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2020 Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX Ride Review Preview

Roadracing World Editor At Large Michael Gougis gives a preview of his riding review of the 2020 Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX sport touring motorcycle. Read the full review in an upcoming issue of Roadracing World & Motorcycle Technology.

All right it’s michael gorgeous i’m with road racing world magazine and i’m out here on the new kawasaki ninja 1000 sx and i’m out the west rim of the grand canyon i’ve ridden out here from la with a stopover in vegas so kind of taking it easy on the trip you know not putting too many miles in at once but putting in a lot of miles this bike is a great bike for putting

In some miles it’s a little bit larger a little bit roomier than your basic super sport bike the clip ons are higher they’re above the triple clamps and the pegs are a little bit lower and a little bit further forward and it’s a little bit heavier than your typical super sport bike the we weighed it at the certified road racing world scales and it weighs exactly five

Hundred and forty pounds with the saddlebags on and a completely full tank hey what it does do is eat up miles it eats miles in comfort and style and speed kawasaki’s thrown a lot of sophisticated electronics at this bike you have clutchless upshifting clutchless downshifting you have a slipper assist i’m sorry a slipper assisted i can do this clutch which makes

Using the clutch when you do need to use it really really easy it also has cruise control which is limited at 85 miles an hour i suppose i understand just letting it sit on cruise control the brakes are abs the things got traction control it’s got a lean angle indicator on the dashboard which i’m desperately trying not to abuse the bike is a lot of fun to cover

Miles the wind protection is really amazing i have the adjustable windscreen on its lowest level because i like the wind blast to hit me right about here in the chest and you don’t we realize how much protection you’re getting until i pick up my hand to wave to somebody else and it feels like my arms gonna be blown off you know you have a lot of wind protection

That allows you to cover ground comfortably at speeds that are you know right at the top of what’s legal in the united states the motor is fantastic you the irony about the automated shifting is that you don’t wind up doing a whole heck of a lot of shifting because the bike doesn’t really need we had on the dyno at am racing performance in glendora california and

121 horsepower is pretty cool but the 72 foot pounds of torque on an almost flat torque curve is really impressive it’s twist the throttle and stuff starts to happen and fast and the really funny thing okay great so it’s a missile in a straight line you know lots of bikes do that i’ve got to tell you the ride up to this particular point at the west rim of the grand

Canyon includes some really really nice roads big open sweepers and the bike flicks easily once you add some compression damping actually sorry it had some damping to the rear shock and bump up the preload to stiffen it up back there a bit it’s nice and stable mid corner and i had a lot more fun in those turns than i thought you would on a big touring bike it was

Kind of funny i would get to the point where i’m like starting to do little things a little weird and i looked out the speedo and go oh that’s why it’s starting to act just a little weird so in summary in summary this bike is a really good bike to cover ground on it eats miles in comfort and style and speed it has a lot of electronic assists allow you to keep

Riding the bike but just make it easier to do the things that you want to do as a rider when the road throws some twisties at you it’s still a lot of fun and it’s remarkably reasonably priced i’m michael googe’s racing thank you

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2020 Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX Ride Review Preview By Roadracing World \u0026 Motorcycle Technology