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2022 Indian Chief – Walk Around Review #BikeReview #Featuresandoptions

Please let me know if there is any questions on anything in my video or anything I missed.

A couple of things i want to point out that could be better about the indian hey guys how’s it going so as far as the review goes on this motorcycle this is not the dark horse version obviously it’s the 111 cubic inch uh which is like 18 11 cc’s anyways so somebody brought it to my attention that this bike was not fully reviewed in one of my other videos and i

Kind of want to go over uh some of the things about this bike that could be better and uh couldn’t be better right so we’ll get off first with the writing position and the stance right i’m and just for metrics i am six foot tall 230 pounds right so i have a little bit of a gut i got long legs so this is my arms just fully out grabbing all the controls everything

Feels really good everything’s at like a very very good distance i think if it had the lower bars it would be down here and you’d be a little bit more tucked forward still not really all that bad the foot up and the riding position you know most of the time i have my foot here on this peg all the controls are really easy to get to especially while riding now

Could these controls be just a little bit further forward for me yeah i mean i could be a little bit more stretched out i’ve got some pretty long legs i’d say guys that are maybe five ten five nine you know just a couple inches off would be very comfortable uh riding this machine a couple of things i want to point out that could be better about the indian okay

First of all the seat right the seat is actually a really nice seat except for it’s a basic seat you know it’s what comes with the indian and what it’s what comes with this motorcycle especially this specific one because i bought it like this it is nice except for it’s a little hard on your ass so for long rides i would probably get something to either increase

The padding in here or put like a gel seat if they ever come out with something that i can replace this with with a little bit more comfortable seat i am definitely going to spend the money to do so if not i will actually pull this sucker off and do it myself seat’s not bad just not the best if you’re going hundreds of miles hell no back seat for the girlfriend

Uh same thing she is not a very big person so it really doesn’t bother her too much but then again we’re gonna have the back rest which is in a box over there we’re gonna have the saddle bags they’re on both sides so this thing’s going to get whiter a little bit more dressed up why did i go with the standard chief well first thing honestly price right so the

Standard chief out of the out of the uh factory is 14 15 000 you won’t find any for that because they’re going to have other things on it there’s going to be markup there’s delivery fees you’ll never pay 14 or 15. uh i think i paid 17 five and uh that was a pretty good deal actually so how do you know the difference between uh the dark horse and this motorcycle

Right so you don’t get the ride command on the uh on the center control for your for your display um ride command if you don’t know what that is it’s a gps touch screen uh nice little fancy unit i don’t know about you but in my recent video as i said i came over from so i had a yamaha r1 that thing was a 20 20. that thing had so many electronics built into it

I had no clue what most of it did to just just flat out to be honest i tried to go through it i tried to mess with it no idea no idea what those options were what they did none of it you can control how the bike responds so you could have a sport mode there’s a touring mode and then there’s the standard mode i usually drive it in standard mode or sport mode

Either way those are great i haven’t tried touring mode a lot of people say it gets a little sluggish i don’t understand what that would even be for so anyways i like the simplicity of the gauge being the more old-fashioned speedometer it does have the center screen which you have all the other options um other than you know obviously gps but my phone right my

Phone is a little computer has everything i need don’t even need to worry about it next thing other than a seat tank so tank holds i wanna say four gallons and uh four gallons on this thing so far um the computer reads that it’s going to get me like 150 miles 130 miles um not very far actually it’s a very limited range this is i guess this wasn’t really built

To be long haul to go places so the tank itself is quite limited as far as fuel capacity goes so fuel seat the dark horse actually does not come with this cover in chrome it’s all blacked out right so everything’s blacked out except for on the dark horse you still get the chrome lifters the chrome siding on the cylinders a couple of things are a little bit

Different if i had to choose a different style of mirror i would go with the end of the bar mount mirrors where the mirror is down below to get rid of this stuff on the top that way i have a little bit better a little bit i don’t know it looks cleaner to me when i looked at the scouts especially the scout bobber who had that already on there it looked really

Clean the headlight all right so standard on both the chief and the dark horse you get the led headlight the how it makes the halogen look like a dinosaur it is extremely bright you can see your cousin’s house from wherever the hell you’re at i think that’s kind of all the bads you know i mean you have the seat the the tank capacity um built for somebody who’s

Probably 30 pounds less than me which i’m trying to get there so let’s talk about the likes the goods right um i’ve been riding this thing in the rain i’ve been riding it in all kinds of different conditions so far uh this winter or this uh fall and the tires are wonderful the tires are wonderful they grip no problems with those very stable really nice to ride

Very comfortable my girlfriend loves it extremely impressed that the exhaust note was as deep as it was this thing has a mean little growl to it that is actually phenomenal and it actually has a really nice throaty low tone the only thing i don’t like is while you’re traveling you can’t really hear it as you’re going down the road so usually road noise noise in

The helmet can’t really hear that note another good thing about this bike is there’s no key right so as key fob they’re cheap they only come with one so don’t lose it if you don’t have a key fob on you yes you can power the bike on the bike power’s on everything comes on um but you can’t start it you better have the key fob on you if you don’t you’ll figure

It out real fast controls are really simple you know it’s one down five up so it’s got six gears and it does display on the display um real real smooth shifting um no lack and power or torque you know i mean like i said i laugh when i see guys say that they you know they ride this bike or ride some other bike and like oh it has tons of power and i’m like cool

Um what do you mean by that well it’s not a sport bike it’s not an r1 it’s uh it’s not a gixxer you know it has a good pull throughout the entire power band but it does die out in the in the very top and at the very bottom it’s all torque right so you’re getting a lot of torque and your roll on that thing and it just starts pulling so this is driven by a belt

And the belt system uh works great i haven’t had any lag or anything that i can notice from clutch letting clutch out to tire rotating so literally no complaints about the belt the options that we have for this thing is is really limited right now so yeah you can get the back rest you can get back seat you can get you can get a back seat for this guy indian’s

Website has quite a bit of different things that you can actually buy the only thing the only thing is is everything’s made in china so it’ll take you a couple months to get it because indian has been way back ordered for quite some time breaking you know this thing is just shy of 800 pounds i think it’s rated at 700 pounds i want to say like 780 or 790 anyways

So 700 and just under 800 pounds braking i have had no problems so far i’ve had a close calls or anything like that i haven’t had any braking issues it does have abs i don’t know if you guys watch the channel fortnite i will link it in this video because that guy is amazing the stuff that he puts out he actually goes through and reviews products bikes safety

Gear all the recommended things that i mean he’s from canada and he talks about dot versus snell and all the ratings on the helmets all the ratings on gear what helmets are the most quietest why give the best airflow all the way down to you know what are the options that you could do on your bike oh the thing i forgot the one thing i forgot the suspension now

If you plan on riding on a rough road you be ready for chiropractor appointment it’s smooth when it’s on the road it’s smooth when it’s going through corners it’s smooth everywhere else you hit a railroad track that has a little bit of an indent in it and it’s going to bounce you off it just depends on the bump right because i’ve gone over things and didn’t feel it

I’ve got over a couple of things and bam you know i mean i’m pulling my spine out of my ass you know the pipes you have the back wheel this thing’s really really pretty let me try to stay out of the shot you’ve got the finish on it you’ve got all the chrome you’ve got all this fancy stuff and night dragon by pirelli so pirelli night dragon tires only a single

Disc brake so single disc brake on the front and i think it’s single on the back but i could be could be wrong it could be misspoken on that very very clean clean lines you get that bobber feel yes i have the california version because i live in california what does it mean it means a lot of emissions uh so yeah it is a single break in the back uh see the

Air box the air box is pretty plain uh if you go with the stage one or stage two whatever it is it gets a lot cleaner the gauge cluster like i was telling you about this guy so when you’re looking through basically i’m going to come over here and there’s a little button on the back side of there like a trigger i pull it and now it’s going to tell me range 41

Miles tells me my tank is empty when it’s not um i have 359 miles on the device trip one trip two rpms battery sitting here not running it so it’s kind of draining temperature 62 degrees miles per gallon average and says range is now 39 miles 38. it’s going down guys it’s not even running it’s going down so not highly highly accurate so it doesn’t kill the

Batteries we got that headlight just an overall really good looking bike turn it off before i die of carbon monoxide poisoning if you want to know something let me know let me know what you want to know in the comments um first oil change is coming up here real soon at 500 miles so i’ll probably document that as well just so you guys can see all right

You guys have a good night and we’ll see you in the next one it would be a shame carefully is i wanna make things right

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2022 Indian Chief – Walk Around Review #BikeReview #Featuresandoptions By ChiefRyder