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First Ride 2017 Kawasaki KX250F – Motocross Action Magazine

For this First Ride we take a look at the all new 2017 Kawasaki KX250F. This bike features a list of new items including all new chassis, plastics, fork settings, engine, and more. To see the full write up head over to

What’s going on everyone derelict linear motocross action magazine we’re had here at the zack the station for the 2017 kawasaki kicks 250f introduction this bike is all new from the ground up for 2017 kawasaki really focused on mass centralization the bike being lighter and also more powerful engine as far as the chassis they really want to make the whole thing

Slimmer so the frame is slimmer all the way through from the front to the back of the bike the seat is a lot flatter than last year so you’re able to get up get up on the tank a lot easier without the ramping up one of the biggest changes to the engine is for direct line intake so they change the cylinder offset as well as a dual objector offset for better air flow

Again this bike is all new although there are some characteristics that are carry over from last version such as the aerial fit adjustable foot pegs the peugeot fit adjustable handlebars the dfi connectors lost control same as last year for this year they still have to show at sff type two forks as last year although their revised settings as well as different spring

Rates for 2017 to match the frame in the chassis of the bike to improve the center of gravity they lower the muffler as well as the gas paying 20 millimeters we can go on and on about all the minor changes of this bike but we’re instead we’re gonna get dennis staple and their chief test rider out in the track he’s going to spin some laps you can do a lot of testing

Throughout here at zaca station and then get back to you the feedback of the first day of testing on the 2017 kx you you what’s up dennis stapleton here motocross action magazine we’re out here at zachos station for the 2017 kx250 app you know we haven’t got to spend a lot of laps always the first day it’s a lot of action photos and video and small changes with

A couplers bar mount and odds and ends and suspension changes today we messed with a little bit of coupler this is the slimmest bike on the market and the most adjustable if you’re short or tall you can move the bars in the forward position and lower the foot pegs if you’re short you can put it in the back position turn the bar mounts around backwards and roll the

Bars back this bikes very easy to feel comfortable on good power today exactly the dirts kind of deep i did feel that it lost a little bit of bottom on the stop to go stuff mid-range awesome if you ride it like a to fit the app the torque and the snappy light feel of the throttle is amazing day one is hard to get everything done but we can go test everything that

All the readers and consumers want to know we’ll be an altitude blend helen tight tracks like parrish raceway we’ll have it all on our website and an upcoming issue of motocross action magazine check out the full write-up of the 2017 kx250 f in the october issue of mxa and for the latest news and motocross industry check out motocross action mag calm

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