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Indian Scout Bobber review | eye catching motorcycle with classic style

Indian Scout Bobber | eye catching motorcycle with classic style

The bobber is an eye-catching motorcycle it’s a blacked-out bike that maintains a good bit of the traditional bobber a minimalist style motorcycle stripped of unnecessary accessories and built for performance the rear fender has a traditional shorter chopped look unlike its namesake the bobber has a front fender but it’s shortened to match their rear the wider rear

Tire has a nice look common to a lot of newer bikes on the market the solo seat hints at further weight reduction in contributes to the overall clean look on the initial test ride i noticed the thicker boot even with my average shoe size of nine and a half inches makes it a little awkward to work the bobbers toe shifter i feel safer with the mirrors in a more

Traditional position these adjustments made everything is set for my countryside journey once i’m through the mundane stop light sent out on the open road it’s nice to finally hit fourth fifth and sixth gears i find it’s a fun bike to ride the 100 horsepower engine has great acceleration more than enough to power the bobbers full weight of 554 pounds the whine

Handlebars make it easy to navigate twists and turns along the way the suspension reduces road bumps to tolerable levels brakes are dependable in both slow and fast braking though it looks nice the solo seat is very slippery after a quick acceleration i often have to shift myself back into position the bike does maintain a good balance in full motion and at rest

I’m not the tallest guy at 5 feet 6 inches and i’ve been on other bikes where my feet haven’t been planted firmly on the ground i have no problems on the bobber however the riding position is more challenging the bobbers handlebar placement and seat position forced me to lean forward a little more than i do on other cruiser style bikes the result is a little more

Weight and pressure on the hand it’s slightly uncomfortable though not painful but after riding 90 minutes between point of rocks and north potomac i find an increased need to stretch my back and stand up at stoplights the forward body position may not bother all riders but i can say it definitely shortened my normal threshold a bit into the second hour of the

Ride i suddenly noticed the illuminated red low fuel indicator light although the digital gauge is here and allows the user to cycle through odometer trip needle engine temp and rpm readings there’s no way to tell how much fuel is left this isn’t a deal breaker but with all the other numerous settings on the bike you think a fuel gauge would be an option back home

I checked the manual to make sure i wasn’t overlooking something on the digital readout the manuals advice is kind of funny position the motorcycle on level ground in the full upright position slowly open the fuel cap to view the fuel level in the tank so it has an old-school fuel gauge opened a gas cap and check funky gas gauge aside the bobber is a stylish bike

That attracts its share of attention on the street the engine heads are nicely detailed in chrome the beefy dual exhaust pipes look menacing although they didn’t quite sound as tough as they appeared but let’s be honest most stock pipes tend to run a little tame the indian logo is prominently displayed if so passers-by will never guess what you were riding with an

Msrp of eleven thousand four hundred ninety nine dollars twelve thousand four hundred ninety nine dollars with abs is the indian scout bobber the motorcycle for you it depends on your riding preference i think it’s best suited for shorter rides of a few hours and i’d certainly upgrade from the slippery stock seat but you may find it more comfortable indian offers

A passenger seat with backrest along with other accessories the bobber is a good choice for average-sized riders men and women alike take it for a test cruise and see for yourself riding the bobber was a fun experience and i’m glad i had the chance to try it out thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe

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Indian Scout Bobber review | eye catching motorcycle with classic style By Snoop Pro Autosport