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Hey everybody so road trip day one wasn’t really supposed to be day one but uh my boss let me cut out of work early so i hit the road i wasn’t supposed to hit the road till tomorrow but uh made a little bit over 200 miles and the front cylinder on the bike blew up so start shooting oil out of the exhaust i’ve got nothing on the front cylinder so sitting in

A walmart parking lot waiting on uh hot head stalls to get here she’s coming with a truck and a trailer and we’re gonna load the bike up and i’ll leave out tomorrow on my indian and still do the trip so not quite the trip i wanted to do but the show goes on so i’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow what is up beautiful people of youtube welcome to day one with an

Asterisk so this is supposed to be day one but i left yesterday after work and i made it a little bit over 200 miles before the engine on turd bomb blew up so i guess i already have the time off of work the show must go on and we’re gonna do this trip on ronda sucks i wanted to really do it on a sportster just to be able to say i did it but the whole point

Of this trip is being out of comfort zones having no plans and that definitely was not part of the plan so that being said let’s hit the road oh dude i am beat i’ve done this ride today off of three and a half hours of sleep so after i eat dinner and find a place to sleep tonight i’m probably gonna pass out all righty so leaving the big texan had a great dinner

So i always like to try something twice if i didn’t like it the first time and that was a good dinner guys i was real happy with it so i’m headed to the hotel gonna get some sleep oh pounded out about 770 miles today 10.2 hours in the saddle and i did it all on three and a half hours of sleep i am beat i’m gonna go get a shower and about lost my footing

There that was no good so i’m gonna go get a shower get to sleep and i’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow i’m out well we did it guys made it to the ocean unfortunately not on the sports street but we did it it is absolutely beautiful out here my huh so now white boys so thanks i am getting ready to leave vegas i’m going to go

Downstairs get some breakfast and then we are going to hit the road and head on to bryce canyon and today we are going to see as many sites as we possibly can uh yesterday was not a great day for me i was just exhausted didn’t take good care of myself so i started this morning by hydrating again i’m gonna run downstairs get some breakfast get some coffee in me

And hydrate a second time and every time i stop for gas i’m going to make sure that i’m hydrating at the gas station also so i will be back with you guys in just a sec so what is up everybody so i’m currently at bryce canyon national park left vegas this morning had a decent ride went through zion got a bunch of time lapse riding through

Zion that i’m gonna roll in and i’m gonna bring you guys through bryce canyon with me so i hope you enjoy it’s absolutely beautiful out here it’s about 60 degrees we’re currently sitting at 8 000 feet so if i get short on breath it’s cause the elevation not just because i’m fat oh let’s hop up here to this scenic overlook see what this is all about if you

Guys are ever in utah you got to come out here and check this out like watching this on your phone or computer does not convey how beautiful and amazing all this is say i’ve watched videos of people out here before and you really can’t wrap your mind around how big it all is until you actually come here and see it for yourself so if you head out west stop in

Utah and go to bryce canyon and zion you can do them both in the same day they’re about an hour away from each other and it’s some great motorcycle riding especially through zion next few days are gonna be grindy they’re gonna be long long treks of mileage just trying to get back home so i will catch up with you all then so so so you

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