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How To Clean Your Motorcycle Chain: Kawasaki Ninja 650

Hey Machina family, welcome to another video on my channel!

What’s up guys mike here welcome back to another video today we’re going to be cleaning the chain on my 2019 kawasaki ninja 650. this process works for the whole generation of the bike and is also pretty universal for almost all bikes and other motorized uh vehicles that have a chain that needs to be cleaned so i bought this uh motel roll chain care kit from my local

Cycle gear which isn’t that local so i’m excited to get right into opening this bad boy up and seeing what we got inside make sure the box is empty oftentimes people leave stuff in there all right so we have a uh bottle or can of chain cleaning cleaner we have a bottle of chain lube awesome can’t ever open anything without a nice sticker in there perfect nice pair

Of gloves keep my uh my baby soft hand soft and in good condition and the actual uh chain brush awesome i think these will do the job let’s get it let’s get it all right so here we are we got the chain cleaning kit we got our stance front and uh front and rear we have the microfiber uh rags uh and now we can get to cleaning this look at that rust oh yeah we’re

Definitely gonna have to clean this bad boy up all right so step number one is to put the rear wheel on the rear wheel stand uh i got myself a uh set of these moto d race stands uh i got them off of amazon i think they were 60 bucks 120 bucks uh something like that they were between 60 to 120 bucks i don’t exactly remember what they cost but i haven’t even used

Them yet so this will be the first time i actually have them in an application um the second item you will also need is a set of spools um for this bike i believe it takes six or eight millimeters real spools i got mc motorsport ones black and green you know gotta go with the color way of the bike you know keep it simple um i uh all you have to do is screw those

In to into the real uh spool um uh area and then uh you’ll be good to go from there so let’s get this bike jacked up and uh on the rear stand so you want to make sure you have the stand spool arms uh touching the spools you might have to adjust the uh the spool arms that way uh you can make sure they’re 100 ready to be uh connected onto the bike alrighty so as

You can see we have the bike on a rear stand uh we want this because we want to have free play of the tire without having to actually have the bike move which you can do it without a rear stand but it definitely is a lot more complicated and it definitely is not as easy so i just want to let you guys know that when you guys clean the chain it gives you a plus 10

Horsepower boost so that way you can pop those wheelies and beat those lamborghinis quite easily um yeah it basically just gives you a kaioken times 100. alrighty so i got my doctor’s gloves on i’m ready to uh do a prostate exam uh show off my strong finger game um no pun intended we’re going to use some great finger scrubbing game and get this chain cleaned up

Quite well all right so what you want to do is you want to take your chain cleaner and then you want to spray it you know get a nice coat of coat of chain cleaner on there you want to get it nice and wet so you want to make sure you go and go at least twice around the uh the chain get it nice and lubricated and then from there we can go ahead and get some uh

Some cleaning done all right so you’re just gonna you’re gonna rotate it and and scrub it at the same time you’re gonna do the outside you’re gonna do the top portion you’re going to do you’re going to come over here and clean the inside of the chain while you’re rotating it and then what you’re also going to do is you’re going to use this tool and get a nice

Scrub while you’re rotating it so it’s just going to look something like this okay so you’re going to do that and get a nice good clean on there all right so gave it a nice clean so now we’re going to wipe off any of the access cleaner take your microfiber rag and as you’re rotating it make sure you clean it clean off all the all the grime and the dirt that

Cut that you know that you’ve accumulated over your rides and over the period of time that since you last cleaned you’re just gonna rub clean rotate rub clean rotate rub clean rotate okay so you’re gonna do that make sure you get as much of the access dirt and grime off there as you can and then uh we’ll go on to the next step after so i got the bad boy clean

It’s looking a lot cleaner a lot less rusty a lot less dirty sprockets looking a little bit cleaner give it give it give it some tlc so now it’s time to get the chain all lubed up make sure you spray it here while you’re rotating it and then you spray just a little bit on the top as you’re rotating it and then uh you want to be sure to wipe off any excess uh

Lube you don’t want to wipe it off too much but you want to wipe it off you know to where it’s not dripping or anything like that all right so now we got this bad boy cleaned up so now we’re done and that’s how you clean the chain on the 2018 kawasaki ninja 650. um again this is a very universal application it could be done for almost any bike uh any chain but

Even shoot normal bike chains so uh yeah that’s how we do it thank you guys for watching uh please be sure to like subscribe and comment down below your thoughts on the video uh and subscribe so that you can get all of the latest content on my channel thank you guys peace

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How To Clean Your Motorcycle Chain: Kawasaki Ninja 650 By MachinaMotoMike