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When Indian Students Buy Car in USA..

Our Visit to Car Dealer to buy a $2000 car in USA.

Oh my god take up so once again it’s a pleasure to welcome horus in my apartment so last time when i met him was with my gopro hero 8 in your apartment yeah but now it’s with your gopro hero 9 in my apartment so big coincidence for a lot of you like your content i think it just revolves around you know you do a lot of interviews and talking with other

Students it’s not a lot of action and stuff like that and my content is more like vlog action like cinematic space so having a gopro actually allows me to get angles that i wouldn’t have been able to do before and i returned the gopro hero8 because i felt the microphone wasn’t that good as the gopro hero max so i switched so the way you write it is it looks

Easy all right all you have to do is kind of get on here once you’re here put your front leg forward and balance and then use your body to kind of turn how do you break lean backwards for me i jump off they’re experiencing harneur’s very first attempt at writing the one wheel he’s never done it before he’s only seen me do it once once all right so let’s see how

He dies oh oh it’s difficult it’s difficult yeah what do you what about it makes it difficult it’s so hard to balance like you’re wobbling when you’re on it are your legs wobbling no my legs are stable but oh okay but if i lean forward it’ll go for pretty fast that’s just that’s scary that’s that’s what makes it scary how did you learn it’s so heavy as well you

Know how i learned yeah i i got it in the middle of the school day and it was i learned it or i had to carry this 25 pound dumbbell around everywhere oh so now it seems stable no no no four doesn’t like towards one eternity later oh look at you it’s it’s really scary wow have you fallen from it i’ve fallen twice i actually okay so i got injuries like here and

Here performance from falling off but that was because like i was going too fast oh look at you look at you let’s go oh i’m just rotating i don’t know why but it’s i think my legs are not straight okay so our collab video will be in the description now let’s talk about the car the idea was key my landlord he drives a two thousand dollar car to manifucha like

I also asked him how he was able to find one so he told me go to and then i started looking for cars for around two thousand dollars and his car is a luxurious car and from 1996 so that’s why it’s pretty good pretty solid car with 173 000 miles already it it works great so minnesota i can find a similar one so i look for nissan versa and so on so

He starts the journey wow too much traffic today the body thank you so we can explore around four to five dealerships multiple prices and test drive and then and then finally choose a car two thousand uh three thousand the one i’m looking for that’s also three thousand i think this is much better than that one for sure we had 2012 nissan altima wow oh

Foreign start music system series which just like my landlord’s so that’s why we thought let’s try another card but feminine realized he had like 2800 dollars here the 2000 key nissan versa so that’s why so the plan to get a second-hand card for two thousand dollar got cancelled give me condition so sorry okay so the car that we have bought is right there

In the garage that i’ll be revealing in the next video the point is key i’m not buying a new car because i don’t know how to drive still yet i have driven almost eight times now total 10 times in my life so that’s why i’m still learning with the back connection so that’s why i wanted to get the cheapest possible car i will not regret breaking it at all and i’ll

Be safely driving it but at the same time his car two to three thousand dollar cars are not reliable you get if i want to take it for long drives they might not be you know reliable repaired so it will be a hassle so that’s why i wanted a decent car but at the cheapest price so i’ll be sharing that experience in the next video so stay tuned for that you

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When Indian Students Buy Car in USA.. By Singh in USA