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Why You Should Buy An Indian Motorcycle Not a Harley

Hello audience! Here’s a short video on why I bought an Indian and not a Harley. Hope this helps y’all decide which motorcycle to buy!

Oh well hello ladies and gentlemen today we’ll be talking about why i bought an indian and not a harley when i make that statement some people think i don’t like harley and that’s not entirely true a lot of the older models actually like and one or two of the newer ones including the new or fat bob i really like how that looks but the first reason i

Bought an indian and not a harley is because i didn’t want something that was named brand or cliche or just like a brand name that everybody had if you think of a cruiser motorcycle off the top of your head i’m sure you think of a harley now there’s nothing wrong with that but i wanted something that not everybody else had so that’s why i got an indian and

As an example of that statement um i can tell you almost anywhere i go gas stations parking lots anytime i’m either off my bike or on my bike i’m really getting someone coming up to me saying hey that’s a nice bike or where did you get that at or um how’s it stack up compared to a harley this bike brings up conversations that normal cruiser bikes like a harley

Probably won’t bring up the second reason i bought an indian and not a harley is because of the heritage not only are indians two years older when they were created this was made in 1901 not this bike but indians were made in 1901 and then harley’s came around in 1903 i believe but the history over all of indian um to shorten it down it’s let’s just say more

Honorable than harley i’m gonna make a video on indian versus harley and the history of the two um kind of going into detail the difference between the two how their rivals back in the old days and how they were now but suffice for now i like the heritage of indians a little more than harley’s now the third reason i bond india not a harley is manufacturing

Manufacturing is very important to me even before indian was owned by polaris they were still made in iowa and most of their parts now are still made there even after coming under ownership of polaris the other parts are still made in minnesota and south dakota because that is where polaris’s main plants are made harley it’s a little different harley is kind

Of like iphone on the back it says designed in california or assembled in the usa but most of the main components are indeed made by drill biden’s daddy china the fourth and final reason i bought indian versus harley is performance now no one wants to buy a slow bike or an underperforming bike which is why i bought indian now in each category you have your

Regular cruisers you have your baggers even some of the more sporty models indians engines always outperform harley engines now this isn’t because oh harley has pushed raw engines so do a lot of indian motors the main bagger bikes and the newer coming out the 2020 to indian chief is a push rod 116 cubic inch motor however the technology and indians is always

Progressing whereas harley seemed to always stay in the past which is weird because now they have an electric bike which is totally against what harley stands for so all in all brand name and everything aside that is why i went with the indian motorcycle thank you for watching please subscribe i have more videos coming up um like i said i do want to go into

Depth of the indian and the harley history uh the differences between the two and how they were built up and once again why i bought an indian and not a harley thanks for watching guess who’s back back again nathan’s back tell your friends guess who’s back

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Why You Should Buy An Indian Motorcycle (Not a Harley) By Nathan Rokusekā„¢