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2000 Kawasaki ZX6 project shakedown ride. Is this bike on the road to recovery? Check it out!

We have been going over this 2000 Ninja ZX6r for the past few weeks trying our best to make it a great runner again. See what Matt has done and what is next on the list to make this nostalgic street bike a solid runner again. Parts are ordered and we are ready to rise to the challenge.

All righty guys we are going to go ride the zx6 here now i’ve just had this thing running making sure that the cooling system is working no big spikes in temperature after all it has been sitting for a while so i just want to make sure that all that’s kind of working you know stationary as best it can so i don’t run into any weird issues when i’m out there

Riding the bike so so far so good i don’t see any leaks or puddles anything underneath the bike idle seems to be pretty smooth takes throttle nice and easy i got the dog food everywhere on the ground out here just been spitting it out so she looks ready to go we’re just gonna go take it down the street and mainly my main concerns is that it shifts gears the

Clutch works like it should and that there’s no real hiccups when accelerating decelerating you know make sure the brakes are working and nothing is broken there so as long as all that’s functioning and then we can go and put the bike together and actually make it ready for sale so all the work we’ve done so far kind of culminates to this point here and we’re

Gonna find out if it was all worth the time and energy or if we’re gonna have to do a bunch more work to the bike but everything looks good on it everything is checking out okay so far it goes into gear nice clutch isn’t stuck it accelerates nicely i tell you i like these 600s it’s not a wonder that they sold as well as they did these things are nice smooth

Comfortable bikes they just they just ride so nice so all the gears work they all engage into each gear temperature dropped back down 167 degrees so at least the radiator is working and she seems to run good nice and smooth when i get down here to the turnaround spot then we’ll turn around and we’ll give it a little bit of throttle make sure the clutch doesn’t

Slip but it probably looks goofy these mirrors are going to be going away we’re going to be putting stock mirrors back on we have a windshield on order all the little odds and ends that you see are missing all that stuff’s going to be addressed it’s just we don’t want to buy any more stuff than we have to and come to find out that something’s broken or the

Engine doesn’t work or it’s making a weird noise which i’m not getting any of that right now so this thing’s running this thing’s running good so i definitely think the front brakes are going to need rebuilt or a new master cylinder i should say because they they just lose pressure you got to constantly pump them up aside from that though everything else is

Working like it should well it was also important that i had to get lunch as well so starts right back up nice idle smooth so far i mean nothing nothing crazy it’s just a little bit of uh tlc at this point gotta do some turn signal wiring turn signal install fix this break but uh this thing feels good now we’ll go take it for a little bit of a rev out

For a second gear those are typically the problem areas with these bikes anyway so we’ll just make sure that those work spun the tire there a little bit no one probably left a black stain on the on the road revs out just like it should thing runs good i think this uh this bad boy here is ready to be uh fixed up that’s for sure that was surprising i did not

Expect that thing to spin the back tire like that but it was kind of cool and it just stayed in second it didn’t slip that’s what i thought it was at first until i felt the back end start to wiggle but uh no she’s a solid little bike there i’m always impressed with these these older 600s they just they just run really good and they’re comfortable you know

They’re a bigger bike they’re not small like the new 600s so this will make a great bike for somebody either a beginner or you know somebody that’s just looking for that nostalgia and once that old that’s maybe their first bike or maybe they just want to add another bike to their collection but this thing’s going to make a great bike for somebody front brakes

Definitely if you can see i’ve got barely doing anything gotta pump them up quite a bit just to get them to react so sounds good i just have to make sure the fan comes on and uh i’ll recheck the charging system make sure that all still working like it should but test ride complete looks like we can start putting this bad boy back together and headed on hand

It on over to josh so he can detail her up sweet remember to hit like and subscribe and dig that notification bell for updated content thank you

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2000 Kawasaki ZX6 project shakedown ride. Is this bike on the road to recovery? Check it out! By CycleHunters