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How to Replace Front Brake Reservoir – Kawasaki Ninja 1000 / Z1000SX / Ninja 1000SX

In this video, I show how to replace the front brake reservoir. This process will work for many different bikes and aftermarket or OEM brake reservoirs.

How’s it going guys i’m john and in this video i’m going to show you how to replace the reservoir on your front brake this is a pretty simple cosmetic modification and it’s nothing too exciting but i’ve never really liked the way these white plastic brake fluid reservoirs looked and there’s a variety of aftermarket options available a lot of times those are

Aluminum but what i’m actually replacing this with is another kawasaki part it’s the the same brake fluid reservoir but it’s for the 2020 model and it comes in a like a dark smoke color so i just like the way that it looks and what’s also nice is that it bolts right up to the existing brackets so you don’t really need to modify anything else you just need to

Replace the cup itself as well as the clip on the side and i’ll have those part numbers listed down below so this white cup here is what we’re replacing and like i mentioned i’m using the kawasaki part this is what it looks like and so as you can see it will reuse the exact same mounting bracket connects to the hose in the same way and it even uses the same cap

The only thing that’s different is this clip on the side attaches in a different way so you’ll need to get the updated clip as well in terms of tools you’re going to need an eight millimeter wrench for the nut and the bolt on the bottom you’ll need a phillips screwdriver for this clip on the side and then you’ll need a pair of pliers in order to release this hose

Clamp over here because we’re going to be working with brake fluid i’m going to put a cover over this area in case any brake fluid spills you want to make sure that it doesn’t get on the paint if any does get on paint you just want to have a wet rag nearby that you can use to wipe it up okay the first thing i’m going to do is take off the screw on the side next

I’m going to loosen the bolt that holds the reservoir cup to the bracket and it’s an eight millimeter on both sides once you remove the bolt on the bottom then this bracket is disconnected from the reservoir and this is free to move okay so for the next step what we’re going to do is loosen this hose clamp right here we’re just going to slide it back to do that

You just pinch it with a pair of pliers and then you should be able to move it down the hose a little bit okay so you can see i’ve got it moved down a little bit now this will be able to pull this off but what we’re going to do first is get the old fluid out of here so to do that we’ll just take this cap off and then you’re going to take out this plastic piece

And then the rubber diaphragm underneath it okay now we’re going to carefully pour out the fluid into this cup if you wanted to reuse the fluid you could i’ve got another bottle of fluid so i’m just going to add new fluid to this and then this is you know because we’re pouring fluid you want to make sure you’re extra careful to not get any on the body work on

The bike okay okay so the next step is going to be to pull off the reservoir from the hose i’m just going to stuff a piece of paper towel in here to prevent any liquid from dripping out okay so now we’ve got the old cup off and i’m holding this hose facing up so that air doesn’t go back down into the master cylinder at this point you’re just going to want to

Push the new reservoir cup into the hose just like that all right now what i’m going to do is squeeze this hose clamp and slide it back up okay and now what we’re going to do is add brake fluid and i’m going to do it before i mount the reservoir cut back to the bracket and i’ll show you why in just a second next you’re going to put the rubber diaphragm and the

Plastic washer back in and then put the cap back on so the reason i’m not mounting this back to the bracket yet is i want to make sure that there’s no air in this hose right here so i’m just going to angle this upward a little bit and just squeeze this hose give this a couple taps and make sure that there’s no air bubbles that are coming out so i think we’ve got

Any air that was in here we’ve gotten it out now and then you’re going to push this back into the bracket and then reinstall the nut and the bolt the final step is to put the new clip on the side and you’re going to reuse the same screw that held on the previous clip all right so that’s how it looks when everything’s all finished up as always thanks for watching

And let me know down below if you have any questions

Transcribed from video
How to Replace Front Brake Reservoir – Kawasaki Ninja 1000 / Z1000SX / Ninja 1000SX By Jonathan Long