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Indian Chief Vintage | Classic Look | Power Is Awesome


Welcome to the bike review today we have with us indian vintage chief bike this one right here it has two tone color scheme leather shuttle bags just look off achieve and give you the look that let you feel that you are achieved on this bike so let us ride this bike today and we see how much pleasure this bike can provide us so so this is very beautiful

Design panel here you have analog meter but here inside you have many information that you can change from this button right here you can see the range the kilometers the trip one trip to rpm battery control all the things you can see there and then on this side you have a very normal minimum controls like horn headlight uh and then you have turn signal here you

Have four signal button you have cruise control setup button then you have kill switch you have a starter button and your cruise control button beautiful weather today is too windy but it’s just amazing after a long long time we have seen decrease in the temperature in the hakka and even on the cuts like this the bike will stay in your control on all the lean

Angle possible in today’s video we’re gonna talk about engine dimensions special features of colors gauges and the way the spike gives you the feel of jeep engine is beautifully designed to match the vintage style it has 1811cc engine engine type is thunderstruck triple one an exhaust is split dual exhaust with crossover and it has gate drive with wet touch

System that is very much responsive at any time so now it’s on cruise control the problem today is too much windy this is only my chance to make it like so i put on the cruise control and even this bike is very heavy but it’s going very smooth and very nicely done internet hates it when you do this but we have to show we are in the cruise control so now we

Are on the top going on the top and the bike keep continue pushing the engine to go to the top the only thing doesn’t match with this bike today is my helmet because this helmet is not designed for these cruise bikes she’s really enjoying uh the ride of this bike on 90 cruise and it’s moving very smoothly actually 75 nice speed to cruise around town this button

Right here to turn on the lights so everything is it’s mixed up it’s vintage bike plus with attacker on it these speakers are not part of the bike it actually purchased later on and put it on later so it doesn’t come with the biker so don’t consider this as a part of bike let us go to at least 90 because this road is 400 so 90 is a good speed also let us talk

About dimensions it’s a good design cruiser bike it gives you overall height of 56.8 inches our length of 101.7 inches and overall weight is 804 pound or 379 kilograms fuel tank design is very impressive and it can store up to 21 liters rear fender have option to remove the seat or put it back on it’s up to you you want to ride alone or will someone special

Overall this bike is really made to be impressed i’m really impressed with the color tone and the way it is designed to be a chrome and two-tone color with white wall wheels amazing amazing just name the thing and you will find in this bike i really enjoyed the feel of this this handlebar it gave me wide and nice view of this amazingly designed bike even riding

In the speed i was able to control it very well because of the design of the bike let us talk about the features here we have beautiful two-tone color schemes big ambulance of indian logo and then on the top we have beautiful design engine that is specifically designed for this bike and then on the tank you have beautiful analog meter with lot of information

And round shape classical light beautiful original leather saddle bags come with the package to complete the look of classic cruiser overall this bike has very nice ride experience it gives you the feel of power and luxury at the same time so guys this was my review about indian vintage bike this bike gave me a ride experience i ever had very very perfectly

Cruise that you can take it to anywhere in the city outside the city amazingly designed i really love the bike so i hope you liked the video please like share and comment and thank you for your support as always and see you next time azam out you

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Indian Chief Vintage | Classic Look | Power Is Awesome By AZM Vlogs