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How to FIX 2004 2005 2006 Kawasaki Ninja zx10r Engine/Motor PROBLEM, DIY. Shouldve been a RECALL.

2004-2006 factory faulty spring valve retainer fix, diy, that should have been a recall.

All right today we’re gonna talk about faulty intake valve retainers they came on the 2004 2005 and 2006 kawasaki zx-10r they kawasaki fixed the problem in 2007 but that didn’t fix any of the earlier models so basically what happened is the valve retainer fails we pull the bucket out i’ll show you what it looks like valve the retainer cracks under pressure then

Eventually it breaks off altogether and the valve will drop and hit the piston and do a lot of damage so you can usually discover the problem if you’re lucky you just cover the problem when you’re doing the valve job and you see a valve retainer it looks like this you need to know that you got to pull all the retainers off at least on the intake side and you can

Replace them with the new ones with the updated ones or another thing you can do is you can put a set of oh 8 oh nine or 2010 kawasaki zx-10r stock retainers because they’ve been beefed up and let me show you what they look like okay so here’s the stock undamaged intake side valve retainer he’s got a big dot on it just like the rest of them except for a few that

Don’t have it and this is a third-generation or basically 2008 2009 in 2010 kawasaki zx-10r stock retainer as you can see it’s a lot thicker they made it thicker so it could tolerate the spring pressure of the of the spring and i’ve never seen these retainers fail and these retainers fail not only with aftermarket valve springs look at the stock valve springs these

Are stock intake valve springs they go in there like so valve goes like this you’ve got keepers that hold they’re going the slots right here to haves you can sort of see him in there and that’s basically what keeps your valve under pressure so if you’ve got a 2004 2005 or 2006 kawasaki zx-10r i’d recommend doing a valve job pulling all the buckets and seeing exactly

What the valve retainers look like and if you brave and you don’t have any damage you’ve got the ones with the big dots on them you can leave them in there but i’d recommend getting some third generation stock retainers at least and replacing every one of them at least on the intake intake side because uh exhaust side apparently is fine and that should do it and

The weight or the mass of the new retainers is a little bit more by about half a gram 2 gram i just waited this stock retainer and it was a 4 grams and this one was 5 grams so there’s gonna be small difference very small difference so go ahead and check it out make sure you don’t damage your engine how i did it i had the valve drop on this cylinder and pretty much

Destroyed the cylinder head it could be fixed but i ended up getting a used 2008 kawasaki zx-10r cylinder head and i ended up using it came with the updated retainers and i was really happy with it so that should cover it you

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How to FIX 2004 2005 2006 Kawasaki Ninja zx10r Engine/Motor PROBLEM, DIY. Should've been a RECALL. By EVERY DAY I RACE