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Indian shows off new motorcycle

Polaris President of Motorcycles Steve Menneto talks to about the Indian Chieftain Dark Horse, the brand’s newest weapon as it fights Harley-Davidson for the attention of riders.

We’re introducing the 2016 indian chieftain dark horse so dark horse is the theme of the bike that really starts with blacking out the bike it’s really a on-trend theme right now and you can start with our legendary headdress where you can see that’s all blacked out coming up to our to sell on our fairing you all blacken it as you enter back through the bike we

Carry that theme all the way through to make a really great you know aggressive kind of that dark horse theme comes to life with our with our new finishes in matte black some of the features that we have it really starts off with this rain light starts with our power plant it’s the gutter stroke on 11 nineteen foot-pounds of torque makes it a great ride what from

There we have a keyless ignition so you start with a press of a button we won’t do that right now though but what it also has just with that keyless ignition we have a power windscreen so great feature as you’re riding down the road if weather changes on you hunter want audio with bluetooth tire pressure monitoring systems so the bike as it has there aren’t out

Nostalgic indian luck has two bottom pieces of i’m writing the design of the bike over try to accomplish is that kind of that pretty you know really look for motorcycling where you have a solo seat and you have it all blacked out we have accent to a little bit of chrome and the headdress there and greg just brings that whole prettiness alive and really what’s on

Trend right now and we think this bike does a great job i think value is a great point that’s exactly what we try to bring to the market is when you look at our thunderstroke 111 the different benefits of bring on the bike understand it really makes this bike in a class gets over from the competitive like a street bike you know that this would cost you about three

To five thousand dollars for to bring on the same features and benefits on their bike again when we went through we even got souvlaki hard facts we have many fobs to start the bikes and so forth so we bring a great opportunity for the price and in springfield and the achieve did our doors make our night mom that we’ve introduced in less than three years we started

With the the launch of minion an august 3rd 2013 within there we’ve actually launched nine models we have we’re certain we have dealers and 44 different countries around the world close to 500 dealers and it’s just becoming a great business that we’re trying to get off the ground and being real successful so i asked me to do forward there’s more opportunities to

Grow our business geographically around the world and in more segments with more bikes and also number old cars cover some accessories business we’ve offered 300 new accessories on the cheap did now we have over in other bikes so we’re growing yo girls is carly is our biggest competitor we’ll continue to offer our pikeville and i think that makes it bring a great

Brand opportunity for us as we grow this biz and we can tell our story behind anymore

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Indian shows off new motorcycle By Fox Business