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ROKFORM vs Ram Mount Best Phone Holder review Harley Davidson, Indian, Motorcycle, sportbike tour

Best phone mount for a Harley Davidson Motorcycle? Indian? We install a Rokform phone holder on our Dyna StreetBob, replacing our old Ram Mount X Grip. We also have one on our Road King. Strong Phone case and mounting system for your Motor Bike. great biker phone case and easy handle bar install- various universal fitment items included –

Hey today we’re going to install this rokform phone mount on the dyna and we’re also going to do one on the road king right bun you know hey guys i don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but harley-davidson’s like to vibrate a lot so do you like your phone i kind of like my phone because i paid a lot for it i’d like to keep it on my bike when i ride so we’re gonna

Show you these really killer uh rokform phone holders they come in a bunch of different styles chrome black different for different phones they’re super awesome really easy to install so let’s check them out all right so on this bike we already got one installed took me all of three minutes to do couldn’t be easier this is a chrome one matches the bike matches the

Bars looks awesome yay let’s move over to this bike all right so these are the stock bars on a 2016 harley dino street bob they’re an inch and a half and we’re gonna put the rokform on here it should take all of three minutes so today you’re gonna hear us talking about how much we love the rokform phone cases and the phone mount on our harleys now i’ve got some

Friends who have the ram mount and swear by it all right this is my old ram mount x grip i’ll tell you what i didn’t like about it for myself when i put these little x grip things around my phone sometimes they would mess with the side buttons right i have my directions on my maps or whatever and i go to put this on it would click the side button and go right off

Another thing sometimes these grips decide to be so grippy they come right off now i have a friend who’s got one on his bike he swears by it he loves it but i did notice he was missing one of these grips so tell us in the comments what kind of mount you have or what you’re shopping for let us know i’m really curious thanks okay guys let’s check out what’s in the

Box from rock form come on alrighty let’s slide this out here okay so one of the reasons i wanted to get this is it comes with this little lanyard too because i like to shoot when i’m on the back of the bike sometimes i like to shoot when i’m on the bike and sometimes i just want to have a great way to hold on to my phone in fact this is for mike’s bike but i’ve

Already installed it online so over here you can see a picture of the phone case and we’ll talk about those in a minute they’re amazing they fit the different sizes of the samsung galaxy and the different iphones but in here you can see rokform is cool and they give you different size spacers right for different sized handlebars love that here’s the mount itself

Right and they’re very cool and sends you a nice little allen isn’t that lovely lovely all right so i snatched this phone away from my wife real quick just to show you guys how amazing this cover is it’s super durable really really strong and magnetic magnetized right so this magnet is so strong and you don’t even need to put the the holder on if you want i’m

Not i’m just kidding obviously we’re not advocating advocating but it’s a very strong magnet um it’s just like a double locking system between the magnet and the quadrilac in the back uh you’re really really secure yeah and you can see through there i have a habit of dropping my phone and that happened before i got this amazing case this case is super tough the

Rothform cases are like really high performance yeah they also give i mean you buy a cover a whole set for like the glass cover the mount all the stuff everything is really well thought out we love these things well designed well designed all right so let’s begin first of all i got the appropriate size little rubber bushing thing that’s going to go right here you

Just slip it right on the bar literally that simple it’s that easy you could do it okay you want to hand me the mound itself yeah sure was that an insult because not at all okay so you just pack this out open it up and you put it around the rubber like that put this back in like that and then use the handy dandy new allen they sent there you go it’s a good

Quality allen also when you’re done with this you might just keep it really yeah it’s not one of those ikea things you just chuck you know or they strip halfway through the jar you’re going to keep this key and it’s not going to be a chuck key get it it’s certainly not a chucky i’m sorry a little shop humor there there you go so you can adjust it wherever you want

You know you can keep it loose until you find exactly where you want to put it uh and then there’s another adjustment right here there’s also another adjustment here so you’re saying you can adjust it at the angle of view that you want it can be more flat it can be more angled exactly so we’ll put it where we think might be good like where it will please me yeah

That looks like it might be good right yeah it looks good okay so that will be like the height once again you can always read it we can always readjust it it’s like you know three seconds at the end of the day i’m gonna count one one thousand two one thousand three one thousand okay hey you pulled it i did i exaggerated i meant four one thousand there we

Go okay so a four second install four second install so once you have that where you want it you’re just gonna tighten this guy up right here yeah wherever you think that’s gonna work yeah you know you want to hand me the other phone we can kind of just test fit it real quick yeah sure so it’s a little loose right now but you just you know so it’s magnetized

And it’s got this locking mechanism to begin with so that’s just sitting there that’s just sitting there and it’s like it’s a pretty strong magnet but because both the phone case has a magnet inside as well as this and then it twists in and locks so this just twists in and locks just like she said plus there’s the magnet right here that’s keeping it from moving

Sideways up and now it’s really really secure right now do you like the way this sits yeah this is pretty cool okay you can also you know if you want you can also mount it this way oh so you can do portrait or landscape yeah whatever you want to do okay this is great mike yeah there you go so you could also keep it like that however you want to do it it’s got a

Lot of different you know ways to do it right i know that lanyard’s probably driving you crazy but i love it because i can put on like a little wristlet and carry my phone around and still handle other things there you go excellent that couldn’t have been simpler couldn’t i guess you nailed it all right the other thing that we totally love about this rock form

Is you can get these replacement glass covers so it has a kit so whatever size phone you have it has a template it comes with like the alcohol everything you need to like clean it up then you put the template on it mount the little plastic shield on there or the glass shield on and it’s perfect like new and it protects your phone from dropping on top of the fact

That this case is really really sturdy it’s super tough i mean i’ve dropped my phone now a million times you know the other thing let me show you the other thing i want to mention right is what i loved about rokform is they include their customer service number on this little card which i had to use right away because of course i what did i do i ordered the wrong

Size wrong size for my phone so they immediately shipped me a new one they’re awesome yeah that’s a really good company yeah we definitely think it’s a good company we want you to hop over to their website this is not a sponsored video but we are big fans so check out the different mounts that they have the different configurations they have they’ve got you know

They’ve even got mounts for cars i mean rokform is awesome they’ve got mounts for sport bikes also if you look at the top of the screen here you can see that they’ve got you know free shipping and you know i just think they have lots of smart products for your smartphone so don’t be lame like me and keep your phone in your back pocket and lose it with a vibrating bike you

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