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Itchy Boots Accident? | S6-E145 | itchy boots Himalayan Indian | season 6

Itchy Boots Accident? | S6-E145 | itchy boots Himalayan Indian | season 6

Nora has been created a legacy on her bike riding all around the globe if you don’t know who nora is she is a dutch woman who has mixed her passion for writing anna will to travel blending it into a perfect vlog for all of us to cherish she has been riding through places that tourist transports can never reach exposing us to different cultures and beautiful landscapes

But all of that would not be possible if it wasn’t for her rights she has inspired many people to sell their bikes and get themselves a royal in fleet himalayan it’s an amazing bike that has seen lovely days with nora it’s a durable bike and sadly she had to trade it for another one as per european regulations it was a himalayan too but the emotional bond made it

Very hard for her to part with it even though it was temporary she had to trade basanti with dhanu she took dhanu along for a long ride but in episode 37 of the second season of a journey she only talks about 80 kilometer as she had to stop by villala to service her bike it has already been 11 000 kilometer and should not stop there being a solo rider comes up

With a lot of commitments and nora knew that she was diving into it is almost like every auto body shop she goes to the mechanics there are baffled listening to her amazing journey taking a bike across the world also means a lot of services to be done and that has to be very strategic as she might end up in a place where there are no auto body shops at all she

Would have royal enfield support in dubai but she is still a long way in kazakhstan and so she might not want to take the risk it is always a smart idea to bring spare tires along she’ll not have to worry about running into a tire problem now let’s talk about her royal enfield himalayan bs4 this was her first bike her first motorcycle johnny with basanti it door

Started in india and so she came up with a name from an indian movie called sholay she bought basanti in the indian capital state of delhi and she planned to travel with her to malaysia and then she never stopped she shipped basanti to a man and traveled through central asia russia the carcass and the balcony before going back to her home country the netherlands

She wan offered johnny document i for 36 000 kilometer because of rules and regulations in the european countries she had parted ways with basanti this is when she met dhanu a royal enfield himalayan bs4 again the name also comes from the same indian movie and that was the bike she took for her journey from patagonia to alaska traveling through south america she

Started from boeing’s iris and made her way to the southern tip of the american continent eventually making her way upwards through shal and then bolivia to peru those days the pandemic had struck and covid-19 meant she had to leave the country and dhanu as well when the bike was returned to the netherlands it was not in a good shape it was badly damaged and so she

Could not write about it anymore she had great insights about all the places that she has been to and also about the bikes that she has journeyed in she she has a second hand honda cb500x which she called ronin this one became her home bike and she is going to keep it in the netherlands so that she has a bike whenever she is in her home country apart from that she

Also has a honda crf250l which is very reliable and light second hand bike she found and she went on to explore south africa zimbabwe nambabia and botswana lastly she had a honda crf 300 rally for the sixth season there is so much more to come and so many places to go so nora isn’t going to stop anytime soon what do you think about her let me know in the comment

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Itchy Boots Accident? | S6-E145 | itchy boots Himalayan Indian | season 6 By Socialate World