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The real Flat Tracker | Indian FTR 1200 S Road Test | PowerDrift | Ft. realme X2 Pro

Indian Motorcycles, the American company, has always surprised us with their bikes. They always turn out to be extraordinarily well made, extremely fun to ride and, it must be said, outrageously expensive. But they, we believe, surprised even themselves with the race-bred addition to their lineup, the storming FTR 1200. We sent out our best, Kartikeya Singhee to take the motorcycle by the scruff of its skinny neck to see how far Indian has raised the bar. We also needed something to keep up with this fearsome duo so we drafted in india’s Fastest Charging Flagship #realmeX2Pro, bristling with its Snapdragon 855+ processor, 90Hz Fluid display, 64MP AI Quad Camer and 50W SuperVOOC

We’ll me x2 pro faster sharper bolder the unknown can be intimidating but those who dare to wonder here find in themselves the power to surprise but there’s nothing surprising about an american motorcycle with a week to an engine that could afford to lose a few pounds some lay a bit of a cliche right but thankfully that’s where it all ends because this engine was

Bred on a race track the bump slide and grime of a flat track in regime in all that bumping grinding and sliding a few of this indians families fell off do you think they just picked anything and smashed it on here to me it looks like that bank belongs on a much smaller motorcycle it probably is from the fdr 750 racer the led headlamp looks small too but it is

Big on brightness on the tail lamps the outline drawn by the leds is exquisite that tailor it is sharp and beautiful just like the real me x 2090 hood screen maybe it was little so that you can see more of its soul and purpose that trellis frame guards that 60 degree 1203 cc v-twin the exhaust pipes just slither away and dominated mufflers that seem to be aiming

At the stars it’s an fdr flat drag racer so no surprise that the swingarm looks like a street from the race pike and like on many race bikes the fuel actually sits under the rider’s seat to aurora the center of gravity somebody forgot to tell the fdr that it comes from a family that prides itself on taking things easy this does jew now there is a thin thread

That connects the fdr to the scout 1200 but the thread is snapped off the second you do this displacement more compression bigger pistons vows throttle bodies make this almost all new even in the way it feels doesn’t matter this engine it comes crashing and the slice of america actually goes deeper because at 3,000 rpm with just a light throttle on you believe

That there’s an american v8 that you can hear down there or am i just imagining packs more surprises the gearbox is buttery smooth and the engine well it’s got that we twin butts and as you rev it to the ten thousand rpm redline it remains absolutely spoon but that’s not it it’s got top end quack z100 3.8 seconds that’s kawasaki zx6r the garden nine five nine

Panigale tell it you talking about 0-200 with its 50 watt fast charge system the 0-200 time for the real me x2 pro is super fast which brings it up to speed with its processor the snapdragon 855 plus it is ready to attack anything you throw at it which the fdr 200 does – like orders this fdr is a rule ii and wriggly creature loony because for such a big and heavy

Motorcycle it can pass ooh you can slam it down yes it’ll take some effort you’ll sand it down to one apex pick it up slam it down to the other and it will show you that it has the balance and the positions stopping bar is plenty do the preverbal blocks are not the most feeling units around but they are solid and the adjustable sachs fork and the shock can point to

The right experience further so that means push hard and casson even when you’re leaned over in the corner like that but that’s when it starts to slide and get on lian yu because the stalk overcomes the grip available from the tires but then thankfully there’s traction control but the traction control could be more sophisticated right now it cuts in too abruptly

Which kind of eats into the fun when you add it all together the tires the high ground theorists his large foot pegs with jagged teeth and that protaper bar you start to wonder if the opportunity will present itself should you stand up indulge and the communicative ensure shall see will impress you once more the hundred and fifty millimeters of suspension travel

Is healthy to do the steering geometry nazy and 222 kilos of dry weight make it a bit cumbersome but switch off fraction controls find the right spot and then you find what the fdr loves to do slide slide and slide some more bring on the black rice but to get to a flat track you will have to travel and endure the 13 litre tank is laughably small for 1200 cc

Motorcycle you could also tackle the city but the 830 mmo seat high means you will have to ballerina it abs and traction control are late so when you really want to you have no option but to turn both on confounded right the fdr 1200 can be cultured yet while sharp yes tiring feature-packed yet lacking it feels premium tune but the 16 lakh rupee price tag isn’t

Winning it any favors either but despite it all the fdr will get under your skin calling the ftr 1200 a fun and practical naked rough-and-ready scrambler or simplistic torah is absolutely plausible and available because of its weight its firm suspension and it’s a bit of a rowdy motorcycle at times as well but doing so would be like fitting a square peg in a

Round hole to us it seems like the crazy guys and girls and indian headed out to create a flat track racer for the road and headed out into the unknown let’s hope in their hearts to create something special and what we have got with the fg r 1200 is an incredible surprise

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The real Flat Tracker | Indian FTR 1200 S Road Test | PowerDrift | Ft. realme X2 Pro By PowerDrift