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I Rode A Fast Bike! – 2021 Indian FTR Test Ride

I rode a 2021 Indian FTR at bike week to see how it performed. Overall I was quite impressed. The bike did a great job and was a ton of fun

My favorite line is if you get a speeding ticket on our bike well that’s your own personal bike week souvenir to take home with you all right we’re gonna ride the uh ftr carbon never wrote an indian see what it’s like 1203 cc liquid cooled v twin indian ftr carbon same position not bad seems kind of comfortable actually for as mildly aggressive as you’re sitting

Compared to my road glide oh yeah she’s uh she’s a peppy one holy crap that thing pulls we got six feet six feet okay so it’s it’s plenty powerful seating positions not too bad it accelerates like a banshee holy crap i don’t like the mirrors i’d have to change those definitely would have to change those oh yeah yep i miss having a sport bike sometimes and this

Thing is definitely not slow i like this gauge cluster too it’s got uh just the the digital gauge got a nice fat finish it’s a very very bright day you can clearly see it 87 foot pounds of torque 120 horsepower 6-speed transmission carbon fiber body work olin suspension brembo brakes inverted front suspension yeah oh it’s got usb charging somewhere that’s cool all

Right here we go let’s go this way all right yeah everything’s quick that thing is definitely quick turns pretty good handles pretty good very very very very smooth for a v-twin motor it doesn’t uh doesn’t have a lot of that v-twin thump with the the lope that you would traditionally expect uh from a bike of this caliber or this type of motor i should say nice

And cool it’s got cruise control look at that okay this thing has a lot of torque for a very uh not heavy bike it’s it’s very very light feels very nimble it feels a lot more sporty than i’m actually sitting like i’m not sitting lean forward like this like i would typically expect on a on a full sport bike i mean you know it’s it’s a fairly comfortable position

Really i mean i’m not i’m not upset with it i’m pretty pretty happy i like the carbon fiber too that’s a nice added touch i think uh yeah it was funny i didn’t record it but the guy said uh you know obey the rules of the road blah blah blah and if uh my favorite line is if you get a speeding ticket on our bike well that’s your own personal bike week souvenir

To take home with you like oh let’s not do that i don’t want a speeding ticket those get expensive just get very very expensive there’s some other guys behind me too rounds of corners this is florida twisties they’re not great oh yeah she’s she’s quick she’s definitely quick i need another sport bike damn it you don’t you don’t get this kind of speed out of a

Big bagger see msrp 169.99 do i think this is a 17 000 bike well for some people probably is it for me maybe maybe not around these guys there we go yeah i i take this thing it’s got all the torques i mean passing somebody that easily they were telling us um so this thing has abs traction control all that fun jazz but apparently uh yesterday there was a guy

That was riding one and uh gave her a bit too much throttle and apparently he was still sitting at the light about like this and the bike was somewhere in the intersection so it can definitely get away from you if you’re not careful it’s so much fun all right indian the ftr is pretty good i uh i could i i could ride this i could definitely ride this um i’m not

Really sure how i feel about the baggers just from the experience i’ve seen the fit and finish and i don’t really see too you know any real glaring fit and finish issues with this bike um i did with a couple different uh of their baggers that i seen where you know within a few hundred miles things were looking pretty shabby um maybe that was just you know a bad

Bunch that i’ve seen or something i don’t know i think i am going to try one i’m going to ride probably the challenger because you know i have my road glide uh so we’ll go back up here to the uh to their booth and check out the indian challenger next but anyway yeah this thing’s this thing’s not bad you

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I Rode A Fast Bike! – 2021 Indian FTR Test Ride By Track3r