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Indian Scout 2019 Shinko radial tires 880/881 review

Shinko radial tires for my Scout

All right i’m reviewing these kinkos eight eight eight eight zero eight eight zero ones they work really well in my scout 2019 however because they are the it’s really hard to get radials in the correct sizing for this bike this bike takes a 139 t16 front and a 150 8016 rear and fortunately in radials it’s almost non-existent the shin cones and i’m running there

The vibration is so it’s reduced to vibration going from the radio to the bias by a tremendously it’s great i love it however because i had to drop down to a one thirty sixty sixteen front and a one sixty sixty sixteen rear i don’t quite like how its hand or its i don’t like how low the bike has become its dropped the bike approximately an inch and a half to two

Inches it makes it so that it doesn’t it’s really tough when you put it on the kickstand you’re really going to watch out where you are i would have to maybe run the the the other bobber kickstand and i’m not about to go ahead and just change that because there that bikes about an inch and a half lower than this one not going to do this and i’m not going to change

Over to 17 inch rims just to get a better tire just two out of my cost range however these tires run ran really well really i’ve had them on here for about 500 miles great as far as handling on the freeway vibration was great they really want to turn you get to that break into that edge and it breaks over and wants to go into a turn and they hold they that really

Are nice and the vibrations really low so it’s pretty nice tires i know the commander twos which i was going to go to i can’t stand the fact i have to run by supplies pretty much to get the right size tire i’m gonna go the one guy was saying a lot of vibration in him and that’s what he didn’t like although he did get 19,000 miles out of him he’s pirellis like i

Have the parolees that came on that night dragons i got a little over 10,000 miles out of them before i needed to change them and i’m gonna go back to the shink o’s and i’m gonna put on the triple sevens and see how they are they are the bias by see if i can get that you know that 6,000 you seem like he’s getting 7000 miles out of them but the cost-efficiency i can

Buy three sets of schenk o’s for one set of pirellis and the commanders were a little more expensive so the less mileage i’ll make up for it in the long run i changed my own tires i balance my own tires so it’s not going to be an issue so much as that you know it’s going to be pretty easy for me to do all right that’s all i really want to let you know help people

Out hopefully with air scouts if they’re looking for a radio if you go with this they work nicely but it’s a little low on this bike it’s a little low

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Indian Scout 2019 Shinko radial tires 880/881 review By Tim Campbell