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Are Indian Motorcycles unreliable? – Mine was…

This video is about my experience going from Harley to Indian and how I found my way back. Let me know your thoughts, have you ecperienced any issues with an Indian?

Hello everyone out there thought i’d do a video about my experience with an indian motorcycle a couple years ago i bought one being a fanatic i’ve owned lots of stuff i started on jet bikes like most people did my first bike ever was a 1974 honda cb750 that was pretty much fully restored by the time i was done with it because it’s what i could afford all right

That’s how that works then i had modern japanese motorcycles then i got my first harley about a little over 15 years ago and i’ve owned a lot of bikes and i just love motorcycles but about five years ago almost i woulda had bought an indian so i had not a great experience with it and i thought i would just share that and documented from this video so again like

Comment subscribe all that stuff and let me know what else you want to talk about feel free to argue with me about it you know my experience of course is not the same as everyone else some people thought i think they’re great still do and i think they’re kind of great i think they’re beautiful and i like them a lot and they got some cool features it’s just that

I think mine was built on a monday morning when everyone was hungover so these are my experiences so i hope everyone’s doing well out there and take care of each other why i decided to go ahead and pull the trigger in 2016 at the time i owned an early 2000 soft hell deuce and an old road king that i had built myself for fun i traded both bikes in on the indian i

Chose the indian model called the springfield exactly the same as a road king it had hard bags mag wheels etc there were some differences the motor wasn’t 111 versus the 103 that was available from the time at harley it had leather saddle power locking saddlebags cruise control and amazing big beautiful fenders the war bottle on the front fender was incredible

And the really cool features the bike is finished under the saddlebags so you can strip it down and write it if you want to something you can’t do in a harley because it leaves the exposed shocks and whatnot so my first problem was immediate on the way home from the dealer the check engine light came on i turned right around went back and the dealer reset it

Saying they didn’t know why i came on it was smooth riding and a good stretched out riding position that i really liked though and in the roughly 18 months that i owned it i put about 12,000 miles on it a decent amount and enough to get a real feel for the bike as i just can’t leave things alone i immediately set to make it in mind i went with the 16-inch indian

Factory ape hangers mainly because of the time it’s pretty much the only option there weren’t a ton of pipes out yet for it so i looked into modifying the stock pipes until i picked what i wanted i whole sought out the restrictor plates and that opened her up quite a bit for a start anyone out there with an indian it is a good cheap way to get some sound out of

Your bike basically it’s just a ton of extensions tape them together so you can get them back out when you’re done and using at least an inch and a quarter hole saw you just run it up the end until you find the the stopper there and and you just hole saw at the restrictor plate and they pluck them right out and you’re done when i did mine i never even read tuned

In or anything until i went ahead later and went with a full system or classic or anything else i had a local striper named reid stripe it up real nice and do a red and white mix sort of a von dutch style that’s what i was looking for i really wished it was a flat black bike but it wasn’t but still look great he didn’t ultimately i added the indian stage one

Intake and the indian stage two cams again at the time that’s all there really was and i did go with the fruit and fish tailpipe so there was some exhaust options out there but if you got into the motor for intake tuning etc there wasn’t a whole lot out there tuner i went with was the power commander my second heartbreak with the bike was when i decided to take

Off the rear fender tip a finisher on a harley there on the fender through holes with crushed nuts holding him on on an indian at least in 2016 it was only double-sided tape i’ve removed hundreds of tank emblems reflectors badging whatnot over the years without a problem so i wasn’t really worried about it i heated up the tip went to pull the tip off and about

A three inch section of paint came with it and pretty is easily to add to it so in the fishtail pipes exhaust video right before this you can see it missing i even cut out a little piece of the video so you can see the image up close why did the paint come off well there was a corrosion on the metal underneath the paint and that’s a real problem essentially they

Painted over contaminants so the paint wasn’t stuck to the metal the factory defect was so obvious the dealer replaced the fender with a new paint apart from the factory to protect the tip i added the factory leather trim piece you can see in the photo i then started experiencing electrical gremlins the fuel gauge would die causing the digital fuel gauge to pop up

On the dash the mechanical one was only available on touring models it’s a little weird so on indians the fuel gauge is digital at least it was a little bar on the speedo that’s there for you to use unless you either add the mechanical fuel gauge or in my case on the springfield and touring bikes on up it came with the mechanical fuel gauge so but the fuel gauge

Would die and that would disappear causing the digital gauge to show up and later on in the video there’s a video a little cut and i put in the show that – all lit up the check engine light on the judo feel gauge they’re showing the mechanical one failed etc i also had you know intermittent idiot lights that would come on and on as i was writing so in august of

2017 i went and took its sturgis at that point i was still in love with my bike and i participated in the indian owner events they were actually great much better than what harley does but then again the indian owner group is much smaller so the indian dealer there in sturgis had breakfast every day at the dealer on one day they even have private free lunch in the

Hills where we got a preview of the factory land speed racer that would be ridden by burt monroe’s nephew the guy that was the subject of the anthony hopkins movie the world’s fastest indian if you haven’t seen it it doesn’t matter your brand loyalties it really is worth watching the world’s fastest indian again really great flick we then as a group after the event

Was over went on a guided ride through the black hills ending at the buffalo chip for a vip viewing of the flat track races there’s a video in here later for that too all this was free and while we were there you were able to give feedback on what we thought was most important what needed help etc i even got to meet the president of the company in a picture here it

Was this very day that everything basically went to hell on my bike the headlight began staying on when the bike was turned off i had to go start the bike regularly to keep the battery up at the owner event i was able to talk to a factory rep who said that if i got the bike to the deal and the first thing in the morning they would dig into it and get it fixed and

It turned out that it was the ecm the electronic control module the brain for the entire bike was shot so there i was in sturgis with no bike the next day a new ccm was you know shipped in and i was back on the road actually it’s about two days later so i don’t know how many of you have been to sturgis but it’s thousands of bucks to go and i was there without a

Bike for about two to two-and-a-half days of the rally and that sucks i mean i got home from the rally you know a week later and the next month by my last and final issue with the bike that made me decide to go ahead and get rid of it was again about a month later i have first meeting with a motorcycle organization that i had joined about ten years earlier but it

Relocated and i was really excited to start over again on the journey with that group i met with the president and a few of the board members they were amazing guys and i was excited to get started so that morning of that first meeting i went out to start my bike it was dead completely flat battery was shot i had to go to my first chapter meeting to meet everyone

In my goddamn pickup truck and and that just sent me over the edge so that afternoon i got home i jumped the bike i took it straight to my harley dealer and bought my black roguelite ultra in 2018 that’ll loved and never had a problem with so so there’s my thoughts indians are not bad motorcycles i think it’s just mine was i’m not down on them they’re really well

Engineered they’re good competition for harley and we all know that competition drives better products over the years so they’re really a good-looking bike i think someday i might again own one it’s just that again mine was bad and it caused terrible poner experience so that’s my thoughts so please again like comment subscribe tell me i’m wrong tell me what your

Thoughts were and i’m happy to discuss so hopefully you’re all doing well out there and quarantine and we get to ride soon so take care

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Are Indian Motorcycles unreliable? – Mine was… By Professional Monkey