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Is the Indian Scout Bobber a good Beginner Motorcycle?

I will discuss if the Indian Scout Bobber is a good motorcycle for beginners.

Hello hello hey youtube thank you guys for tuning in the beautiful fall weather in new york so i want to talk about a very important question that comes up during conversations is the indian scout bobber a beginner motorcycle and you know a few foreign as we all know when you’re a beginner you’re really looking for that right motorcycle you don’t want something

That will help you grow in your riding journey and also something that will give you confidence right so you don’t want to buy a motorcycle that is you in trouble so the big question is indian scout bobber a good motorcycle for a beginner rider and i know this is very debatable people will have different opinions but i want to share my thoughts as i don’t call

Myself an experienced writer i think i’m more like an intermediate to me an experienced writer is you know who can really ride through a track really well but also have a lot of years under their belt so i control myself as an intermediate provider i’ve been writing it for a long time so i remember the thought process and research that i went through when i was

Getting my first motorcycle my first motorcycle was uh a very small motor single cylinder so that’s what mine was so the question is foreign looking back at it should i have just gotten an indian scout barber why i think a beginner will like this bike and why i think this motorcycle is for beginners as well experienced folks so number one reason spike is very

Easy to write what i meant by that is like i’m going you know local roads i’m in fourth gear 40 miles per gallon i mean 40 miles per hour um and it’s it’s very happy the bike is very happy at this speed um just going like this through local small roads because i think most of people who start riding is going to be riding in local roads and you know before they

Jump on big highways so this is actually a very easy motorcycle to ride around town because it doesn’t really ask you to rub the engine too much unlike many small sea seed sports bike really wants you to really give the throttle it kind of makes you do it you know and that what that happens is that results in you actually going faster than you actually want to

This motorcycle on the other hand you are happy the bike is happy at low speeds um and justin third gear fourth gear you you you look at it it’s it’s perfectly fine so i think it will let you go in slow speeds without feeling like you have to rub the engine i think that’s a good thing for a beginner motorcycle rider make sure you know they they they shouldn’t

Feel like they have to keep changing gears and driving the engine all the time to make the motorcycle what i say happy so that’s one thing second the ergonomics of this bike so the bike sits really low to the ground as many of you know it’s very low to the ground almost every short rider can actually ride this bike i don’t think you’ll have a problem flat footing

It because that is a big factor as a beginner writer you want to make sure you have confidence when you throw your leg on top of the bike right you want to make sure you can flat foot it you can reach the ground when it comes to a stop sign or count is this too much traffic today what’s happening guys um these are you know pretty quiet local roads but lot of

A lot of cars and trucks anyway we’ll be getting into a highway pretty soon so i think that’s very important to note that you know the bike actually sits low gives you uh the confidence that you need as a beginner that you can flat foot the bike so that’s i think a big big plus that you you get that confidence from a beginner motorcycle you know you you don’t

Want to get something too tall that you can’t put your food down so that is my second point that the ergonomics of this motorcycle that really um gives you that confidence as a beginner third point i want to talk about is really the engine so yeah when you look at this engine on paper a pretty powerful engine 1133 cc a lot of people will say a beginner should

Not be riding a you know 1000 cc motorcycle yeah i think there is there is an argument to be made um but i also think a thousand cc sport bike versus a thousand cc’s you know a cruiser is built differently so i agree with the fact that you should not be having a thousand cc sport bike has a beginner motorcycle rider it does not make any sense to me um that is

In fact dangerous i would say so how about a thousand cc’s cruiser i think it’s actually good to have a thousand cc cruiser as a beginner motorcycle because i don’t see you know a bike this heavy having a much smaller engine uh giving you any type of confidence you almost feel like it doesn’t it’s not moving you know when you want it to move so so that’s my case

For you know the engine in the sense like yes it’s a thousand cc motorcycle but remember it’s a it’s a cruiser and it’s a heavy motorcycle unlike um there’s sports bike which i don’t think is a good starter motorcycle if it’s 1000 cc so i think the engine actually works in the favor of a new rider so that’s number three number four so one of the biggest

Mistake new riders make and i made the same mistake is actually buying a motorcycle that is going to be very short-lived in the sense after like six months into writing it you’re like oh no i need a bigger engine it’s a lot of beginner motorcycles what happens is people buy it and in three four months they want to sell it and obviously they’re going to lose

Money unless you find some good deals when you actually bought it the first time so i think that is a that is an issue and that happened to me as well where i got the bmw g310 and to be honest within three months i wanted a bigger cc and then i was like i probably need like a 700 800 cc bike um but in fact i actually yeah i did actually get a ducati scrambler 800

Cc and to be honest i got tired of that very quick and i won’t really wanted a thousand cc motorcycle so my point is why don’t you just get the thousand cz motorcycle that eventually you’re going to end up riding anyway up front if that thousand cc motorcycle is fit for a beginner rider and i think i can really make a case for the indian scout barber that yes it

Is a thousand cc motorcycle but i think it can fit a beginner rider just because of the various facts and how the engine is built i’m going 60 miles per hour on a highway or parkway whatever you want to call it and then perfectly content and happy but i know if this was a sport bike i would want to feel like i would feel like i’ll have to rev it more to go faster

This bike doesn’t make you do that i think that is important to note for a beginner motorcycle rider so i’m pretty happy with that fact that you know even though it is a bigger engine it actually benefits they’re picking a rider because he or she is not going to be tired of it very quick you can probably ride it much longer and you may even keep it for a long long

Time you know so you don’t have to throw it in and throw it out with different motorcycles that’s my take and the last point i want to make is you know a lot of people will say this is a much heavy motorcycle this is 550 pounds you’re right but the fact that it sits so long and you can actually flat foot the bike once you start riding it really doesn’t matter

It’s 550 pounds versus you know 450 pounds in fact i think the 550 pounds would make you feel you actually much planted on the ground when you’re going in in a higher speed so i don’t see that being an issue at all to be honest so my conclusion on this if you’re in the market and you are debating on um purchasing indian scout barbers your first motorcycle i

Think you should really seriously consider it and my advice to you is go to a dealer do a test drive you have to test ride this motorcycle and once you just ride this motorcycle it will tell you you’ll you will make the decision pretty quick if it is what is this red light and absolutely nothing else happening here so that’s my advice to you and me personally

If i have to look back at my motorcycle journey i think initially you may be a little bit intimidated by this motorcycle because of the look and the shape of it and the power it’s got but at the same time i also think you can handle it as a beginner motorcycle rider and i also say that you know depending on what type of a beginner motorcycle rider you are if you

Are uh this doesn’t make any sense if you are a bigger motorcycle rider that is a little bit matured i think it won’t be a problem you know so that’s my advice to you uh go check it out and test ride it and one other thing this motorcycle does have plenty of torque and having a good amount of torque is actually a good thing as a beginner as well not too much

But just enough to get you out of out of harm’s way sometimes you know if you have to just go fast or overtake somebody i think it is good to have a little bit of torque so i didn’t you know i just want to mention that as part of that the whole engine um discussion i had so i’m gonna park this motorcycle here and i’m gonna have you actually see the motorcycle

Um you know i’ll give you like a quick walk around um so you can see it as well so yeah that’s my initial reaction guys i think it is perfectly you know good for a beginner writer um thank you for watching guys i hope you subscribe like the video share it try to grow the channel there’ll be much more content coming on your way specifically on different things

That i have done to this bike uh and help you with your decisions peace

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Is the Indian Scout Bobber a good Beginner Motorcycle? By Bobber World