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Indian FTR 1200 Carbon | 1200cc Beast | GODS OWN VLOGGER

American manufacturer Indian Motorcycle has shared a video on its social media platform revealing the FTR 1200 Carbon. As you’d expect, the bike features a truck-load of carbon fibre components. This includes the front fender, headlight cowl, pillion cowl, tank, and airbox covers. It also gets an FTR Carbon branded tank-mounted centre console and an Akrapovic low-mount dual titanium exhausts finished in matte black. The price? £14,699 (around Rs 13.93 lakh), which is about Rs 2.65 lakh more than the base variant.  

Hello everyone welcome to my channel god zone vlogger please support my channel by subscribing and liking the video hello everyone today i am going to talk about indian motorcycles ft er 1200 american manufacturer indian motorcycle has shared a video on its social media platform revealing the fdr 1200 carbon as you’d expect the bike features a load of carbon

Fiber components this includes the front fender headlight cowl pillion cowl tank and air box covers it also gets an fdr carbon branded tank mounted center console and an a crap ovitch low man dual titanium exhausts finished in matte black the price is fourteen thousand six hundred and ninety nine pounds or around thirteen point nine three lakh rupees which is

About two point six five lakh rupees more than the base variant the lightweight components aren’t the end of it though even though the fd r carbon edition uses the same 1203 cc v-twin engine that seen on the standard and s variant it produces more power than before 1 to 6 bhp as opposed to 120 1.7 bhp on the other variants talked though remains unchanged at

120 nm which is produced 100 revs earlier compared to the standard and s trim the bump in its performance could be attributed to the akrapovic exhaust system and an aq remap helping you ride safer and quicker is a bunch of electronic rider aids including sport standard and rain modes switchable dual channel abs cruise control stability traction and wheelie

Control all of which can be viewed and controlled via a 4.3 inch touchscreen instrument cluster with bluetooth connectivity the ft r 1200 carbon despite using lightweight components ways 235 kg 5 kg heavier than the standard indian fd r 1204 kg heavier than the s variant at 815 mm its seat height is 10 mm higher than the other two variants there’s no major

Change in hardware except for the use of a smaller 260 mm rear disc 5 mm smaller than before it retains its 320 mm dual disc brakes up front apart from this the indian ftr 1200 carbon uses the same fully adjustable usd fork and a gas charged mono shock with preload compression and rebound adjustment expect the indian fdr 1200 carbon to be launched in india

In the next few months since it’s already listed on the brand’s official indian website as for the price we believe it could set you back by around 18 lakh rupees ex-showroom via the cbu route please support my channel by subscribing and liking the video for more information check the description box

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