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Road Trip on a Honda VTX 1300 and an Indian Chief to Blue Mountain, Ontario.

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Yep that’s one of our 600 gopro hero tens lying on the road not every story has a happy ending but sometimes a sad ending can tell a great story this is scott fraser and this is me gary parsons together we’ll take you across north america on motorcycles visiting towns and cities telling history and exploring culture we are the northern road kings hey youtube it’s

Karen scott with the northern rope kings today where are we scott we’re at blue mountain in collingwood ontario and now that’s just on the shores of lake huron and the georgian bay as fall here the trees are turning it’s pretty uh pretty cool to see we’re going to show you guys around the resort show you some of the ride should be a lot of fun stay tuned foreign

Scott leave a message at the beat scott scary again there are two things i can count on man the vtx running great and you being late get moving bro let’s get this story started there’s a literary template called freytags pyramid that breaks down a tragic story into five segments the introduction the rise the climax the return or fall and the catastrophe let’s

Start at the beginning collingwood ontario canada located in the georgian bay on the shores of lake huron home of over 21 000 people and the location of one of ontario’s best vacation spots blue mountain hey youtube we’re in uh where are we scott we are mitchell we’re in mitchell we’re on our way uh to blue mountain but we’re gonna stop and list the wall on

The way do some video there and i’ll show you what we got done with our bikes here okay foreign foreign the arms next in the story comes the rise watch as we rise with the sun on a quick 4k ultra hd walking tour of blue mountain resort the further we move on from all those yesterdays happiness gets nearer the light that we see closing

In so fast ahead it’s hope it’s getting clearer the more i think of all the tough times we survived the more it makes me smile if nothing’s broken us you’re nothing never will cause dreams are hard to kill place where we can build our memories to somewhere foreign next the climax if you’re familiar with their channel you know how much we like

Filming 4k motorcycle b-roll welcome to downtown foreign foreign thank you next comes the return or fall we’re going to make this quite literal with footage of our return home on a fall day foreign lastly the catastrophe we teased it now watch it unfold in the epic conclusion oh all right youtube that was our tour of uh collingwood blue mountain

I hope you had fun please hit that like button share the video with your friends smash that subscribe button i’ll see you on the next one cheers i’m still recording

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Road Trip on a Honda VTX 1300 and an Indian Chief to Blue Mountain, Ontario. By Northern Road Kings