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Copart Walk Around, Honda cheap, Indian Motorcycle Mint cheap and more

In today’s video I do a copart walk around and check out a cheap reliable Honda, a few other cars, An Indian Motorcycle that look mint and fires right up and more.

What is up guys welcome back to another cool part walk around today’s coke part walk around that you guys are gonna see is a little short and i’m gonna explain why so this had some some bikes in it had a couple vehicles i was interested in and because i knew that we were picking up the giveaway vehicle from the shop today i knew that i wasn’t gonna have a bunch

Of time to get it so this was a smaller abbreviated video for you guys but i still think you guys are gonna enjoy i think we’re started like 20 minutes in some instead of their normal 30 to 50 minutes that we usually get in so any who’s we’re gonna go do that today so you guys would get to see the giveaway car here soon one of these times we’re gonna be live we’re

Gonna hit 200 likes and i’m gonna immediately drop that video but uh we’ll see what happens we’ll see what happens you know you never know maybe it happens today i don’t know i don’t know but um yes we have that coming up this week while you’re watching this today you may get a live notification over on the second channel man this has got to be the most snitchin

An ass truck man no i’m not wearing a seatbelt alright so you might get a notification over on the other channel if you’re not following me or haven’t subscribed to the second channel you’re definitely want to go ahead and do that especially if you want to be part of the giveaway cuz the other channel will be part of that giveaway link in the description down below

Or you can search on youtube for more with tk real simple all right go subscribe to the second channel once you do that you may get a notification at some point at the end of this video that oh snap tk is live today what’s going on because we may be going back with a live copart walk around at the auction or maybe some bidding i’m gonna try to win a car or two

And not just here so we’ll see what happens but anyways there you have it enough of me running my mouth like this let’s go ahead and get into the video okay i think i’m dumped you get today man i’m done with the petitioner today man let’s go look at some motorcycles yo for real though oh well take a look and see if we see anything on the way out what uh yeah

I think it’s bike time man whoo cuz this right here man they ain’t no punk this is up guys welcome back to a abbreviated short copart walk around now today we’re gonna be doing a walk around looking at some may be a car or two and some bikes kind of just an abbreviated one you guys would probably see this like on the weekend or a sunday or a day that’s not normally

Our busy days or high view days but i try to post content for you guys everyday that watch every day so that’s my little my little thing for you guys you know so let’s go ahead and get on into it and go check out uh-oh hey what do you know we got our first one right here look at this right here this one is listed as a start but not a drive obviously the rim is all

Beat up i’m willingness and it’s probably battery dead okay yeah it’s an ecoboost mm-hmm that said i don’t waste my time i don’t waste my time on ego boosters i just don’t don’t i don’t do it doesn’t make any sense for me to do it you know i see that cruz is still here i see that cruz is still here let me see what’s blowing up my phone oh there was that g8 that’s

Sad g8 again hey look at this this is a toyota yaris well we got four damage on it though okay the door smashed in still would be a good little delivery car you know still would make a great little delivery car or just just a little beater a little beat around corner 77,000 miles let’s see the headrest there in here yeah i see dog hair and stuff on it so let’s see

If she fires up it’s got any power at all that would be a negative no power oh wow it might go for the right price you know they might not go for too much it could be worth worth a look at you know let’s see i only got this honda accord here looks like it needs a bumper the rest of it looks pretty decent listed as a run and drive it’s two thousand to one hundred

And sixty-five thousand miles on it some taillights and a bumper you might be in business here it’s even got the really nice cushion for your butt cheeks so you know see your butt cheeks out of like your hand we say butch eats so your blood shrieks i bet oh this one smells a little weird nothing cuz as dead as a doornail death thought that oh it’s got a tape deck

Though look at this oh they were listening some some different stuff huh okay i see y’all then we got this gmc yukon here it is listed as a running drive now guys my external mics died so i apologize in advance if you hear any wind or anything like that really there’s nothing i can do about it i apologize that’s one of the things got airbags deployed back here

And that back tire busted it must have ran over something pretty hard airbags in here but nothing that would scare me away from this one leather seats look nice she didn’t have any power though super did well i’ll add this once in a watchlist anyway though i mean what’s the worst that can happen with it i mean this doesn’t look bad at all and yes you’re gonna say

Well it’s leaning really heavy tk yeah no duh because it’s on the rim back there it’s gonna lean like that but this one’s not bad at all this is a great little work truck maybe a little uber or lift truck for somebody this is not bad not bad at all alright and now being that the wind didn’t start for getting pulled out and i need to go get my own damn thing you

Guys assume picking everything up right now is i need to get over here and check out these bikes see if we got anything new and anything different it’s not us at a bike quad you know this kawasaki thing looks sickest man just that thing’s is awesome there’s whatever that is whatever is left over that ouch booth not good this indian bike doughboy this indian bike

Definitely has my interest man this thing looks ridiculous absolutely ridiculous if you ask me this one i had power it it does it does what do you guys think thanks i’ll fire up sorry we don’t want to get copyrighted coordinate lee it’s got good fuel range cord in the air with battery and everything’s good on it i wonder if it’ll fire up yeah it runs well i think

Sound good boy i think sounds real good what do you guys think about this one hey that’s the first time we’ve had something fire up like that whoo you guys saw this before but i finally got permission to actually do dedicate it looks at it so i wanted to go ahead and take the time to you know get the video and stuff in on that bike specifically fire and that bad boy

Up because that one was was super nice all right let’s see oh here’s another indian this is the one that was really nice wait a minute wait a minute i might have been looking at the wrong one i might have been i might have been looking at the wrong one that let me see all right here’s another one so that was another indian bike that that’s a new one thing because

This is the one we looked at before because it was all together low fuel range what do you guys take and fire up like instantly did you see that runs definitely runs that one right there is pretty man i wonder what the hell this one’s doing here because i don’t see a legit don’t see any scrapes on it or any damage on this one at all oh wait a minute i say that

And then i see this right here so maybe somebody laid it down but i don’t even see like the front bars up here don’t have any damage maybe i got hit the side swiped or something because i don’t get it and it’s not like you can just look at the forks and say oh they look good i see this over here but that all wipes off man i don’t see why this would be here man

I really don’t maybe it’s a deaf recovery or something it doesn’t say so i don’t know i don’t know but let me know what you guys think what do you guys think about this one huh oh sorry guys had to take that another indian bike there’s a lot of indian bikes here a lot of indian bikes here just thing this clean looks good probably dead though it’s got enough mould

Sitting on it that it’s been sitting for a while i don’t think it’s gonna have power that would be a negative i like if they have a button then you have did i’m assuming this is a booster it’s a booster or a 1000 that they try to make it look like a booster nope it’s a busa it is a hayabusa and it is seen better days i mean it’s not completely unfixable but this

One wrecked pretty bad man it laid down one way probably flipped and then laid down the other way oh oh ouch only thing you can hope in situations like this is that the rider survived man hmm it’s got a beautiful harley right here that got say it with me spanish we’re ended that’s gotta suck to get hit from the rear like that and then you got hit so hard that your

Handlebars came in and just crunched into the gas tank that sucks that sucks any power nope no key here guys nothing i can do to change any of that oh there we go i found something else i found a different spot guys well i’ll look at it if you guys want me to see if it’ll fire up i’ll try to fire up clutches holding seven thousand miles on this one nope she’s a

Dead jim super dead all right you got a victory bike up here got another harley-davidson i like that right there somebody left this one on huh that’s a dick move i’ll leave that off let’s see another harley-davidson right here look like somebody accessed the battery on this one does this one powerup nope completely dead huh yeah oh well oh well screaming eagle

Harley-davidson this one definitely was laid down you can see that you see the whole side bags fender up here everything up front all scratched up not unrepairable though not unrepairable you know i don’t know if the forks were bent and she’s dead as a doornail too nice though nice though looks good on this side and the other side’s like i said it probably could

Be repaired it probably could be repaired i mean like i said it’s not it’s not too bad you know well guys i think that’s gonna do it i know it’s a short video i know you guys want to see this four-wheeler i know it’s a short video and all that and i and i understand that but there really isn’t much i can do about that this thing is dead as a doornail huh cool

Though well guys it’s going to do it for today’s coal power walk around we got to look at a couple different bikes and a couple of cars i was interested in let me know what you guys think in the comments section down below major sought out to co part and all the people out here for allowing me to do what i do i really appreciate it they work super hard out here to

Try to just get this stuff done so that you know we’re able to get really cool deals on cars man and i appreciate that anyways until next time guys thank you guys very much for watching and i’ll catch you guys on the next one now i need a cold drink i need a soda i need a water i need something my pants are falling off my ass this is what happens see i’m not here

I’m losing all this weight i’m walking around all over this damn thing there goes that camaro from a couple weeks ago where that kid lost his camaro somebody bought it they’re heading out alright guys now this wraps everything up oh oh and we can get a move on guys we can get a move on well i hope you guys enjoyed the videos this week i hope the coal walk around

The stuff we’re good for you guys hope you guys enjoy starting up those bikes and all that cool stuff again stay tuned giveaway video is coming very soon on the channel you do not want to miss it i really appreciate all of the support guys everybody tuning in or watching and everything else i really appreciate it allows me to continue to do what i do and it will

Allow me to continue to give away cars for you guys so thank guys very much for watching and i’ll see you guys getting here really soon

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