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An Ugly Motorcycle..? | Kawasaki Vulcan S MOTOVLOG

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If there’s one thing my town seems to be doing really well recently is creating bloody god-awful looking buildings but that’s a red light i’ve only just started the camera come on christ almighty right we’ve got a bloody great big mirror over there this is going to be a five-star hotel going up and oh boy look it’s going to be a giant mirror and

Then i forget where i am now yeah over that side we’ve got a building which has basically got metal plates on it i’m not indicating whoops um yeah and the metal plates they rust so not only does that make the building look god awful this horrible rusty orangey oxidized sort of brown color but also makes a mess on the bloody floor as well i seriously doubt people

Think when they you know oh flash of lightning like it i hope we get the audio on that yeah so i’ve heard a slight bang that’s all right i’m going to grab myself a coffee real quick and probably a sweet treat because let’s face it i need it we i have right away you don’t just making sure because i can’t trust you people nowadays and so yeah there’s a really

Old building around the other side that i’ll show you on my way out which has been here since my father moved to this town some good 30 years ago is it this one ah screw it as park here anyway unfortunately around this side or something they don’t have anywhere to put your bike under a shelter and before you ask that is a probably passageway not a bike shed

All right cool back in a moment so due to the heavy rain and the weather being rained for 20 20 minutes sunshine for five rain for ten minutes sunshine for ten you know it’s completely random what it’s doing today so i thought i’ll just have a quick jaunt around the town centre uh i’m not gonna risk going out into the countryside or anything like that because

A with the rain being as it is that’s not only a holy crap i’m wet moment but it’s also one of those you know potential for sliding and that kind of stuff i’m not up for that if it was just raining then at least i could say right i’ll stay at home but uh but i’ve done what i need to do at the city center i’ve sent a package to a friend so hooray huzzah now i

Kind of want to start this as well i say start i’ll probably buy a couple minutes in by now by apologizing because well when i got jelly bean back the first video i did was like oh hey here’s jelly bean she’s all nice and clean and shiny and tidy anyway i’m going to the lake i i didn’t do any time lapses or any like i just completely forgot it’s one of those

Things where something that should be quite obvious just slips your mind so you’ve just got your bike back mate you should be celebrating that fact with the video your video should encompass your um your emotions your feelings the nostalgia of whatever it is you want to say you’ve got your bite back be happy my mind was elsewhere so sorry sorry when the weather

Decides what it wants to do because you can see hello hello blue sky rain over there rain over there this is practically going to be everything that is today so i’m just getting out when i can when the weather sorts itself out then yeah i’ll get some nice time lapses pictures of that kind of stuff hooray hurrah right this chaps doing something i think but yeah

Back briefly to what i was starting with the video off with um yeah we’ve got some really ugly buildings this one is coming down and it’s really heartbreaking in a sense to see it come down but at the same time it’s kind of nice because this thing needs to be gone it needs to be updated anyone coming nope fantastic right and then with that horrible horrible metal

I mean look at the state of that thank you very much premiering whoever designed this crap because even with the rain hitting as well i am keeping my eyes on the road by the way you can see like oh it just looks horrible absolutely horrible these ones here these are relatively new at least they got a bit of color to them but look at this the white it’s not going

To stay white forever there’s already a bloody great big crack in the wall up there so i can throw this back to motorcycling again can’t i yes i can because i’m brilliant like that is there a bike or has there been an upgrade to a bike but the next edition comes out and they’ve changed the bodywork slightly that you know that it just looks god-awful absolutely

God-awful i know um some fans of the the kawasaki h2 excuse you uh they didn’t like the new additions of some of the bodywork looks too futuristic too pointy too aggressive i don’t know just whatever it is personally i don’t think there is a single bike out there which i look at and say that is disgusting but i could be wrong i could be wrong right this time

There is no car in front of me to jump the red light hooray we’re back here again ah but yeah i mean i know people like chrome on their bikes that’s fine but chrome just makes it a giant mirror like this building is going to be like our art gallery whatever that box is over there the lights green sorry i remember to indicate this time so it’s all fine um yeah i

Just um you know when you have that sort of thought and ah come on you look at something and think that is gonna be an absolute disaster i’m pretty happy i’ve not seen so far any motorcycle things like that however harley davidson did decide was it 2019 that we’re going to give a bunch of bikes to celebrities who can afford these bikes anyway um we’re going to get a

Couple of social media influences in they don’t get to keep the bikes they just get to ride them for a while they’re going to promote our bikes and then we’ll take them away afterwards that’s that’s completely fine isn’t it that is absolutely fine wow harley-davidson you know pick your freaking shoes up will you see this ain’t so bad it’s none of this looks rusted

The but all strong words by red now strong words strong words all seriousness now i think there is genuine conversation to be had there because of the way things are going at the moment um all these narratives being forced hello disney um you know the way that people are trying to advertise stuff and it’s so obviously um how can i put it you know when something

Is so marketed it just comes off as like corporate slob it’s like an absolute mess i feel the same with music that’s in a lot of these adverts you just get this simple little jingle in the background and it there’s nothing to it i think it’s only a matter of time before someone else pulls a harley davidson or um someone else try something which rubs people the

Wrong way i don’t want it to happen i would like motorcycles to stay as motorcycles you know if you want to ride it you do if you don’t you don’t it’s part of the reason i don’t like the idea of having advertisements on my youtube channel as well is because the amount of times i click on videos oh hey here’s an advertisement for tick tock or his cryptocurrency

Or gambling website gambling website gambling it’s just the same thing i’m not interested no matter how many times i tell youtube or google this i do not care about gambling websites or tick tock in fact you know what hide this advert it’s repetitive hide this advert is inappropriate i’ll still get them of course i’ll still get them because someone’s paying for

Me to see it oh but i don’t know maybe you’ve seen a motorcycle advert out there in a magazine on a website if it’s on a website please do send it my way i will be interested to see that and yeah like i said if you do see any like very very questionable advertisements out there especially motorcycle related or even motorcycle gear related that’d be interesting

Uh yeah please do uh pop it down below in the comments send it my way and whatnot and it’d be interesting discussion really if there is one to be had so tar for now i’m going to take a quick look at the water and also here’s some uh here’s some video as well of the local wildlife enjoy hmm please um uh hello you

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An Ugly Motorcycle..? | Kawasaki Vulcan S MOTOVLOG By Uncle Red