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2022 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R | A Good Commuter Bike?

2022 Kawasaki ninja Zx10r commuter bike

What is up youtube this is golden state rider i’m here back with another video and actually on today’s video i want to go over the topic of if the 22 zx-10r or any other zx10r for from any generation it’s a good commuter bike so without a further ado let’s jump in the topic and then we’ll talk about that so if you are new to the channel or make sure you hit the

Subscribe button hit that bell icon so every time i post a new video you will be notified also if you’re a subscriber make sure you hit the bell icon so you will be notified when the new content uploaded so basically on today’s topic i want to go over the topic of if the 22 zx-10r it’s a good commuter bike today it’s like the tuesday it’s a little bit hotter here

In north california so right now it’s like eight in the morning and the weather is around i think right now it’s like 60 or something like 61 62 so it’s like it’s been 30s and 20s all week long so today it’s a little bit cooler but i decided to go to work and thought about like posting a video of if this bike is a good commuter bike let’s get to the safe lane

Then we’ll talk from there when you say commuter bike it’s basically when you have to travel on your bike all the time and you’re only um transportation or the only vehicle that you have to get to work or to places it’s your motorcycle and it happened to be one of these zxnr’s the zx10r mainly all generations like let’s say anywhere after 2010 until today all

The zx10rs mainly are track oriented bikes so the way they build them and all that they are track oriented with that being said yes they sell them legally like they are strictly gold and all that but with a little bit of modification let’s say with a few modifications that bike can’t turn into a moto gp bike completely i mean not moto gp but like motor america

I would say because if you notice on the newer zx10r which is like the new generation versus gen 6 if like the buttons also are mainly like a track oriented like let’s say if you compare this to a 600 because i used to have a newer zx 6rs like the buttons and all of that are mainly for track i mean these are street legal however if you change them to those like a

Colorful ones i don’t know the exact name of them i’ll post a picture of it over here so you know what i’m talking about the buttons are also mainly track oriented but can you write it in street and illegal yes you can and as far as the commuter bike goes yeah i would say yes i know it’s a good commuter bike because it has enough power to get you to the point a

From a point a to point b and also the newer zx and r it has the cruise control so of course when the cruise control comes on the bike that means you can have a little bit of cruising too so let’s say if i have my cruise control set right now which is said right now i can’t talk like this i don’t recommend doing that but you see my hands are free the bike rolls

On its own so i can rest my throttle like the hand that i’m controlling the throttle and i can rest both like this just in case i’m going for a long run so the newer bikes they made them as a commuter bike as well as touring as well as sport and all of that me personally i wouldn’t uh use this bike as a commuter bike and the reason is because uh if you have such

A bike night like this you wouldn’t want to put the commuter mileage on here um i mean i i’m i’m going to buy another bike because um also when i go to my bike nights and all that um i really don’t want to use this bike because unless i’m going to the bike nights that are like we’re going to race then yeah i can like go fast and hold up like do a few pulls but

Um for regular ride around the town or commuting to work sometimes and all that i want to get another bike which is like a i’m thinking of getting a honda rebel or like a uh the fz07 or mts one of the perks of having this bike because this bike it’s kind of um a heavier bike than normal and the way the fairings and that gas tank and all that’s been designed so you

Can tuck underneath and then you can basically be hidden behind the uh the fairing and gas tank so i would say it’s 50 50. it’s personal that if you want to use it as a commuter bike or not but like as far as the position of the seating because you’re always like you all like if you’re doing freeway runs you’re pretty much tucked in underneath for the most part

And then um because the seating position it’s not as comfortable as a cruiser or like an upright bike so in the long run it might give you a lot of problems but there are actually a lot of people out there who are happy with like uh their sport bike and they use it as a commuter bike so yeah like um having like a bigger bike like a 600 or like a liter bike um so

You don’t have to like basically um river hello hi let’s say when you have a smaller cc or engine bike let’s say a ninja 400 or 300 if you want to like keep up with the freeway speed then you would have to you would have to rev it kind of high in order to uh get to freeway speed like what i’m saying let’s say you’re cruising with sixth gear then your rpm is

Around like nine or ten that’s bad for the bike so let’s say uh i’m gonna get closer to this let me finish this turn i’m gonna show what i’m talking about so do you see this little thing under writer economy poor channel so that that’ll saves you more gas and you see when i have like i can cruise at 75 miles an hour and i can just like go just fine like i

Don’t have to like tuck in or anything because the bike is heavy enough so it get me you know still it all keeps me stable so i don’t have to these are the things that i was gonna talk about and um overall having sport bike it’s a good commuter bike only if you’re commuting to work for fun once twice a week not all the time because over time it’ll be exhausting

And you don’t want to do that so these are my thoughts of having this bike as a cruiser as a commuter as a commuter bike all right guys so pretty much this is it for today thank you for tuning into the channel thank you for watching this video and again if you’re new to the channel make sure to subscribe to the channel and if you are already subscriber hit the

Bell icon so every time i post a new video you will be notified also drop a like dislike and until

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2022 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R | A Good Commuter Bike? 🤔  By Golden State Rider