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Motor Horn Installation | Ep #1| Indian Challenger

MotoHorn reinstallation due to the first area not being a good spot on the 2020 Indian Challenger. So, this episode is my idea where to install the horn and some ideas that will take place. I’ve ask subscribers for their thoughts and ideas.

Well one of the projects i got going on is this right here i’m not sure if you guys can see it it’s right here i took the cover off of there because i’m trying to figure out where i can put my mortar horn not where i had it before because it wasn’t a good area the clearance wasn’t enough and it caused a dent on my fender when i hit a pothole um probably the

Pothole is probably like 12 inches deep or something just a little hole in the parking lot but this is what i’ve been trying to do guys and let me get out of the rain here let me set this up here out of the rain here in the garage a little bit to show you guys what i’m doing well this is the project so here’s the bracket that came off that side of that indian

Challenger i’ll show you guys in a minute and of course you got the compressor and you got the horn and the back of the horn um so what i decided to do like like all the harleys and other motorcycles a lot of them put it right on the side you know where their their air cleaner was and that makes a lot of sense there’s brackets back there or something you could

Actually bolt the motor horn on so what i ended up doing i made a model of my side cover if you guys can see it this side cover cut it out at cardboard box well i figure if i put the horn through it i’m not sure yet i’m trying to engineer this whole thing or just cut some slits right in here like this where this cover will go and the cover i’m talking about

Oh where’s the cover now um let me grab it guys so the cover this is the cover here so if i could get this i’d probably have to cut this down in there where the horn can sit in there just like this right on top of that bracket let me show you guys go back out in the rain here of course i’m not censoring anything guys this is raw set this up here put

Some legs down here there we go guys okay so if you guys can see this bracket right here what i’m thinking about if this can set just like that and then i can have a little bracket there they can actually hold it on and then on the side i could have it just like this so what i’m looking at is if i put it like this right here but it’ll be further in because i

Was thinking you know if i can lay it on the top of this once it’s here but it’s just not enough clearance so what i’m thinking is if i lay it like right here it’s out of the way and see these these allen bolts right here that’s not a problem because what happens is yeah this sets in there just like this but i think there’s enough clearance there if i put this

Right in there and get longer allen’s it can tighten it up and then as well what i was thinking about on the back end hold on a second let’s put this down here everything’s getting wet here um so what i’m thinking is putting the compressor right next to it on that frame there so it would actually look just like this or the bracket that comes out i can mount it

On the bracket but i don’t want to cover up the engine i love the way the look engine light so if i can actually put this up here just like this which is just one big bolt so it’s drilling a hole there mounting this right here just like this and of course this will attach to the back of the mortar horn just like that and i believe you know if it’s kind of loose

I can always just put a little bracket drill some holes and tighten it up and i already have the wires all wired up to the battery and they’re just sitting up there i can run them along the backbone underneath the tank coil them right right to the compressor and it’ll be all right here so that’s one of my projects i’m trying to get this done prior to going to on

My next trip so i’m planning maybe about uh second week or the third week or maybe even the last week of august traveling up the coast so if any of you guys are out there writing uh maybe we can get together somewhere at a pub or something get some pizza beer all that fun stuff um but i’m still planning it i’ll let you guys know what i’m doing and i’m trying to

Open up a patreon um site that way we can email each other you know and stuff like that and maybe help support my channel where i can actually do some of these things that i really really want to do um because that’s coming that’s kind of putting a hinder to a lot of the stuff that i’m doing right now and it is hard let me wipe this lens here there we go can you

Guys see better now saw a big water drop there um anyways that’s my project here um hopefully get this done within the next two weeks you know hopefully so for now hope you like this video if you guys got any ideas or comments of what i’m going to come into some problems or issues with it i don’t see it right now and you know by cutting this cover it’s not a

Big deal for me because if i ever want it back to stock i just buy another cover i believe they’re not very expensive i think i found them online about 10 bucks or something like this um my first idea was to get this a mold made but then again that’s running to a lot of costs which i don’t have so i might as well just burn this cover and cut into it and already

Have it right and see what i can do because i definitely want a lot of horns and this mortar horn sounds awesome i did think about putting in a saddle bag underneath the saddle bag or straight up and down next to the but it’s just removing too many other factory bolts that are torqued down um that are allowing the framing of the uh the fairing and stuff like i don’t

Want to touch none of that stuff right here i’m not touching anything it’s not going to affect the ability to remove some bolts that might hinder the bike somehow which i don’t want to do this won’t hinder anything besides just cutting a little bit of that cutting into this right here so not a big deal for me so hopefully that will work out like i said make sure

You give me some feedback on it i’d like to hear your feedback maybe it’ll a different idea that’ll help me out maybe but i’m gonna get out of this rain here so like always make sure you like share and subscribe if you haven’t already and in the future i’ll be having a patreon site but i’ll link that into um youtube and instagram and stuff like that so hopefully

I get this all set up and before i take off on my trip i did get thumbs up from my wife she said it’s okay um so you know got to do it right i’m not getting any younger and that’s one of my things i want to really really do so anyways hope you guys like this again um like share and subscribe and i’m gonna get out of this rain and um i’m gonna face inside the house

So remember like always face the road peace out and my cat usually looks out the window here every time i come out of the garage and uh maybe i’ll put him on youtube with me you guys will love him he thinks he’s a dog by the way wakes me up every morning though just because he doesn’t want me sleeping anymore just like a dog right um well as promised here’s the

Cat look at him what’s up paji what are you doing buddy huh what you doing yeah it’s me say hi say hi my name is i love my dad i like biting him sometimes yeah oh he’s probably what are you doing buddy say hi say hi oh there he goes he’s gonna bite on me he likes he likes to clinch on me that’s because he loves his daddy okay guys there’s the cat yeah keep cleaning yourself

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Motor Horn Installation | Ep #1| Indian Challenger By FACE Lopez