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GoodDay to my YouTube Family,

First good morning live from live from the stay last night was kind of horrible things that we got the current went off close to 1 30 in the night surprisingly the rest all is good i am also done with the packaging and his bike is over there yeah is all set i’ll have to like wrap the number below so that it doesn’t cause problem with the cops now he’s

Trapping up and he’s getting ready as well today’s destination will be basically from gopal poor two so now we are exiting the town beautiful kopalpur and yeah we had a lovely what you call evening in gopal and we have exited oh it’s running it’s running two cows are chasing us huh he wants to be inside the frame hello kopalpur so now again we are catching

The chennai kolkata highway so we’ll be taking a right and here we go back to the highway again pakistan first class because some say so here we are close to the chili lake it comes on the right so there was actually a plan like going through the ferry but the timing was a little odd i mean um their timing and our time couldn’t match up so either we’ll have

To like wake up early in the morning like around 4 30 and leave also it is like we’ll have to spend the other one out of hours standing here maybe in the next ride or somewhere else i’ll be taking the um fairy thing look at the beautiful lake the chilka lake over there damn this looks so pretty oh that is massive that is massive uh we just missed it entire

Thing is a lake massive no no this should be the largest inland water lake in the entire india exactly detouring skipping the traffic look at this view look at him we have rain geared up are there another couple of kilometers to go even he’s getting geared up we shall reach our next destination by around 1208 am i mean pm this is how you look when you

Don’t have a lubricant rupees 17 liters now it’s raining pretty much we are all geared up rain protected gears protected complete safety is on our body abhi we’ll have to maintain a decent discipline speed and yeah let’s have some good fun these clouds since yesterday they’re tempting me so once we have crossed bharampur the roads were smooth enough then

I guess it is ganjam it is from ganjam the road started becoming worse it’s not exactly worse actually there’s a construction going on for the i guess it should be for um three away three i mean three length three lane incoming and outgoing uh three and three lane but the present roads are katra absolutely they have mammoth speed breakers i have no issues with

My bike vishnu’s three i mean the ninja thousand is facing little difficulty maneuvering over these mammoth speed breakers so at this point of time i i think this should cost like another two years for them to construct because i am seeing it since five years we should take the right oh god this is the street we have exited the the ramp the highway and now we

Are gonna run through these um n16 bada pokemon something so we’ll have to continue in this till 82 kilometers okay update every 300 or 200 meters is a speed breaker like last two kilometers we have goes close to i don’t know 15 20 speed breakers and everyone is every speed worker is bloody sharp i’m just wondering what he’ll be doing data he has become

Dead slow uh we actually took our we took this road this google auntie also now let me see what vishnu says about this road how was the road fantastica speed breakers feedback that’s we’ll have to continue this road for another 34 kilometers and then take a left or not a pleasant ride to be very frank whatever so it is over this stretch it looks like more

Of a kerala kerala narrow roads monsoon green difficult to drive in concrete roads tire is actually losing a bit of traction although it’s getting kicked in but i’m not getting confident to drive like a little bit more speed welcoming you all to puri the holy place puri but we are going somewhere else we will be coming here like 46 kilometers from here

We’ll come back here again but at this point oh my god this is so nice i think we’ll have to take a left from here somewhere sata pada here we have bypass puri now from here we’ll be taking the left the kakapo road and neem pada um yeah so we have successfully done it let’s get moving there goes my bro this is the lovely puri konark high road pretty amazing

Smooth tarmac the views are really stunning i was expecting that uh road the marine drive road i am eager to i just got to see that so basically we got rain for the entire day and according to the forecast we’ll be having rain for the entire day this is the beach dream foreign foreign oh these are picture perfect moment i okay okay okay the land

Welcoming you all to kanak marine drive samir thanks to these kinds of machines who brings us here we must thank them first we need a hairdryer sorry so that part it is the konark sun temple this part it is the kona city at the hotel this is the otdc no problem safe though yes thank you

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