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2009 Kawasaki Ninja Zx6r 599 adrenaline therapy

Some might agree that 2 wheel life is therapy for the soul. Taking a look at my 2009 Kawasaki Ninja Zx6r including some specs, throttle time, and a quick walk-around of the bike.

Hey guys welcome to my channel my name is josh rizzo and if you’re an outdoor enthusiast such as myself you’re in the right place when it comes to choosing a therapeutic escape from the rat race for me my kawasaki is definitely in that top five in today’s video we’ll be taking a close look at my 2009 kawasaki ninja zx-6r including some specs of the bike without

Further ado let’s go check out the ninja me foreign hmm so all right guys let’s do a quick walk around of the kawasaki we’ll start at the front and make our way back to the rear alright so here we have our fully adjustable front suspension with moto gp technology the front forks are also adjustable here we got our radial brakes with wavy discs and

I’m rocking pirelli 2 tires moving up to the clutch here we just have our standard slipper clutch i’ve had no complaints with it whatsoever i had to make a minor adjustment a while back and it’s been great you may have to make an adjustment you may not here we have our lap button so if we work our way up to the digital cluster as you can see they incorporated

A lap time in the clock pretty cool right if we hit our mode button that will show you the odometer reading one more time we’ll show you the trip and it does have a gear indicator and here we have our steering stabilizer and about the gas tank really quick the original owner of the bike crashed on this side this whole side of the gas tank was dented in so i took

It into a shop they bonded it it started bubbling so i ended up ordering ordering this off of ebay and i actually bought this faring kit after mark it off before getting the fuel tank and i just got really lucky i didn’t have to paint it it almost matches up perfectly and just like the front suspension the rear suspension in there is fully adjustable

Backing up and we have our two brothers black series slip-on exhaust this thing is very loud and it sounds amazing the original owner like i said crashed in other than the scratches on it i can’t seem to find a reason to replace it all right guys well that pretty much wraps it up um if you are on the market for a used bike keep your eye out on craigslist and

Facebook marketplace whatever you have access to i got this bike for 4 200 bucks with less than 7 000 miles on it so if you’re patient enough and you keep your eye out you can definitely score a good bike for relatively cheap but anyways guys thank you for watching i do appreciate the support and i’ll see you next time

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2009 Kawasaki Ninja Zx6r 599 (adrenaline therapy) By Josh Rizzo