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Indian Springfield Motorcycle speaker upgrade and power distribution module setup

I already had the Indian saddlebag audio kit installed but wanted some sound from the front of the bike, so in this video I show how I added two more speakers to the front and hooked up all 4 speakers together to play music from my phone via bluetooth.

Morning guys it’s a beautiful saturday morning sunny and um it’s a good day for me to work on my motorcycle uh these are my two bikes the scout barber 2019 and the indian springfield 2017. so i’m going to be working on the springfield today i’m going to do some speaker upgrades so i already have the indian saddlebag audio kit and i hooked that up this video

Um showing you how to install that i’ll link it in the description um it works pretty well actually it’s pretty loud but um nothing beats speakers from the front which i don’t currently have so when i’m traveling slightly fast without a windshield it kind of gets hard to hear so i thought i’ll add a couple of speakers in the front i don’t want to add it to the

Handlebar i wanted that kind of to look clean so i decided to add speakers on the crash bar so i’m gonna add one speaker there and one speaker on the other side and i’m gonna just walk you through that process so i’m gonna put a few more electric accessories um so i’m gonna install this speaker the boss audio mc 425 ba it comes in black and um it comes in i

Think like a gray as well it’s got a built-in amplifier so there’s no separate amp unit which is good because i you know i like to keep it clean it’s 600 watts which i figure should be enough because i got speakers in the back as well and since i want audio to play out of both the saddlebag speakers as well as these ones and i wanted to connect to my phone via

Bluetooth i don’t want any messy wires i’m going to install this as well which is a bluetooth audio controller and this is going to go in my handlebar uh this is the uh controller from mtx here’s here here it is i think it is uh the mud mu mud btrc that’s the model and i have and i instead of hooking instead of hooking them up like the fuses and stuff all over

Um i also have a wireless phone charger which i mean i love it’s from quadlock along with the podlock mount and this is great because you know i can charge my phone even in the rain uh no wires hanging and stuff it works pretty great so i got a bunch of electric accessories i got the speakers i got my wireless charger i’m gonna add more speakers and i’m gonna

Add a bluetooth controller and in the future i may add a dash cam which i don’t have right now but i may add that so i thought i’ll you know make the investment and buy this amp link power distribution module from by row electronics and i’ll talk you through that later as well so this is basically it’s one module that you know you can wire or all your electric

Accessories too and it is um electronically programmable so there’s an app for your android phone or iphone and you can program you know uh what amperage you need in each outlet this is great because you don’t it eliminates the need for fuses you don’t need to have fuses um for every single electric accessory you can program it and you can even set time delays

I’ll talk i’ll talk to you through the app later hey guys okay i finished wiring everything up i’ll quickly explain how i did it i’m not going to show you all the details but uh this should help so what i did was i hooked up my bluetooth controller which has a ground and a positive for power and it’s got a 3.5 mm output jack so my music comes from my phone

And it’s received by this one through bluetooth and then the output sound through the 3.5 mm jack is then what’s powering my front speakers one here on the other side as well as my saddlebag speakers each set has its own amp uh and the way i connected the audio from a single source to both sets of speakers is i just used a 3.5 mm audio splitter so i think it’s

A male 1 male to two females and i’ve hidden it inside the headlight bucket so the output comes from from the bluetooth and one goes to the front set of speakers and then the other connects to the saddlebag speakers and both of them have 3.5 mm jacks so you that’s how i split the audio from one single source from my phone to the bluetooth split into my front

Speakers and then my saddlebag speaker so i’m not gonna show you inside because i took some time to hide it and zip tie everything the way i powered everything my bluetooth my wireless as well as my saddlebag speakers and all my speakers is i have this amp link it’s a power distribution module and what it allows you to do is power all your electric accessories

So it’s got six uh six outlets i only use three of them and so what how you do it is it’s got a power positive which i’ve connected directly to my battery the the power distribution module the ground i’ve connected it to the ground which is the frame of my bike i don’t want to connect to the negative of my battery i don’t want to cloud it that up and then it’s

Got a another wire which is called a trigger wire and the trigger wire you need to connect it to a switched power and so i took that trigger wire and uh i connected it to i located my fuse box and i hooked it up to a switched uh power uh like that and then that’s the amp the power distribution module to the bikes power and then the six outlets all of them

Are positive so each of them you can connect to the positive of your accessory so the positive of outlet one i’ve connected to the positive of my wireless charger the positive of my positive two of this distribution module i’ve connected it to my front speakers the positive of the front speakers and the positive three outlet of this i’ve connected it to the

Positive of my bluetooth controller so all of them are powered the negative of all of each of these three accessories i’ve again just grounded it to the frame of the bike actually i’ve grounded it to uh inside the headlight bucket you can just there’s a bunch of threaded holes and uh i just put a nut in a bolt and i grounded all of them there so it’s nice and

Clean nothing connected to my battery directly all connect all my accessories are connected to this power distribution module i’ll explain why this is very useful so other than making clean and nothing getting directly the battery i’ll explain it there’s an app that comes with it so i’ll just pause this and i’ll resume again okay so i’m going to explain this

Power distribution model and how do you set that up programmatically there’s an app that comes with it so you power on the bike this amp link power distribution module powers up and you can connect it to your phone via bluetooth so i’ve already done that and then you open this amp called amp link and it’s connected so you go to setup and then you can see the six

Outlets and you can program which accessory you want so what i’ve done is outlet one i’ve renamed it to phone so i know what it is you can set the amperage for that outlet so i i know my phone wireless charger uh uses a maximum of 2 amps so i don’t want more than that so i put a 2 amp limit and you can see this and trigger t1 t1 is the trigger wire my trigger

Wire remember i’ve connected it to the switched power from the fuse box so what this does is only when the bike is powered on and the switched power has power will this accessory get powered so what this essentially is saying is hey power on the accessory only when the bike is powered on not when the bike is off so this and trigger is very good it also lets you

Set delays so you know i’ve set a delay of 10 seconds so i don’t want to power on the accessory immediately once the bike is turned on i want to wait 10 seconds so this will let me uh power on the bike first save save that for powering on the bike so 10 seconds after the bike has been powered on my wireless charger will come on and for number two i’ve set it up

As my speakers my speakers uh had a fuse of 7.5 amps so i can tell like i know the speakers don’t need more than that or shouldn’t have more nets i’ve set a limit of 7.5 amps and again and i’ve set the and trigger so they’ll only get powered on when the bike is powered on and just like previously i’ve said a delay of 10 seconds so when you power on my because

10 seconds after i powered on the bike i also since i can set the amp limit here i don’t need fuses anymore so i took out the fuse because this will automatically manage that and i’ve done the same thing with outlet three my bluetooth controller it’s uses very little power so one amp limit again and trigger so only power down when the when the bike is powered

On and again a 10 second delay um and i can show you if i have for example in the future i want to add a dash cam to my bike i can just go to out and i connect it to outlook 4 i can then rename this to dash cam and say i got a that probably is a low amperage so say i’m going to put a 2 amp limit on that and say i wanna this i want to power on immediately so i

Can just remove the and trigger actually i just remove the delay so zero seconds there you go and say i want to power it off uh i don’t want to power it off immediately when the bike is turned off i want to power it off say three minutes after the bike is turned off i can set the delay off so that means once the bike is turned off the dash cam will still receive

Power for an additional three minutes right um i don’t you know this i’m gonna cancel okay and then you can monitor and see i’m nothing connected to force or showing me a fault so the great thing about this is you don’t need fuses what happens is if there’s a short in your wiring or something goes wrong and what’ll happen is it’ll automatically disconnect that

Circuit only and all the others will continue working and you don’t need to carry extra fuses on you all you need to do is fix the problem turn off the bike obviously fix the problem and then turn it back on and everything will continue working no nothing to replace you don’t need to remove your seat you don’t need to carry extra fuses while you’re traveling

So this is great no fuses anywhere on my bike for my electric accessories okay and next video i’ll just show you what it sounds like all right let’s take a look at the final result and take a listen so the bike is off all my accessories off okay so i’m gonna power on the bike remember i had a delay set of 10 seconds so power on the bike you can see my wireless

Charger is still off let’s wait a few seconds and it should come on automatically so that i set a delay of 10 seconds right so let’s wait yup you can see it’s coming on so that means my wireless charger has been powered my speakers you heard that my speakers got powered after same 10 second delay and my bluetooth controller also has power unfortunately this damn

Device i need to manually turn it on so just let me do that all right and it’s on and you can see it’s connected and now let’s play some music there you go music from my saddlebag as well as music for my phone speakers all from my phone perfect let’s pause it paused right music all works let me power off the bike and my accessories are powered off everything

Off and the amp link is still on but that will turn off in a minute or so perfect

Transcribed from video
Indian Springfield Motorcycle speaker upgrade and power distribution module setup By Karthik Nathan