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Kiwi Indian Motorcycles -OIL CHANGE By Mike Tomas

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Hi my name is mike thomas owner of kiwi indian motorcycle company in this video i’m putting together rather quickly just to show you how to change your engine oil on an indian motorcycle so first off we’re going to drain the oil out of the bottom of the tank this has a quick drain feature that we make makes oil changing it on these indians very easily usually our

Painting acid but normally it just has a quarter pipe square plug in here and then you’ve got to fight around and make some sort of arrangement so it doesn’t piss a little over your cylinder heads sorry this little deal here has a key feature you see it just goes up into here turns around lifts the valve off its seat in here and then it just piddles down the tube

Down into your oil can below now it takes around about two and a half quarts of have a container that does hold around about three quarts to be safe we need to get around the other side of the bike and we’ve got to drain the oil out of the bottom of the crankcase down here this one here is the drain plug pull it out and let all the oil pedal out of here when you

Re inserting this drain plug we like to use a product with loctite five six seven it’s a pasty teflon apply that to threads and it will make them nice and oil tight it’s an awesome product we’ve been using this stuff for about 20 years about 20 years ago i developed an oil filter that fits inside the oil tank which you can see down there just center through the

Top and it’s fitted very easily so in the tank we have a oil return tube which actually if we make it a proportion it’s something like that and then this is the oil filter so the oil filter slides over the return – so it has the oil filter our design has this little clip on the top you can either get a piece of wire and just in an l on it pull it up that way we’ll

Get a pair of pliers and pull it out that way i pull it most of the way up and just let it sit there and let the old that oil drain through don’t pull it all the way off the tube that way it sits all the old crap is still retained in the filter media itself indian never had a filter originally but like any engine oil must be filtered people say well they never had

Them originally well why don’t you go out there and it was such a great idea why don’t you take it off you pick up take it off your car and right around drive around without a filter on it so why would you do it why do you have a filter on your vehicle and not on your indian the indian engine is very expensive to rebuild probably more than your car engine so for

About 10 or 15 bucks it’s certainly well worth it change it every oil change it’s no big deal the filter has a the filter has a seal on the bottom so when it slides over and when it slides over to return to its captured and sealed you can see the clip to the top of it this is a specific filter designed specifically for indians it’s not off something else it’s made

Specifically for indians does not restrict the flight of the oil pump at all there’s some other filters that our external ones those do have a tendency to restrict the oil the worst opportune times it may be a stinking hot day it may be up a steep hill but they have known to give problems this one here been running this thing i’ve got thousands of them out there

With clients i anticipate for years using it before you putting it on a market and never once i test it on weak pumps good pumps different oils and never once did it ever restrict the oil being returned we can’t do it on the feed side because what happens is it pulls a vacuum and it starves the engine of oil so it has to be done on the return but if you’re starting

Out with a clean tank from that point on you use a filter it’ll always be clean a lot of people have a lot of different opinions on oils this is our profession this is what we do a lot of testing on we manufacture motors we rebuild originals make sure we remanufacture we do a lot of tear downs we’ve seen the results of all the different oils this oil here is brad

Penn it’s a regular it’s a 50 weight it’s a pennsylvania crude oil it’s most naturally lubricating oil out of the ground it’s very high in zinc one of the other good factors i like about it is the fact that for the guys that parked their bikes over winter winterize them unlike us here out here in california where we can sell in california we can run on year-round

When you park your bike that all the parts have got a coating of oil and when you come to start it up back up in spring time it’s got an oil coating still on the parts whereas most of the other oils on the market will not it will run off and it’ll be pretty well a dry start up where this stuff here has a lot of great cling especially if it’s got a little bit of

Use honors its tremendous oil absolutely love the stuff the other a great point on this thing is it makes the engine sound a lot quieter the it doesn’t break in all your other oils once the engine gets hot the oil breaks down and you can hear a more audible noise all the little noise coming through the engine where there’s brad pin it just does not break down so

Pretty well as you hear a cold is the same sounds you’re gonna hear where where it’s hot the oil tank takes around about two and a half quarts of oil but if you’re not if you choose not to run a filter put it down about a inch below the return tube or if you’re running a filter around about an inch down from the top of the filter or overall there’s probably been

An inch and a high inch to inch and a half down from the top of the tank a little hint a lot of people pour oil out of a can this way it’s actually the most messy way that you could do it pour the oil this way you’ll actually have five bit of control and you’re less likely to make a mess if you do want to get the oil out of the oil pump and the oil lines which is

Very little what you can do is before you put the filter in you can actually put a clear plastic tube over the return line the return line is the tall 5/16 one there’s two tall ones in there one’s 3/16 that’s the breather line the tall large one is 5/16 that’s 3/2 in tube so you can get a plastic tube just push it out and set it over the tube and then i sometimes

Put a cup just a throwaway cup up here on the handle bars put a masking tape duct tape electrical tape and then start the bike up and you’re this is of course after you put oil in the tank and it’ll the oil that’s in the oil pump or a tube will then come out and then pee into the cup and you can let it cycle for a little bit through there after you’ve done your oil

Change about the oil to the proper level and comfortable with everything start the bike up and let idle for a little while and go around just check for any oil leaks your drain plug just to make sure you captured everything there the crankcase and the tank before i do any ride i like to do a warm-up just that the bike idle doesn’t hurt anything it’s it’s it’s good

It’s just sort of like a probably a finely tuned woman you know you got a warm-up first and your bikes no different just be patient warm it up and then go out for your ride and if you don’t have all the time to a whole bunch of time to warm it up just take off very slowly and just put along and then that’ll allow things to to warm up you know indian temperature in

The oil tank some guys talk about oil coolers there’s absolutely no need to use a cooler on an india and it’s quite a well engineered piece the engineers were pretty smart actually the oil and a tank believe it or not on a hot or cold eight eight stays pretty consistent what you got here is the large tube is the feed to the engine 516 one small one is the return

Going back to the tank so what happens here is you’ve always got cool air up against the front of the oil tank and you’ve got gas back here that’s dissipating the heat the oil going down to the engine actually sorry go down to the engine feed is being cooled it’s out here and from the engine the cool air is hitting it so it’s getting nicely nice and cool on the

Way down and on the way back this is a retune so it’s getting cool on the way back you

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Kiwi Indian Motorcycles -OIL CHANGE By Mike Tomas By Kiwi Indian Motorcycles