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First ride on Kawasaki Kx420 Dirt Bike!!! CRAZY POWER

I 2vintage take the first official ride on my 1981 Kawasaki Kx420. This this is going to absolutely rip. #Kawasaki, #420cc, #BEAST,

Right guys welcome to a new video today we’re gonna be working on the 420 last video as you guys know i pump started this thing of charlie and we got it running but i think there was an air leak in it so today we’re gonna try to figure out where that air leak is plugged up the air leak i’m guessing it’s right by the boot right here you can see it’s pretty cracked

Around there um but maybe it’s not maybe it’s a base gas it’s good maybe it’s a head gasket we’re not quite sure so what we’re gonna do is try to make this bike kick over with the kick starter which is very tough this thing has very very high compression and this plastic sticking out right here makes it so that when you kick it over your foot goes off of the kick

Lever and it like throws you off of it you guys saw john trying to kick it in the last video and it’s it’s pretty tough to do but we’ll try it today we might take off the foot peg and that way it won’t get your lag if you you miss so we could potentially be doing that but yeah the goal is to ride this thing we haven’t written it yet we haven’t gone through the

Gears yet so that’s the goal for today so i want to touch base on one more thing a lot of people in the comments were like why don’t you just do it right well you just restore the bike i’m not gonna restore this bike i have no use for it like i said before in other videos i have the cr250 i ride for trails for the for the track i don’t need a k x 420 especially

Since i know that they’re not great bikes you know so why restore a bike that i’m never gonna use doesn’t make sense so we’re just gonna try to get it running obviously the next owner is gonna have to do the crank they’re gonna have to do the piston and when i post the bike i mean i say you know the crank has implying it it needs a rebuild and whoever’s gonna buy

This thing it’s gonna probably do a full restoration i mean there’s no question about that all right guys the foot pack needs to come off so we can kick this thing over a lot better otherwise when you kick it your leg gets caught on the on the foot peg and does not feel good so let’s say bad off work and then we should be able to get a lot better kick going on it

Looks like the foot peg is actually attached right to the back brake which is unique all right so here’s the footpeg mechanism you can see that the footpegs sat like that on the bike and then the actual brake just connects right to it so very unique setup here all right now that we got the foot peg off we should be able to kick this kick lever all the way through

Which is good we can go all the way down without your foot just crunching into the foot peg so let’s try starting this thing up now all right guys we’re gonna prime up the carburetor a little bit gas here mixed up some 32 to one i’m gonna dump that down the carburetor or try to all right here goes nothing let’s try keep pissing over hopefully oh man should start

It up that was crazy geez as you can tell just coming right at the pipe i think super loud didn’t sound like there’s much gas alright should we try it again we’ll try it again and see what happens here you guys see that startup holy cow just pouring out the smoke that was crazy oh man should we try riding it we’re gonna try to see if the fuel is actually getting

To the carburetor because i have a feeling it’s not oh smells so bad dear oh okay all the smoke coming out starts up though i was able to kick it over i didn’t think that was gonna be possible but i must have a very strong leg all right obviously we’re getting good gas flow all right so i think why it’s revving up maybe is because of the throttle cable you can see

When you twist it it gets stuck it doesn’t go back so i wonder if it’s not going back all the way in the carburetor maybe the slides getting stuck up and it’s acting like an air leak that could be the reason so let’s just check this mechanism out the throttle cable and everything and then see if the slides actually going down all the way in the carburetor that’s

The next step okay that’s definitely a problem just checked it out there’s like this much distance between the the slide and the bottom of the carburetor it’s supposed to be like this much i’m just enough air to get through but right now it’s like that so it’s definitely just revving up so that could be the that could be the main issue right there so let’s uh dig

Into the throttle cable here and just see what is going on all right so i’m trying to get the throttle body off here and that screw is stripped out so somebody must have been trying to fix this before me as well and then that’s it’s missing the other one so that’s good we have replacement screws for these so we can just drill these out and hopefully i’m gonna try

Just tap on this with a hammer see if we can get that loose but we probably drilled out all right finally get this bolt out of here let’s take the rest away so that’s the problem right there you guys saw me taking off the grip that’s an easy problem to fix so what we got going on right now is you can see the wire the water moves fine the cable moves fine when you

Put the grip on check this out you put it on all the way up here so you see it just stays like that so what we’re going to do is clean off this you can see it’s all gunked up and then clean out the inside of here inside the grip area and that should make it a lot better all right let’s try cleaning this up with some wd-40 and some 2,000 grit sandpaper you can see

There’s a little bit rust forming over here so we can just kind of get that off the sandpaper all right now we’ll do the inside of the actual grip spray some in there probably take a long drive attach it to the rag and just kind of push it through it’s looking pretty clean in there now see that’s pretty good there’s still some crud left in here we’ll get the rest

Of it well that should fix the problem all right guys get everything bolted back up here let’s just give it a quick test so definitely a lot better all right guys we got the slide back in the in the carburetor check this out you can actually hear it hitting the bottom now that’s that’s reassuring so it’s so much better yeah that’s awesome all right i think we’re

Ready to go let’s try to start this thing back up all right guys we got the bike sitting on here i got my helmet on that’s why it’s a little bit muffled but um my gopro turns off after like two minutes now and it says sd card error so i’m not that order new card but right now we’re gonna try and see if we can get like two minutes and then riding with it and then

We’ll set up this camera and see if we can do the rest with that well yeah it’s a pain the but it keeps on doing it and i had a fix and then it did it again so it just keeps out ruining my a/c cards so i’ll have to figure out what the problem is but let’s go out here and try servicing up it should be very interesting oh yeah baby yeah alright guys just

Get done on the first ride on the kx 420 this thing absolutely rips i was in first a second gear the whole time you guys could hear me shift up in second but it was really hard because didn’t have a i didn’t have a foot peg i took that off to kick it over easier but right now it’s pretty easy to kick over so i could probably put that back on and take it for a nice

Long ride the clutch was working everything was working it does sound a little bit lean on the top-end so i’m guessing it is so i’m guessing it either has an air leak or maybe it just needs that air filter back on i’m not sure and you know obviously has a huge hole in the pipe which doesn’t help either so we’ll have to get some things tuned up on this thing and

Then take it for another ride but i’m pretty happy with where it is it right now i did not think it was gonna be able to kick over like that so that’s a huge huge step for this bike and now we can move on to the next step which is just tuning it making sure everything runs right we’re probably gonna start it up and see where the air leak is coming from and yeah

Seal up that early take it for a nice long ride thing is just insane so that’ll be next video hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and if you haven’t already subscribed to the channel please subscribe and turn on post notifications really helped me out then you get the notification when a new video comes out anyway thanks for watching guys thanks for subscribing

And we’ll catch you on the next video wee

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First ride on Kawasaki Kx420 Dirt Bike!!! (CRAZY POWER) By 2vintage