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Why Did I Sell My Gorgeous Indian Chief Vintage?

I decided to sell my gorgeous Indian Chief Vintage, but why? Stay tuned and I will tell you why.

Well i made a decision to sell my indian chief vintage uh let me give you a quick walk around of my vintage and then i’ll tell you why i’ve decided to sell it so i based my decision on a couple of things uh one of the one reason i’m selling it is i am thrifty by nature my family will tell you i’m a cheapskate i’m a tight wad it’s not true i’m just thrifty actually

When my wife and i first got married i told her i said i’m thrifty in every area but one and she said what’s that i said motorcycles i will spend money on motorcycles so every day when i would walk out into the garage i would look and see two gorgeous indian motorcycles and i would think i am blessed i am fortunate to have two fantastic motorcycles but obviously

I can’t ride two at the same time it’s not really practical to have two at least not to have two indians because they are very similar i mean there’s some differences between the two but but they’re both very you know very powerful motors uh gorgeous bikes very comfortable and and so on so if i was gonna have two bikes in a way it would make more sense to have an

Indian and a harley-davidson a few years ago i had both it was kind of the best of both worlds i would have indian days i would have harley days now 90 of the time i was riding my indian so i ended up selling my harley and for the last uh more than two years i’ve been exclusively an indian writer so i had a plan my plan was in april i have a big birthday coming up

In april my plan was to pay off the roadmaster and then buy a harley and have both but a few months ago i saw this indian chief vintage for sale and i couldn’t help myself i i pulled the trigger on it because it’s an absolutely gorgeous bike runs great very very comfortable so i know i’m going to have some some sellers remorse the first indian venture vintage

I had when i sold it i had more sellers remorse than any other motorcycle i had ever ever sold and i’ve had i think 19 since i was 10 years old 19 motorcycles but overall i feel good about the decision we’ll have to wait and see or i’ll have to wait and see if i just wait a while before i buy something else or if i go ahead and you know in the near future by

Harley davidson so you’ll have to stay tuned to the channel and see i don’t know if you can see my my breath is pretty cold out here i think it’s below 30 degrees this morning and the buyer is on the way he’ll be here in in just a little while but again stay tuned to my channel and you’ll see if i buy anything in the in the near future well my buyer arrived from

San antonio and he is loading up the beautiful vintage we closed the deal and i know he’s going to be a proud owner the bike’s going to a good home it is an absolutely gorgeous bike i’m sure i’ll have some sellers remorse but again i know it’s going to a good home oh yes so why why did you choose the indian brand style style exactly what about the vintage

This particular model it’s unique unique yeah same thing the style the colors beautiful color yeah it’s gorgeous it is what else what can i say but you already have a gilroy california indian so now you’ve got another one to add to your collection yes i’m a indian guy now yeah i like it i mean it’s a it’s a it’s a pretty good bike yeah they’re they’re great

Bikes the style performance the features the comfort you can ride all day long on one well we closed the deal on my indian chief vintage so i’m back down to just the one indian roadmaster but this is my favorite motorcycle of all time so if i’m smart the money i got from my vintage i’ll just put it back in savings and wait until i have to replace my roadmaster

I’m hoping another eight years out of my roadmaster i’ve got two years out of it now i’ve got 35 000 miles eight more years i would have had it 10 years put me at about 170 000 miles if i get that kind of miles out of the motor we’ll see of course you never know again i may just keep my roadmaster and go back and and add a harley davis under the lineup and and have

Both again but overall i feel good about my decision to sell my vintage i’m sure i’ll have some sellers remorse i did when i sold my last vintage but overall i feel good about the decision and i think the bike went to a good owner all right samantha what’s the message you have be sure to like this video and subscribe and comment

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Why Did I Sell My Gorgeous Indian Chief Vintage? By Marty Boddie