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ODI Vans Cult Grips Review | Indian Scout Bobber

Recently swapped out my stock grips with ODI Vans Cult Grips. What do I think of them? Check out the video and we’ll talk through them in detail…

Good morning youtube hopefully that suns not too hot for you as it is bright this morning and i’m headed to work and figured while i got your all’s undivided attention talk about the next thing in my series of reviews of the modifications i’ve done to my bobber and next up on the list is my oti grips and it’s hot on the tails of if the shades fairing click

On that very review that i did and and also my settlement seat which i’ll propose links up here as well so let’s specifically talk about what these are these are the odi vans culprits and the biggest reason that i wanted to find myself some new groups is really the comfort of the stock grips on this bike it’s horrible and they’re not very sticky and for my hand

Size you know i don’t have super big hands but for my hand size they just felt weird and every time i would ride long distances you know i immediately start getting fatigued in my throttle hand you know the other hand would be fine because i could take it off and like you know wiggle it around and whatever but you know the throttle and just would would get tired

And i looked at you know the kind of the diameter of the grip i did a bunch of little grip tests as i can i think this is has a lot more to do with my grip than anything else i decided to swap out the grips i did a bunch of research before i did it i asked a whole bunch of people what they recommend and a lot of them were just as chunky as the stock grips you know

They may have been a little bit more comfortable they may have i’d like the jill inserts of the gel padding etc etc but largely they just all kind of looked bulky you know whether i’m doing kuryakin you know or avon grips they all just tryna looked too big and bulky i didn’t want that so i stumbled across a video that the bearded barber did on installing his odi

Vans culprits and i said huh maybe i’ll go look at those so i looked at those did some measurements and they were cheap enough for me to experiment with and if i didn’t like him you know i was out 20 bucks because that’s all they were over 20 bucks so i got him in i did a installation video on those which i’ll also link but you know they were really easy to put on

And now i got them on and i love these suckers i would say that it’s you know they’re one of my favorite things that i’ve done on the bike because they’ve helped so much it’s insane how much they have helped my rider fatigue you know riding for a while and they look kind of great and there you know a kind of american classic look there the you know they’ve got

The vans kind of waffle cone you know so they’re kind of neat looking and i chose gum i thought gum would match my seat well it really does not so i’ll probably get a different pair at some point in time but i’m not kind of falling in love with with the color but they carlos they’re super tacky which is one of those great things that if you’re out putting down

Lots of miles for you to just kind of you know fairly have some grip on you know to be able to control the bike and you know on the throttle side there you know it’s skinny enough it reminds me a lot of when i had a sport bike you know sport bike throttles are you relatively skinny and these are thin enough that when i am really ripping you know i can i can do

A pencil grip on it what i want to really rip into the into the into the twisties so i like that about them you know when you install them though they they don’t just slap on you got a monkey with them a bit especially if you’re using the bar in mirrors like i am because they’re closed-ended so you have to kind of cut the end away so that they slide or so that

Your bar and mirrors slide in without any issue so but regardless i like them one bajillion percent approve of them as great aftermarket grips they’re inexpensive so if you put them on don’t really like them 20 bucks so anyway two thumbs up they have tremendously helped my comfort my rider fatigue so anyway as my review of these odi vans grips if you liked it

It was hopeful and you want to see more do the whole subscribe e bell ring ii like e thing and we’ll see you when we do the next one i think the next one what we may do is actually the next one we’re gonna do is on my tier one tuner so you know come back for that one because that one’s gonna be a good one i really love this dear one deuter so anyway i’ll talk at you later please

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ODI Vans Cult Grips Review | Indian Scout Bobber By dadwithabike