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Indian Chief Dark Horse Bobber 2022 Review at Alba Customs, Edinburgh | Part 1 Pre Test Ride

We took a trip out to Alba Customs to see the new Indian Chief Dark Horse Bobber. Alba were doing 1 hour VIP slots to gave a look around the 3 new motorcycles.

So hi everybody sarah here from burning gas hauling ass welcome back to the channel hope you’re all doing well um today we are out at alba customs in edinburgh scotland here to see the new indian chief range that they have just brought out this year for the 100th anniversary of indian chief so here we have a lineup so we are concentrating our attention

On the indian chief dark horse bobber and i have to say my first impressions of it are that it is beautiful it’s such a really nice to handle bike my feet are properly planted on the ground i’m five foot seven so i really like how good that that feeling is the bars are really nice height there’s not really a lot of stretch they’re really comfortable and it

Just feels like a general agile bike that you’re going to be able to throw about easily um 120 foot of torque so compared to my slim right now i’m 107 foot of torque and definitely have my bike currently is heavier this is definitely a lighter weight bike so i’m excited i’m excited to show you guys the footage of it so sit back and enjoy some of the beautiful

Images of this indian chief dark horsepower okay so here we are i am sitting on the bike this is my view um so far this bike is so comfortable is crazy the bar height is a really nice height and this is trying to focus on there we go and so this is your display so as you can see right now it is on this setting here now we can use a button up on the left

Hand side to work our way through so we’ve got this setting here which is giving you your outside temperature battery voltage your fuel range it’s also got on the right hand side your fuel gauge as like a kind of climbing bit up here and here a fuel economy here so like miles to the gallon and stuff like that and here you’ve got your current oops your current

Ride so it’ll give you your ride time how long you’re moving how long you were stopped distance you’ve rain and your elevation it’s also got the time down the bottom and your male’s power up the top um here is one of my favorite parts about this bike so far is the super clear aim sat nav so currently i don’t have sat nav on my bike something i would really

Love to have on my bike and i’m not really talking about attaching my phone on a mount to my handlebars so this is definitely something that i think is a great feature and a great thumbs up now i’ve been told that you can move about and you can zoom in and out like so you can also find somewhere so say we want to go south scale then all you would do is you

Would hold down on it and it will bring it up and then you just hit the green button and it goes so yes that’s a really good feature i love it um here is just your gears selection on the bottom so shown in neutral it’s got your mills primer and it’s also got your rpm so if you’re one that likes to see when you’re going to max out on the red you’ve got it

Here and back to the start so it’s that same that’s your amazing display it’s really bright i’ve been told at night time it does kind of dim down just like it does in the car so it’s quite a cool feature so here you can got your mode so tour standard and sport and when i first got on the bike levi here and then let me feel the difference in the accelerator

Between each mode and the responsiveness and i’ve got to admit that sport mode sounds crazy and it sounds really crazy it’s instant power it’s instant slightest move on that throttle and you are out here so that’s quite cool so yeah so that’s your modes and then you you can change the brightness or you can have it on auto so it can adjust it down a bit so

It doesn’t need to be as bright as what it is so it just turns off so yeah so there you are that’s that i’m going to turn this off easy peasy things like so far on this bike are the side mount number plate the led light and all round the led display as you can see such a lovely display and lots of different modes on it the front headlight is also led as well

It’s got a 116 power stroke engine you

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Indian Chief Dark Horse Bobber 2022 Review at Alba Customs, Edinburgh | Part 1 Pre Test Ride By Burning Gas Haulin Ass