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Spike why are you doing a valve check on the jigsaw i’m not i’m not doing anything i’m not sabotaging it it’s okay listen we got to film something we got a new giveaway bike it’s an american bike wait an american bike yeah it’s an american bike all right i got to get dressed hold on one second no just bite no no no despite we got to film the video i’ll be right

Back oh oh my god no yam said he was never getting another harley i knew he was getting a harley let’s do this ah yeah now we’re ready no no spray come on dude what a no yeah i mean no no no no no no american bike no it’s it’s you can use it on slash off-road wait a minute is it pan-america we gotta pan america hold on i gotta get changed again oh no it’s white

We’re never gonna make this video we’re literally never gonna make this video josh we’re never gonna make this video yeah he’s he’s putting on another costume he’s we’re never gonna make it y’all need to be more serious some of us are trying to work all right it’s dirt glide time baby no spite no you’re doing way too much please put on your normal clothes and

Let’s film this video come on man i feel i feel so powerful this is a great image right i’m asking you to just put on normal clothes okay all right you’ll like this bike i promise i’ll be right back we’re never gonna make this video you went a little bit more appropriate you good yeah ready all right let’s do this all right perfect ladies and gentlemen this

Is the 2019 indian ftr 1200 s we are so stoked about this motorcycle we’ve heard you guys talking about it in the comments we’ve seen tons of videos about it this is america’s answer to the sport bike and it is a gorgeous thing wouldn’t you say oh my god it is drop dead sexy this thing it’s no bad angles there’s no bad angles on it and it looks cool in here in

The studio but outside in the sunlight there’s like a flake to the paint it the finish is just so good it’s it’s so delicious to look at yeah this thing is just absolutely beautiful and the best part is this motorcycle is replacing our aprilia rs660 we did as a giveaway bike and it is our new intermediate bike giveaway yes this indian ftr 1200s will be given

Away to one lucky person in about four months or so read all the official rules on but for now use the code ftr on or on get yourself three x entries and ten percent off only for the next 72 hours to win this motorcycle but we’re gonna make a ton of videos about this thing we are really excited about it but i don’t think you’ve

Actually heard the exhaust yet on it right no i haven’t this is actually the first time i’ve been this close to it i just saw some pictures of it online yeah so this bike as you can tell has a full system and it is unbelievably loud probably the loudest bike we’ve ever had so i’m going to kick it over to a clip of spike getting his eardrums blown out hit me with

It so obviously very loud and this bike deeply confuses me so why don’t you elucidate what’s going on with this bike what do we got under the hood all right so this motorcycle is meant to be indian’s answer to a road legal dirt tracker flat tracker style bike so we’re working with the 1203 cc 60 degree v-twin pumping out 123 horsepower and 84 foot-pounds of

Torgos very good stuff we like the torque figures on this bad boy some of you might be saying oh but an mt10 makes 160 and blah blah blah doesn’t really matter on this bike this thing is so much fun to ride and that’s partially down to the fact that it has this dirt tracker flat tracker style so we’re working with a weird tire combination here we’ve got a 120 70

19 up front and a 150 80 18 out back so oversized wheels kind of skinny every time you get on the gas the whole thing just shimmies and shakes as we’ll probably show you in a b-roll here of me trying to keep traction as i was exiting that one corner right i was i was as we were filming that i watched the rear tire just grabbing traction and the bike going yeah

It was it looks like it would be a fun brawl of a bike to ride which is my kind of thing yes i think with the giant v twin and it’s kind of brawly character you’re really gonna love this bike i already love it a lot and one of the reasons i love it is because it comes equipped with a bunch of amazing premium features you’ve got a six axis imu a tft display fully

Adjustable sac suspension this thing is pretty up market brembo brakes twin discs not working any single disc crazy harley nonsense on this i think this thing be a death trap with this single disc up front hey if you like the flat track there’s no brakes right that sounds like a death trap right there kidding i can’t even imagine how spicy the 750 race bike is

It’s probably insane that that the best part about this for me is how much they nailed that 750 styling yeah in this bike i mean they gave you a much bigger engine obviously because they want you to have fun and they gave you breaks because they want you to live through it but they still nailed the styling and it’s just it’s so cool to sit here with this long

Flat top on it yeah they the nice thing is they don’t have the plate up under here so it’s nice and clean they put it down here on a severely over built uh license plate hanger here we might want to do some weight reduction at spike yams tail tidy and exhaust shop and uh chop that thing off and figure something out got a brand new angle grinder exactly we hope we

Don’t have to take the angle ground to the indian because that would make me very sad but i thoroughly believe that this is one of the bikes that really kind of set the stage for this new kind of street tracker flag tracker style that everyone’s kind of chasing after in the custom bike scene but uh this motorcycle is just so beautiful that’s the thing we really

Come back to is indian put together such an amazing looking bike wouldn’t you say yeah absolutely and you know you might be thinking oh it’s not the red and the white one i really want the red and the white one the black one here looks so cool like when it’s when it’s out in the sun and you can see the gold on the forks and the gold back here on this reservoir the

Gold on the pipes it just accents the bike so well yeah and it’s so cool it’s the closest thing that an american rider can get to a pure ducatista machine like somebody can walk up to this and be like it is achingly gorgeous and not have you know a little espresso and a twirly mustache yeah this elicits a lot of ducati to me honestly the way the engine makes the

Power and the brawly nature of it kind of reminds me of an old monster in a way you know but just updated and refined a little bit more um what else can we say about it man it’s kind of funky it’s got the gas tank back here under the seat this is actually not the gas tank right here so a couple corks on this motorcycle you wouldn’t expect um and again the sound

Is just to die for it’s so so good if it doesn’t actually make you keel over because it is really percussive right now yeah extremely so let us know in the comments down below what bikes you’d like us to compare this thing against because we’re going to make a ton of videos with the ftr since it is one of our giveaway motorcycles i think a lot of people want to see

Sportster s versus ftr the specs on paper look very similar i i have a feeling that the harley would have a hard time getting close to this thing just standing next to it it is a impressive motorcycle so harley better come correct yeah and you all know that i’m a little bit dubious on that but we’re gonna test it yeah we’re also gonna test it against your standard

Naked bikes your ducati monsters maybe an mt-09 something like that the only thing that holds the indian back a little bit is it is a little bit more expensive and heavy than those options this bike weighs about 500 ish pounds wet and ready to ride and cost 14.5 at the dealership 15 something like that yeah 16. i don’t even know like the carbon one’s like 19 or

20 i’d have they’re very expensive yeah you can you can go wild if you want with these ftrs uh but honestly those are the new ones with the 17s and i gotta have the one on the 19 and the 18. absolutely you got to have it with the flat tracks we had the option to get a brand new one with the 17s but for us we wanted the authentic one with the flat tracker style

We just think it looks cooler even if it is poor handling and probably doesn’t serve this bike very well as a sport naked type of thing but it’s fun it makes it different than everything else you know it’s a very unique motorcycle yeah and i’m just dying to go out and ride it yeah so as you guys know tomorrow we’re going to have our first ride and impression of

The indian ftr that’s gonna be a great video make sure you stick around and check that out and of course remember giveaway motorcycle use the code ftr in the next three days get ten percent off and three x entries on yn moto or dot com and now cue the glorious b-roll exhausts and other cool stuff we shot today with this thing we’ll catch in the next one see you

Later oh hey you’re still here i can’t believe you made it to the end of the video not many people do just for you i have a little treat hit this link over here check out the next video on the yamanoob catalog what’s going to happen in it i don’t really know maybe there’s a boost in it maybe there’s some cool wheelies maybe there’s some fun memes probably who can say

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WE BOUGHT AN INDIAN FTR 1200 S! By Yammie Noob