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How will Indian Motorcycle respond to the new 2021 Honda Rebel 1100?

Clearly, the 2021 Honda Rebel 1100 has taken the motorcycle world swiftly in its favor. The question we have is, how can the competition such as Indian Motorcycle, Harley Davidson and company will respond to the bombshell Honda has dropped on the market?

With the announcement of the 2021 honda rebel 1100 the middleweight cruiser segment has once again been shaken up on not only what defines a middleweight but also what we as consumers get in a middleweight package and with the heart of the africa twin in the tech package to make many do a double take the honda rebel is overly impressive in what it offers for ten

Thousand dollars but the question we have is what will the competition do in this case that being indian motorcycle with their highly successful scout lineup to stifle any momentum the rebel will have from stealing new and even seasoned riders let’s talk about it but first here at the sprocket when you’re on the scene and like giving you all motorcycle news without

Too much fluff hit that subscribe button if you’re into motorcycle news and also help us grow so yeah stick with us now this isn’t an apples to apples comparison given the indian scout has a bigger displacement but the overall scout lineup is comparable similar to that of the harley davidson sportster stripped down leaving open possibilities for the consumer to

Customize to their liking but since harley-davidson has kept the sportster mostly the same over the years we’re comparing the rebel to the scout since both brands seems to be more progressive in ways but then there’s ducati and triumph in the mix with the scrambler and bonneville lines but we can leave that for another day but if you didn’t know already the honda

Rebel 1100 comes with the engine from the africa twin and is sporting a healthy tech package from abs cruise control power modes selectable torque control all for the price of 9 300 bucks with the option for the dc transmission if that’s your thing we lock options but that’ll cost you 10 grand but 87 horsepower 72 pound-feet of torque giving you enough power to rip

Off the stop light many times with no issues of reliability of course this is coming from honda but all of these features are standard options which makes it a fantastic motorcycle for not only entry-level riders but also season riders like ourselves now with the scout lineup you’re getting more power with 100 horsepower and 75 pound-feet of torque unless you’re

Going for the scout 60 which is slightly less at 76 horsepower and 65 pound-feet of torque which puts it around that 9k mark but other than abs as an optional feature in the usb port that’s about all you get which puts the price closer to 10k so yeah the scout 60 would be a better representation to compare to the rebel so outside of looks the name and maybe the

Performance what else does the indian scout have to offer there’s a whole range of genuine indian accessories available allowing riders to customize to the liking and of course the third-party market but the tech package still is lacking heck the suspension is even lacking because if you ridden a scout bobber you would know sure the majority won’t care if the

Scout lineup has any type of tech because most won’t want that but why isn’t it available at that price point is the question because the triumph bobber for instance has a tech package it has abs standard with the option for cruise control and heated grips but of course you’re going to be paying more of that from the base bobber so what it really boils down to

In the end is what you really want and also the aesthetic that you want but again hunter rubble is doing much more on the overall package for really 9 300 bucks we think at some point all of the middleweight cruisers will be refreshed in some form or fashion to compete with rebel and if you haven’t been aware lately media buzz sells motorcycles faster in this

Age especially with millennials like ourselves being drawn to motorcycles that come closer to connecting us to our phones that’s just how we’re wired but we asked the question again what can indian and competition do to make their offerings more appealing but we’re talking about people new into the market than season riders themselves the scout platform has an

Incredibly fun engine but new riders may flock the rebels simply because we’re in a bells and whistles era of riding especially in an affordable cause for starters make abs and cruise control as standard options this is already available on ftr but i guess this indian didn’t want to remove the possibility of consumers upgrading from scout to his thunderstruck or

Power plus touring lineup and another feature that will be welcome is a slipper clutch also known as a back torque limiter this will help new riders and also season riders from accidentally locking the rail up on deceleration during engine braking this would help tremendously for new riders but we’re sure all of you watching could come up with more options that

Can make scout more appealing to the masses so comment down below what you think and indian could just keep doing what they’re doing making incredibly fun bikes to ride that look really good in their base and keep things as is but whether or not indian and others respond to honda it just shows the ever forward push to not only make motorcycles more affordable but

Push the boundaries on what each of these segments can represent but i would like to mention that with indian they did respond to harley davidson by making the new indian chieftain resemble that of the street glide and also the indian challenger with its lines like the road glass so they obviously pay attention to whatever trends are hot and right now the honda

Rebel is pretty dang hot but whatever they decide will be watching but don’t forget to subscribe to the sprocket for more quick motorcycle news and opinions without the fluff and thumbs up for your support and we will see you in the next one

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How will Indian Motorcycle respond to the new 2021 Honda Rebel 1100? By The Sprocket