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Is the Indian Scout Sixty a Womans Bike?

Many people hate on smaller bikes in the motorcycle world, in today’s video I am going to give my opinion on whether this is a bike meant for women.

Hey guys what’s up two-wheel turban back in texas for the weekend um so we got the beautiful indian scout to ride and in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about are these scout 60s enough is it a feminine bike you know is this bike should only be ridden by girls is it manly enough so if you’re looking into this bike should you go for the scout over the scout 60

And you know can the scout 60 hold its own in this motorcycle industry so today we’re going to talk about that so if you’re a man you know looking into this bike the indian scout 60 sometimes it’s hard for for a few men because they don’t want to take the option that’s less right you know we live in america we want the most we can get we don’t want the inferior

Option we want the option with the most power we want the most power we want the most um respect for the name of the motorcycle so for some people it’s tough to even look at this bike which i think is completely dumb because it’s actually an excellent excellent bike for what it is and in today’s video i’m gonna be talking about why if you think it’s not enough

You’re actually wrong all right so this bike um i don’t know the exact stats i’ll put it up right now but i think it makes probably around 60ish horsepower which is more than enough honestly like even with my little 250s that made 25 horsepower 20 horsepower even those were great so being at 60 horsepower you’ll see here you know we got some great torque oh my

Gosh x accidentally almost quick shifted i’m used to the super duke so you can see it’s plenty fast like come on guys you can’t be like oh the scout’s 60 slow like i mean this thing will probably dust like any stock harley pretty much i feel like so many of the stock harleys um you know the bikes that are similar to this i don’t know soft tail or whatever they’re

Not that fast like this probably hang with it um with indians engineering it being liquid cooled and all that another thing is is it’s got that you know proper sound that proper v-twin sound it’s not missing that at all like people compliment uh the sound of this bike a lot and the looks of it it looks pretty sick like the average person they’re not gonna realize

That this is a scout 60 you know they’re going to think this is just as badass as bike as you know harley fat bob or anything like that like the average person is not going to know the difference um and you’re going to be able to get this at a much cheaper price probably cheaper insurance and reliability i don’t know i don’t know a ton about indian and harley but

Who knows reliability is probably better so yeah when manufacturers offer these smaller displacement bikes i think it’s kind of ignorant to just completely ignore them and be like oh i would never consider that because sometimes the smaller displacement bikes actually fit your needs better like for what i’m doing right now i’m going to get a haircut cruising through

Town um the super duke would probably actually be worse for this where the indian scout is very enjoyable i’m in this awesome seating position get a listen to this beautiful awesome v-twin and just get a cruise and just enjoy the uh part of motorcycling so so yeah there there definitely are things that aren’t perfect to this bike like i think the brakes suck

Right like indian you got to throw on something better than this this is uh does not give you much confidence you want to have some confidence in stopping on a motorcycle i think switching lanes is pretty good especially for these uh thick tire setups it’s more bobber style setup i think it works pretty pretty dang good um it’s just a great bike just to cruise

Around town sure it may not be perfect for putting hours on the highway actually that would probably be torture but for for the purpose of what this bike i think was built for which is just cruising around your town maybe going on some 60 mile an hour roads it’s gonna make you really happy and you’re not gonna outgrow it i don’t think very quickly at all um like

When i ride it i’m not like oh i wish there was more power because you know i take this bike for for what it is it’s not a ktm super duke it’s not you know my r6 it’s not trying to be that it’s its own thing um so you can’t really critique it in that way and the power that it puts down is actually very appropriate given the chassis the handling the braking you

Don’t want this thing to be 150 horsepower and then try and stop with these brakes good luck with that yeah i’ve really been enjoying this bike a lot i definitely do miss the gold wing but it’s great to enjoy different classes of motorcycles i think it makes you an overall better rider because you can understand how these chassis work how these power plants work

And then when you know say you ride this bike for a while you know get used to its handling you know i hop in the super duke and then you just become even better at that it’s kind of like when a kid goes up to bat and he puts on the weighted donuts right it almost hinders you until you have your actual actual uh choice of weapon i guess you could say and then

You’re gonna excel so if you’re looking into a scout 60 and your friends are saying bro that’s a girl’s bike like come on that thing’s got no power or anything like that uh i would ignore them and try test riding one maybe compare it against the real scout but if you’re on a tight budget i think both of them are gonna give you comparable levels of joy i don’t

Think the the true scout is gonna get me you know make the writing experience so much better i could be wrong but i just don’t see how because i don’t think the the added horsepower and stuff with this with this type of chassis and class of motorcycles is going to make it much more enjoyable because that’s not really what these are built for you’re not trying to

Just haul fly around corners and stuff you’re just out here trying to cruise um so yeah i hope this video was informative if you’re considering one of these scout 60s or you’re looking at comparable models i advise that you check these bikes out they sound really good riding position is great handling is good for what it is power is adequate um yeah i think i

Pretty much hit everything the one big thing is the brake sub i would say and uh yeah listen that be twist sounds awesome so yeah guys i hope you enjoyed this video going to get a quick fade and i’ll catch you guys in the next one see ya

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Is the Indian Scout Sixty a Woman's Bike? By Two Wheel Turban