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Indian Roadmaster Luggage

How to remove and reinstall the trunk and panniers on an Indian Roadmaster. It’s on page 56 of the manual but seeing it done doesn’t hurt.

2016 indian roadmaster here’s mine and i wanted to see how to remove the luggage being opinions in the trunk i’ve already removed it so this will be shown in reverse the trunk itself is all part and parcel with the backrest and speakers or the audio system it’s quite large and fits over these spools here on the side so i have the front that pushes in at the front and

Clicks down at the rear we move around when you’ve taken off you have some cabling to do something with it goes under this lever flap on the back of the seat pull the cable out and leave it on the rear of the fender the manual page 56 of the manual says to put a towel down the workshop towel i think that’s probably overkill but that’s your call the unit itself here

Trying to spec 25 kilograms it’s a little bit difficult to maneuver putting it back on oh really no problem in the removal what i’ve decided to do here is to get some assistance the first thing i’m doing lying the antenna down will pick up the unit combine trunk and see using the bumper at the rear that’s the handle that you’re supposed to use strongest we’re going

To lift it over the fender over that maurice pool and aim for this rear or the front spool that’s located you push firmly it goes on nicely it’s always going to go and once that’s there it clicks down very nicely once again very firm but quite deliberately z at the rear now to put the quick release down lock it back in that hole they’re showing is for a grub screw

And allen headed grudge screw that keeps that locked i’ll now move on to putting the electricals back in and just point out that where my hand is going to go here up to the left is where there’s a small shot and these connectors once they’re put back together i’ll just sit just there there is another connector on the other side it’s obviously for these speakers for

The audio system and and maybe for lighting certainly you do not have to undo it now that your electrical is alone let’s put the penny er back on and we have here the latch which is a male component where you simply penny iran obvious mounts on to the exhaust system the male parts of a latch push into the spool push it all the way home that’s our cam system over there

You go and it locks very nice and tightly having done that we need to just reconnect the wiring to a penny our business obviously for the for the central locking system very quick to do and now i’m just going to put the sidecar back on really quick and easy and once this is done of course you have to go around and do the other side but all up very easy perhaps having someone to help you

Transcribed from video
Indian Roadmaster Luggage By Greg Piper