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1999 Kawasaki Vulcan 750 | Ride and review | ACE Cafe Bikes

In this mvlog video we chat about the 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan 750 that we hunted and found for my brother-in-law Jon. It is in very nice condition and will suit him well as he gets back into riding motorcycles.

All right here we go that a girl there you go ready set do we dare go that way wow that felt great all right guys welcome back it’s mike with ace cafe bikes and tonight we’re on a completely different animal i alluded to this earlier last week i think i did on thursday or wednesday or thursday headless mysterious post on instagram something new coming

On saturday well saturday came and i wasn’t prepared um this bike was ready to go i just had an extremely busy week last week and i just didn’t have a chance to get out and ride this and it’s something i really wanted to do um i got a couple of things to explain here this last month has just been whirlwind of you know i’ve had some success with facebook and

I have had some losers with facebook but there’s so many people right now that are trying to get rid of their bikes before winter and i’ve gotta restrain myself i can’t do it anymore i’m done because there’s so many deals happening that you just feel like oh i missed it or i can’t let that one go i’ve got too many in the garage i gotta get rid of them but

Thankfully i’ve had some extreme success this late in the season unloading them you know they get them and boom boom they’re gone so here’s the story of this this guy here and i’m just going to be driving around my neighborhood that’s extremely windy today and i just want to be able to have you guys hear this without having to also be riddled with the wind

Noise hopefully it’s still hopefully it’s not bad even going this speed all right so the v-star i’ve been looking for a bike for my brother-in-law john for a long time because i’m actually building the gl500 for his wife my sister and she’s convinced him so this this family is completely opposite of every other family it’s so fun she’s convinced him that if

He gets a bike well when she when she gets her bike he also needs to get a bike so that they can go ride together what what did you when you ever hear the wife saying hey you need to get a bike you need to get a bike oh my gosh it’s so fun sorry honey i’m not picking on you i’m really not but if you had a bike you could go on rides together too all right so

Anyway john is a big guy and i mean big he’s tall he’s a tall guy and he’s got arms like my legs so he’s he’s a big big guy we got the b star and um and immediately he thought oh that’s too small it’s only a 650. that’s too small well he sat on it felt comfortable but it just you could see it in his eye trying to be polite it just wasn’t his wasn’t his deal

Like that’s all right and then since i really didn’t ever get one clear direction at least maybe i did maybe i didn’t i don’t know i ended up selling it and i texted him hey buddy uh either you’re gonna be really really pissed or you’re really really happy because i sold the v-star today and then he was okay he’s like no problem so then a couple weeks go by and

I find find this guy and this is a similar story to almost every thing that i’ve found here in this last little bit just it’s just in the way yeah it ran well when i parked it i don’t know what you’re going to get into but it’s in my way get it out of here so i went and looked at it made the guy an offer it’s a really nice bike he already had it appropriately

Priced so we didn’t beat him up too bad and now it’s ours it’s a bit dirty because i sat outside it’s pretty funny how how well just you know a couple hours of just washing getting all those nooks and crannies the best you can how much things come back to life you know it’s it’s really kind of cool but one thing about this bike at least for john is it’s a 750.

He still might think it’s a little bit small but it is got plenty of juice well that’s not a good representation we’ll do this we’ll do a good rip it when we’re done with this little chat but she’s got lots of power i mean plenty and the fun thing is it’s so light and easy to maneuver and he’s he knows how to ride a motorcycle he knows the basics and he’s not dumb

He just hasn’t done it for a long time and he wants to get back into it but he wants to do it comfortably you know it’s very smart about this even though he wants that big raw power give me all the juice i want a rock you know yeah but before you rock dude you gotta learn how to play right and this is the perfect bike to learn how to play on i mean if you think

About it there’s a lot of stuff going on when you’re riding a motorcycle you got stuff going on with your feet you got stuff going on with your hands you always got stuff going on in front of your face i mean it’s just a lot going on until you get comfortable with that you don’t have to worry about ripping the wrist a little bit too hard i’m gonna try to go

Down this road hopefully the wind’s coming from behind me so hopefully it won’t be too bad but back to the guy that we bought this from we’re gonna cut to some footage here and as we watch this i’m gonna talk over myself talking just a tiny bit it is this guy’s name is bill and one of the great things about at least what i like i really enjoy people and i like

To interact with them i like to hear their stories because everybody has got a story all you got to do is ask a couple of questions to trigger that story to come out and listen and how hard is that you know especially with old people they’re they’re dying to tell their stories you know they just want to you know let look at look at how smooth this thing is this

Is perfect these these things are need to get tightened up so don’t think that’s the wobble it’s not wobbling it’s nice and sweet bill the main reason why he wanted to get this gone because it’s in his way he’s got a really smallish garage in that garage he’s got a model a that he’s doing you know he’s more in the cars than he is in the bikes he’s like get it

Gone so we’re the perfect avenue picked it up cleaned it up had it for a week now it’s out of my garage and into someone else’s garage and this is great you know but yeah let’s take a look at look at let’s take a look at bill’s model a what he’s got going on and when we come back from that i’ll remind you one thing he said if he didn’t catch it here you go

Take it away bill well tell us about this project you got over here it’s a 1929 model a roadster it wasn’t originally a roaster it was uh oh i don’t know what to call them but anyway i got it for a project and i guess i’m just kind of finishing up for the guy who started it it runs it’s um i’m going to make a very direct hot rod and i’ve got 51 um pontiac tail

Lights for it i got old bullet headlights for it i’m going to get a stew breaker i’m looking for student maker uh turn signals for the front nice you know the rocket ship uh-huh they’re made like a rocket shop yeah that’d be pretty cool you know great big round headlights in the front then too the top i was looking and i was looking for a top for it well they had

Some guy had a 96 soft top for sale yeah and i thought well geez that looks like it’d be pretty close to the to fit it and it did i mean it does so i’m in the process of doing that but i rebuilt it all up from the frame frame up i’ve rebuilt it that looks super driver’s door they had 51 bullet holes no way this one had two but one of them had went through from

The driver’s door but then i i put new skins on both doors that’s awesome yeah this is where you were when i walked in on you you crawled in there yeah i chopped it down three inches and lower down this hair three inches um because of the rust on the bottom i just cut it out instead of putting new and it makes it look good and i’ll end up putting some lowering

Springs on it it’s really cool so did you catch it 51 bullet holes in the driver’s side door when they told me that i’m like whoa was this bonnie and clyde’s car he’s like oh no no no i think he goes i think they had this in the woods somewhere and they just shot at it oh that’s funny and crap yeah that guy’s a character oh bill hope you watch this bill and if

You if you watch this build leave a comment down there give us some more of those details about that model a that’s fantastic great job love it all right so back to the bike i got one thing that i’m gonna need some assistance with now how if i i’m gonna cut to some other footage of this running cold this has got a really annoying more than anything tick

When it’s cold but once it gets warmed up it’s completely gone and and it just runs absolutely beautifully but when you start this up cold it’s got and what i’ve equated that to is it’s got automatic cam tensioner that probably is it’s failing at some point listening for the click oh my god this wind turn around because this is important because i’m trying to

Get some help here we go look at this what do you think of that slow all right we’ll go slow all right so automatic cam tensioner his in his video he made it perfectly clear that yeah this is how it works you unscrew the bolt and it’s going to snap back here’s the click okay he also went through the other method of doing the it’s got two mount bolts and it’s got

A top bolt the top bolt there’s a slide the two mount bolts obviously mount it so you can also and then do the slot the sides kind of pry a little screwdriver in there and push it back it’ll also do the click okay once you hear the click tighten everything back down presto done but make sure he said this like 12 times make sure that you have that cylinder top dead

Center then he goes through the steps on how to make sure that it’s in top dead center but this is on a four wheeler okay so i haven’t found a video for an explanation i found a manual for this bike but no mention of course the cam tensioner but so that’s my question to you guys as we do another loop around how if anyone knows a 1999 kawasaki 750 automatic cam

Tensioner without replacing it into a manual cam tensioner how to repair that tick because i think there’s nothing wrong with this bike except for that and i don’t want that to be the end of this bike i mean i think it’s just you know cold when the oil gets warmed up it goes away i mean it’s beautiful it’s super fun all right we’re gonna wrap this up guys if

You know how or know what’s wrong with that please let me know leave the comments below reach out to me um i got an email i’ll leave in the description we’re gonna come down this guy’s driveway we’re gonna head back away from the wind and just let this thing rip and john you’re gonna love this bike we might have to double dude at once just so you can feel the

Power i don’t know double dude here we go liner up and there’s all the gears what did we get 85 i wasn’t watching plenty of juice buddy you’re gonna love it with that guys have a great week we’ll see you next week that’s mike with ace cafe bikes please consider subscribing leave a comment leave a like we’ll see you next time have a good one we go you

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