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Great Beginner Bike: 2021 Indian Scout!

Hey all, welcome to a test ride of the 2021 Indian Scout – in my opinion, a great beginner bike! I know it’s not a common opinion, because the Scout has lots of horsepower and plenty of torque for a bike its size. But if you’re looking for your first motorcycle and you already know you’re a cruiser guy/gal, hear me out!

All right guys we are still at demo day twig in hagerstown we’re gonna ride a 2020 i’m sorry a 2021 indian scout just the base bike as far as i can tell hopefully our battery will last longer than it did on the ftr let’s see yeah bass bike i’ll put the stats up on the screen we’re gonna enjoy a repeat experience my first motorcycle so little and the beauty

About the scout is it’s just no froze got your digital rpm and speedometer you got trip you know a trip counter for mileage and all that forward controls i mean this is this is no frills compared to what i’ve been riding the last year and i i still you know i think i said this last year when i rode the uh the 2020s i can’t believe i ever thought this was a big

Motorcycle but when i first started riding and i was on my scalp i thought this was a tank liquid cooled 69 cubic inches v-twin engine 100 horsepower 72 foot-pounds of torque 6-speed transmission electronic fuel injection standard features it’s got a usb charging port down here that’s like the only bell and whistle on this bike it’s totally okay yeah baby that

Is my scalp oh yeah forward controls i’m telling you guys if you start riding a touring bike you’re gonna get used to those huge floorboards real quick because there’s something else i already feel the heat from the exhaust so here’s the exhaust you get i mean it’s rear cylinder heat i guess the heat is coming from here but to me it always felt like it was coming

From the exhaust pipe and on all my pants you know i have like a pullovers for for cold weather riding they were burned these jeans didn’t get burned because they’re really hardy uh i did melt my summer riding pants so you know heat on the scout is a real thing and i know there’s you know everyone likes to talk about liquid cooling the good cooling doesn’t mean

It doesn’t get hot it just means you get more horsepower really as i understand it oh what a treat to ride different kinds of motorcycles what a treat so what can i really tell you about the indian scout uh outstanding in a straight line got all the torque you really would want a motorcycle you know not as much as the big touring bikes and that’s okay it’s okay

You know substantially lighter real well balanced again like every indian i’ve ever ridden big touring bikes the scout the ftr just very low center of gravity which makes riding just it’s just a more pleasant experience in my experience the scout handles just fine in the corners all the kinds of ride videos that i put up on my channel i’ve written them all on my

Old scout and i never had an issue i mean you see how i ride you know it could be that i’m just not that aggressive and that’s fine you know for the kind of writing i do but you know the idea that if you get an indian scout because it has a you know not a huge lean angle i want to say what is it 29 inches 30 inches something like that it’s basically not 25 inches

I don’t know what it is but it’s not great it’s not a sport bike but i never had an issue and you know if you think a bike like this is just for going in a straight line i don’t think that’s true it’s i think it’s very sporty you know yammy noob finally got a hold of an indie indian scout it’s one of his giveaway bikes you know i think they loved it compared to

The sportster they were not that impressed with it compared to something like the honda rebel 1100 haven’t ridden the rebel 1100 in terms of looks i mean i’ll never pick a honda over an indian scout that would be just foolishness i think indian looks amazing honda does it well i just scraped my the heel of my boot just making a little turn very very weird but you

Know who knows when i when i had my scout i put floorboards on it after a couple months so you know i was still kind of ginger with it by the time i put those floorboards on still a very much a rookie transmission on the scout is outstanding like every indian i’ve ever ridden clutch is nice and easy i recall that when i had my scout the clutch would would get a

Little heavy and stop and go traffic that could just be me lack of experience lack of variety in my repertoire right now the the clutch on this scout feels great i love that the scout has six gears instead of five like a sportster when you’re flying down the highway 80 miles an hour unless you’re you’re looking for torque if you’re hunting for power okay but if

You’re just cruising down the highway you want to be in sixth gear it makes for a more pleasant experience uh i’ll be honest compared to the super chief which i rode first today much less vibration on this indian scout than on the super chief and i never really struggled with vibration on the scout when i owned one it was not really a thing well it’s a very smooth

Riding motorcycle this this demo ride we’re doing there’s not a lot of variation in the pavement there’s not a lot of uh opportunity to test the suspension take my word for it the suspension on the scout is hard um you go over bumps of any real size you’re gonna feel it if you go over you know if you’re riding on say concrete roads that have tar snakes on them

Those things will bump out bump you out of your seat pretty easily on a scout and it’s the same suspension on this bike as was on mine so i just take my word for it if you’re looking for a pillowy soft ride you’re not getting it on this bike and that’s fine you know you talk about oh i’d love to have a second bike you know if i was in the market for a second

Bike i think a scout probably would be on my list but more kind of like a sportster something to do fun things to like you know the the scout barber’s a little lower than the scout i would probably get a regular scout and chop it make it look like a bobber but like one of those badass bobbers with you know those super aggressive handlebars drag bars a big fat

Rear tire floating seat like on the triumph bonneville bobber that would be a lot of fun just for bopping around town see i didn’t drag there but i pulled up a little bit second gear you really want to get the revs up on this bike to get the max power out of it i remember last year when i wrote a scout i was really out of sorts with the forward foot pegs but

They feel fine to me today a little relaxed they kind of use them like highway pegs you’re good brakes on the scout are excellent never once experienced an issue with them just accidentally downshifted into neutral and just to be clear i rode my scalp you know all day long hundreds of miles just like i do my challenger and my chieftain before it you know you just

Gotta rest your butt give yourself a break from time to time and you can do it there are people who tour all over the country on scouts would not be my preference but if that’s what i had to ride i wouldn’t hesitate uh wind management on the bike i mean it’s naked you know there’s nothing here i find it’s fine you know if if you like feeling wind you’re not gonna

Have an issue if you if you wanna some highway protection you know you’re going 80 miles an hour which this bike has no trouble doing then you get a you know one of those quick detached windshields they work fine i had one on my scalp but you know i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again pound for pound this is probably the best motorcycle indian makes you can

Get a scout without abs for like 12 grand that’s pretty impressive for what you’re getting in this engine in my opinion the challenger is the best motorcycle they make this is the most valuable for you know price for performance feel that heat on the back of my right calf that’s for sure that tail pipe brutal scrape my heel again why i keep doing that just

A pleasure to ride this motorcycle i mean is it as flickable as an ftr not a chance it might not be as flickable as my challenger to be honest with you the challenger isn’t the freaking bomb baby but for what it is it’s just fine and it looks absolutely beautiful sorry honda rebel you built an ugly bike i’ve never been a big fan of the rebel it’s okay but i’m

Never gonna buy a rebel even with cruise control over an indian scout this is never gonna happen i had a throttle lock on my scout good enough i hardly ever use cruise control on any of my bikes if i don’t really use it that much on a challenger i can live with a throttle lock on a scalp although my guess is before you know it you know the next generation the

Scout’s going to have cruise control and rider modes and probably that the new dash from the chief that would be my guess got to keep up the competition it’s good for all of us so you honda honda sims you go snap up those rebels put some pressure on indian and we’ll all make out like bandits and i just i do want to say if you love the indian scout and you’re

Looking for your first motorcycle don’t hesitate scout is a great first bike you just gotta know you know that throttle’s got plenty of power and you just gotta be prepared for it you got to keep a level head and you’ll be fine i had no issues learning on a scout and neither will you that is my sincere opinion and i don’t want to get anybody hurt or people to

Start riding buy whatever bike makes them happy and excites them that they’re comfortable with and have an awesome time that’s all i want all right guys well that is gonna do it for our test ride of the 2021 indian scout it’s gonna sound stupid but i’m proud to say that this was my first motorcycle just think it’s fantastic you

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Great Beginner Bike: 2021 Indian Scout! By DMV SoloRider