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How I installed my new Hogworkz LED headlight and passing lights on my new 2019 Indian Springfield.

I’m new to the motorcycling world and I just purchased my first road bike, a NEW 2019 Indian Springfield! I’ve ridden dirt bikes in the past, but this is a dream come true. I’m all for safety, and my first priority was to swap out the OEM lights for much brighter LEDs. I decided to go with Hogworkz based on other reviews and their specs.

All right i’m making uh my first youtube tutorial uh i’m no professional at this so bear with me um i have a new 2019 indian springfield it’s new because it only had one mile on the odometer got a sweet deal with it or for it and uh anyway i wanted to change out the headlights the passing little small passing lights and the main headlight with led lights from

Hogwarts hog works and that’s what they look like pretty sweet and of course i got the passing lights right here so anyway i saw another video online about how to remove the nacelle from the bike but you can see here i’ve already done it i decided to go ahead and make this video now because i can’t tell you how simple it was to do the guy who put the video i

Feel real bad for him because he spent hours trying to figure it out and he ended up taking off this back part here which you don’t have to do basically there’s only four screws um i really i’ll show you later i’ll edit this but they’re up up in here one on each side and then then uh two on the other side and and then of course you have two on the top of the bike

Right here so that’s it you take out those six screws gotta count it and uh you need to get you one of the uh hex tools like this with a ball tip on it because there’s the two top the screws on the top left and the top right inside in here are really up in there so you need to have this kind of a tool because you can’t go straight in and turn it like you do with

Where’s my other tool at what i put it at well anyway like one of these with a regular flat because the angle is off so in order to do that you gotta use one of those to uh because you have to to insert it at an angle in order to release the bolt and it’s it’s not easy but it’s not difficult either you just got to get the right tool so that’s pretty much it so i’m

Going to continue with this and uh actually let me go ahead and show you i don’t know how to turn the camera on this thing but anyway and there’s the nasal here’s the tool i was using right here that’s the one five millimeter so and it uses it works on the inside here so i’m about to take off this bracket and there’s only three screws one two three right there to

Get that out so i’m gonna go ahead and work on that some more now once you get the bracket out as you can see now you just have uh looks like three or four phillips screws right there to take this uh top little frame up to get the old headlight out and there we have the old light i say old it’s not very old but there’s the bracket there that little piece that

Holds it in place real simple here’s my four screws to hold that in place onto that and then there’s the three bolts that held all that onto the nasal so now i’m going to put the hogworks light in place so as you can see the hogwarts light fits perfectly in place with the factory mount it’s got even these little tabs that kind of slide in there so you know you

Got it in the right position there’s one over on this side too and yeah so that way it’s upright you can see the hogwarts logo is pointing down and the dot stuff at the top next i’m just going to put this bracket back on here sorry i’m shaking the camera like crazy probably annoying as hell everybody but oh well and then i’m gonna put the four phillips screws

In there and then put that baby back inside of there in a minute and i will point out that make sure whenever you put these phillips screws in so don’t tighten them all the way down right away wait until you get them all four in and then you tighten them down otherwise the uh the holes might not line up perfectly the same thing goes for the the bolts on the

Nasa whenever you go to put the nasal back on don’t tighten these four right here here and here and the two top ones until you get it all the way in place then you go in and finish tightening everything otherwise it won’t line up all right so i got the bracket back on and all i got to do is put it back in there and put those bolts back on all right got the nasal

Back on and just a little bit of advice there’s a jet plane flying overhead um there’s one bolt right back there and the other one’s way up there you can see it and there’s two on the other side those top right one that type right one and especially the top left one are real boogers to get out and put back in but it’s not impossible just make sure you get one

Of those ball tipped hex tools now it’s real important when you put those screws back in that you leave about i don’t know at least that much before tightening them all the way down because when you go to put the top two bolts in they will not line up unless you put your hip into this part here to push forward and then this space will go away and then you can

Put the screws in but you have to really push hard so that’s why you got to you got to keep those screws those bolts those four bolts really loose to where they kind of barely hang on to the nacelle in place because they got a pivot it has to pivot upward in order to get these two screws these two bolts to line up into their holes and then after you get that then

I would tighten these two down first and then go back and tighten the other four all right now these passing lasts are going to be so much easier because it looks like all i got to do is take this one phillips screw out and then the whole little frame should come off we’ll see if it’s not any easier than that i’ll come back but indian is there any way you could

Possibly not design a bicycle or a motorcycle god uh like this where i have to take the whole nasal off just to put a light in there i mean come on that’s crazy by the way it looks like as i said i’m a mechanic but it looks like these little screws there and there’s another one over here that’s where i’ll be able to adjust the light up and down so i don’t have

To rip this whole thing apart again and it really wasn’t hard honestly it’s just freaking hot in this this shed that i’m in so yeah i just took that screw out from the bottom and as you can see comes out real easily let’s go figure out how to get that light out of there by the way to get this plug off we got to push this little tab down on the back part of this

And that will release a little clip that holds the uh plug in place so it appears that you just have to pull up these clips or something right here there and there to get this light out i don’t know if it slides up or if it just bends up but i’m about to find out well hope not if you’re going to try to do that before you watch the whole video but i just now

Kind of looked at this a little closer it looks like those little j shaped looking pieces of metal are part of that bracket so they probably just pry it down and out to release that bracket and that’s exactly what they do they just uh once i pried one up one side up the other side came out so yeah just put it right back and pry those back down underneath the

Lip of the frame or bracket okay maybe i’m kind of going overboard with my instructions here i’m just speaking as an amateur because i’m sure there’s plenty of you guys out there like me so these are really easy to get in you just got to put one side in first i’m not sure going to do this one-handed but basically just tuck one side in and then then you can get

The other side by pushing down on it really hard and using a screwdriver to pry it down underneath that lip all right i want to point something out here that’s kind of important with regard to the passing lights if you recall when i was installing the main headlight in the nacelle um it had a couple of notches in the oem bracket that holds the light in place

And the hogwarts light had some square like pins i guess you could call them plastic pins that fit into those notches so it won’t rotate as you’re driving down the road you know the vibrations may cause the the light to rotate in place so the uh oem passing light has these little notches there there and there where the retaining clips held it in place so it

Wouldn’t rotate so the hogworks doesn’t have those it has these little hang on me find it here it’s kind of hard to see yeah it has those little if you look next to that retaining clip there’s like a little plastic or i don’t know what that is but it’s a little ridge so what i did was i mean but you can’t lock in the retaining clip like you can on on the oem

Light which is you know got those little walls there so i guess the only way you can really do this is by just making sure one of the retaining pins is up against the right side of that little wall there and then another one he only find the other one here is up against the left side so that way it won’t rotate to the right because that one’s in in the way and

It won’t rotate to the left because that one’s in the way and there are four of those and only three retaining pins so this one here is just going to have to sit there if you want to keep them all equal like i did and this one’s just not going to be up against that little wall i hope that makes sense so anyway just i’m sure over time as you’re driving you know

With the vibrations from the road that light will end up rotating in the frame if you don’t have something blocking it like the main headlight has with those two plastic tabs or the oem lights have with those so just a little advice there and of course make sure you rotate the light to where the d.o.t logo is at the top if you can see that or not and then this

Little silver pin right here is like dead center at the bottom so just line it up with the screw hole and that should be good the light came with this adapter which i don’t need because this will plug directly into the uh plug on the bike so it should be pretty simple and then again just put it in there and one screw to hold it in place and then i gotta work

On that other side one more thing um this doesn’t like you can turn this either way to fit in there so just make sure your black black and red wires line up with the black and red wires on the bike so i gotta turn this that way obviously and that should be good all right once you get that then you just put the wires up in there there’s like a little lip right

Here that you got to put this on top of and then press down make sure it’s lined up properly and then the hole should match on the bottom okay just a little bit of caution this little groove on the frame that holds the light in place underneath the frame is the like a a gasket it’s really soft and supple to keep i guess you know water out so uh when you put the

Lamp in here make sure you get it centered really well before you put those little three uh retaining clips in because if you rotate the light after that there’s gonna be a lot of pressure on this little groove right here and it kind of kicked up some of that rubber gasket in there was kind of sticking out of here i had to push it back in so uh just kind of keep

An eye on that i would make sure that your your lamp is uh i want to focus uh make sure your lamp is centered before you put those those little retaining clips on sorry i’m shaking this so much but i’m doing my best all right got them all in so now a moment of truth i’m going to fire this baby up and see if they work i would hope so don’t really suck if i did

Something wrong looking pretty snazzy put the brights on yeah it works all right what did we learn today first of all it’s hot in south texas i’m south of houston and as you can see i am drenched but that’s all right i got my trusty fan going down there so it kind of cools it off by maybe a quarter of a degree i don’t know but uh honestly this job wasn’t that

Hard for a non-mechanic like me i’m surprised i did it to be honest with you but you don’t have to take this back plate off that’s not necessary and no no fault to the other guy who i i watched his video and he helped me out a lot but something told me that just was not necessary and so i got the information actually on indian’s uh website i looked at the uh

One of the led i forgot they call them one of the led lights that they sell and all the instructions are right there pretty simple but the tool though that’s that’s the the key getting that ball tipped hex wrench whatever you want to call it because like i said i’m no mechanic i don’t know the official turn but that’s what it is that’s the only way that you’re

Gonna be able to get that out without taking that back plate off and i think that’s why the other guy on youtube maybe he just didn’t realize that i didn’t even realize it i had to look it up so uh and i actually got lucky came across the terminology for a ball tipped hex wrench and it basically says that you can tilt it you know for these tight corners which

Is what you’re going to get with this thing by the way this whole project probably took me about an hour and a half at most so uh hopefully if you watch this video it’ll be a little shorter for you and like i said this is a 2019 indian springfield and lovely bike yeah still got a lot of other things to add to it though exhaust coming up next if you’re going to

Be putting this light system in a indian springfield you don’t need to use the bracket that came with it i’m guessing that’s for a harley or some other model or make which is really cool and you don’t need the little uh i don’t know adapter cable because the uh it has the same tip on it as the light that came with the oem light so yeah pretty simple

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How I installed my new Hogworkz LED headlight and passing lights on my new 2019 Indian Springfield. By F Rich