much else of it i mean as far as far as performance yet handling it’s a motorcycle it’s gonna handle okay but this is definitely not a bike that you want to get if you’re looking for a spirited ride i’ll say that much if you want a spirited ride and you want to be able to have a little bit of flick ability

This is not the bite don’t buy this buy you’ll be disappointed you’ll be very disappointed mom go bro she’s scared you’ll be very disappointed if you buy this bike and if you’re looking for a nice fun spirited ride it’s not for that i mean it’s look at it this bike isn’t built for that it’s built to cruise probably more than likely on the freeway because

I believe it comes with this stock because i don’t know i definitely wouldn’t i mean i’d be like i wouldn’t want to ride it if it didn’t have this screen on it to protect me from the wind so i’m definitely i’m not a fan of this bike so far maybe we’ll see on the freeway if you feel similar on the freeway i’m gonna have to give this an f well you know what i

Don’t have i’ll give it a seat but my feet still pull out there tingling because it’s rocking so much i’m not a big fan of that so far everything feels underpowered i mean it really does all right let’s take this turn like we enjoy turning wow this thing like struggle like it wants to get up but a very nice body you got the crash bars there on the front

Highway bars and have you very nice look they’re very clean lots of chrome on this bike definitely a good dresser bike i definitely got to give it that you can dress this bike up to look like the most best baddest indian bagger that you’ve ever seen this thing can definitely bag oh man this thing sounds like it’s like literally spitting this bike also does

Not sound the best this sounds worse than the scalp i like the sound of that i don’t like the sound of this this thing sucks she is that’s about it that’s about it yes about it outside of that i’m not feeling it but that’s god i know it’s fun i took that out first it feels so good let’s see power not much there and i really can’t get up on it because this

Guy right here is in my way they say you’re not supposed to pass so i’m trying to be a good 602 trying to be good you’re not supposed to pass on the rise i say okay that’s fine but do keep up with the group look what happened do you see how staggered it’s getting now oh well i quit but yeah so far i mean on the freeway and freeway of speeds i think you mill

It out it finally found out where it wants to be i feel more comfortable here on the freeway even though you can feet still are vibrating down here like crazy i don’t know maybe it’s an indian thing i don’t know if i didn’t feel that i’m the 2017 models but it definitely smooth out a lot it’s still vibrated but it definitely smoothed out a lot more than what

It was doing was on the street this is where this bike belongs this bike belongs on the freeway at all times but anyway guys this bike definitely is better on the freeway i’ll give it that feels good got a little dip in it feels good on the freeway and this is where obviously where it belongs now it’s starting to smooth out it belongs on the freeway at least

From what i can feel on the street i’m not liking it so much yeah freeways where it belongs definitely where it belongs i have to admit i feel more confident on the freeway because i got so much wind protection i can take this i can pull my visor off right now i just lifted it up and i don’t feel any wind in my face right now and i can hear even more than

Obnoxious sounding exhaust but yeah so far initial impressions who is this bike for if you just want to cruise on the highway all day this is your bike if you’re taking long trips by yourself this is your bike if you don’t need gps to tell you where to go like a you know like a big front fairing type gps thing all these brakes are squishy this is your bike

I could tell you that i only wanna be next to this dude right now okay fine neutral easy i’ll give it that but yeah if you want to get on the freeway all day long this is your bike if you just want to get away from it all and you like to go slow this is your bike if you just cruise and you don’t care about speed you don’t care about performance you just

Want to hop on a pretty bike and just ride it all day long yeah this is your bike i mean the nice thing about this bike though is it does have abs it does have cruise control which is nice the white wall tires for me as a southern point it makes the bike this look really good but to tell you the truth that’s all that’s got going for it if this looks in my

Opinion this is not a bike that you want to get on if you want to have a little performance like i said a more spirited ride it’s definitely a nice plush comfortable ride on the freeway which is exactly what i expect from it why is a spark plug right here next to my thigh who designed this billy way outside of that would i buy it nah not for the writing that

I do definitely not for the writing that i do i would not buy it it’s a cool bike definitely a cool bike but i don’t think i would buy it not for me not for my style of riding i still want to be able to do a nice spirited ride and this will be a nice spirited ride for some person who doesn’t desire to have a lot of performance who is it looking for you know

Yeah i guess i just said it who’s not looking for that performance if you just want a nice looking bike that’s reliable point a to point b on the freeway yeah i wouldn’t commute on this thing this is him my ideal commuter bike because it just it just looks too nice in my opinion it looks too nice i wouldn’t want to ride this every day because i mean it’s like

It’s like a big dresser is it’s super stylish but if that’s what you’re going for then this bike has it in spades that’s for sure he feels like a car almost the table to this bike almost feel like a car you know how you know how if you try to come to a come you know you try to come to a complete stop and you got to turn right in a car you normally keep it in

Second – you know you gotta come to a stop that’s what this bike me this bike needs to be in second gear when it comes to those stop signs when you’re about to make a quick turn or a stop sign and you’re going straight that’s what you need but yeah i wouldn’t buy this bike not for me but somebody else would be a really good bike but this bike not so much

But yeah this bike looks nice that’s about it that’s the final verdict performance wise handling not so much comfort is good you definitely a comfortable bike i must give it that it is a comfortable bike very high marks from that but when it comes to the styling or as human when it comes to the performance now doesn’t perform like that it performs exactly

Like i would expect a bike that looks like this it doesn’t perform as good as it looks

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2018 Indian Chief Vintage | First Ride & Review By 602_Busa