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2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Review | First Ride

Kawasaki updates its Ninja ZX-6R supersport for 2019 and Motorcyclist magazine is on the job testing it during the official US press introduction in Las Vegas. During the event, we test rode Team Green’s updated sportbike on curvy mountain roads near Mount Charleston, followed by a day spinning laps at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway circuit. Find out what changes Kawasaki made for 2019 and how they performed in this First Ride Review video.

Hey guys we just got done riding kawasaki he’s new 2019 ninja zx6r been a while since we’ve talked about the ninja and after a six-year run they finally bestowed it with a series of updates it was great to get reactivated with this middleweight super sport it’s actually a really really nice street bike for someone who’s looking for a sport bike riding experience

But still have some level of comfort and and good performance the updates kawasaki did for 2019 you know the stylings new the upper fairings new it’s got twin leds and led tail light just looks a lot more sleeker you know it’s still powered by the same 636 cc long-stroke inline four-cylinder engine as it as the previous bike but that’s okay the engine works really

Good on the street the extra a little bit of engine stroke and displacement really gives it a little bit more boost when you’re riding around town you know these 600 cc bikes get a bad rap for being you know all balls all top end all high revving but this thing actually has two mid-range you know you can lug it as low as seven eight thousand rpm and it’ll pull off

The corners really well and that just makes a bike that’s a little bit more easy to ride you don’t always have to be shipping the gears to make sure it’s in the sweet spot of the power band kawasaki did make a couple tweaks though in the women’s department number one it’s got a electronic quick shifter now so when you’re going through the six-speed gearbox you don’t

Have to use the clutch you just pull gas up shift up shift up shift it would have been nice if if kawasaki would have integrated auto blip downshift on it but it’s nice that at least it has it on the up shift another small but important change is the switch to a smaller front counter shaft sprocket and what that does is it just lowers the final drive gear ratio so

The bikes got more pet it accelerates a lot quicker out of the hole but to be fair you know it’s only carrying around 6,200 rpms in top gear at 65 miles per hour so we’re not gonna knock it the engine smooth doesn’t have a lot of vibration sounds cool great powerplant in this ninja zx6r chassis again you know when kawasaki changed the the bike around in 2013 they

Went to a little bit more conservative more squishy street oriented setup and this bike that’s where it really performs best like it really floats down the road really well it doesn’t have the crazy crazy extreme damping and road-holding of some of the other bikes in the class but that’s not a bad thing you know the things a very very nimble motorcycle it tracks

Over the bumps real well it delivers you a really comfortable ride on the street ergonomics were tweaked a little bit the sheep’s a little bit shorter a little bit straighter shot at the street junction for your legs i’m 6 foot tall so you know i’m a tall guy so i can always put both my feet on the ground when i’m riding these bikes but if you’re a shorter person

You’ll probably like that change the thing i didn’t like though is how the seats actually a little bit shorter from front to back i’m a tall guy so i can put back in the saddle a little bit and it was a little bit less room for me to move in the cockpit but still not bad i also really liked the bridgestone battle-ax s22 tires i’m a big fan of birch don’t street

Rubber and these s 22s are just better than that’s 21s a little bit more grip a little bit more feel they worked really good on the road today this wrapped-up testing the 2019 kawasaki ninja zx6r here at las vegas motor speedway here at the circuit it’s actually got a pretty good amount of power i think this thing’s making probably 115 horsepower at the back tire

She’s not gonna like the world on fire in terms of acceleration but if you’re looking for a bike that’s just really easy to ride it’s not gonna run away from you i think this ninja six three six wheels will be a good sweet spot traction trawl is on it again you know it’d be nice if kawasaki would give that track control system a little bit of love at six years old

Now they’re one of the first brands to offer tc on a middleweight super sport but the story is it’s a little bit old in terms of architecture a more updated system would be nice we were riding on bridgestone’s high grip fat lacks our 11 race tires today so honestly i spend most so they have attractive roll-off just because the tires have so much grip and the engine

Doesn’t only have the power really to mash that tire down and make it spin suspension you know it’s a little bit squishy for track use but it still gets the job done you know riding this bike around the circuit like this it’s almost like riding a cadillac you know it just floats down the road it delivers real nice wide waldi it doesn’t have that crazy crazy racing

Like damping that crazy road feel that that’s some other motorcycles have in the class but it still gets the job done there’s a lot of adjustment and suspension you can really tailor it to your needs but overall fearless looking for a real high-performance motorcycle that you can just take to the track and wail on and have a lot of fun and ride in the street and

Look cool and have that led lighting and have a bike that’s not going to break the bank i mean this thing’s only ten thousand dollars it’s pretty affordable especially in the realm of 600cc super sports but if that’s the kind of bike you’re looking for you’re gonna be pretty happy with this kawasaki ninja well there you have it guys thanks for tuning in and watching

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2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Review | First Ride By Motorcyclist Magazine