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Inside Jo Shimodas 2022 Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX250

We get our hands on one of the most prestige factory race machines in the pits of supercross. Take a listen as we run through Jo Shimoda’s very own 2022 Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX250. Talk about eye candy!

Hey this is mike lindsey from vital max and today we are taking an inside look at joe shimoda’s monster energy pro circuit kawasaki kx 250 sr pc bikes i mean if you ask almost any rider growing up what 250 team they want to ride for mitch’s team has this allure and always has and that’s because this team puts in an immense amount of effort into their bikes diving

Into the first thing the engine everybody always wants to know what makes all the horsepower out of these little bikes you’re gonna hear a lot of the same common answers we have with some of the machines just on a lot of parts being made to their spec we know they’re there we don’t know exactly who makes all of them we do know a few so starting out with the

Pistons they’ve had a long long time relationship with race winning brands which is the wiseco and je brands they run je product personally um and there’s a ranger you have the je off the shelf cali piston then you have a pro circuit customer spec piston there’s we believe a team green spec and then finally the spec that they run in their own personal team race

Bikes of course there’s multiple reasons why you see different piston specs depending on the head the cam everything else that goes into it the valves again are also built to their spec they are made by dell west we believe that pretty much all the valve train components your valve springs keepers all those items are dell west parts pro circuit does sell their

Own version of these parts same thing cam spec again there’s a couple different versions they have some customers spec cams and then they have the ones that are here in the pro circuit race team bikes we believe that the supplier for these we think is mega cycle but even if you were to get a hold of them hit them up you can’t get this you know mitch’s team is the

One that does r d orders what they want and test through all the options that come up with the final spec that’s in this bike moving to the bottom end things get a little interesting we believe that they are the only 250 team that does this is the entire transmission it’s not a factory part from kawasaki it’s not khi supplied where you hear us talk about a lot

Of factory supported 250 teams getting worx transmissions from the oem in this case mitch and the team go out and get their own transmission from a company called x track they are very very well known in formula one there are other options where they can get sliding kits of replacing a few gears but again everything in this transmission from the way the shifting

Components themselves work to the gearing ratio is all built to their specification pretty cool to see a team go in on that because just that item alone we’ve heard different price amounts also depends how many you’re ordering but these transmissions are probably somewhere in the five to ten thousand dollar range per transmission if it’s a complete set the clutch

Components are from hinson it is really popular to see the team of course just run a pro circuit clutch cover as they make their own clutch cover but was underneath as henson they’ve had a long time partnership with the brand there’s no secret there in any shape or form as far as we are aware the team does run some sort of modified throttle body again over the

Years they’ve gone through probably multiple multiple tests and variations but from the entire intake side your throttle body to the intake boot to the velocity stack we believe they may even move the position of the second injector all that is parts built by pro circuits specifically for this the electronics on the bike the actual ecu this is something kawasaki

Helps them out with through kian it is a keen ecu which is what is on the bike stock but it is a basically what we call a factory version they have the full software needed to fully go inside this and modify everything where the cowie program tuner tool that customers can buy has a little bit of variation of what you can do the tools and software they have allows

Them to basically completely start from scratch on the ecu if they want to be able to add in you know launch controls be able to add in different maps or different gear positions if they’re running a gear position sensor of course pro circuit one of their most famous items is exhaust system so yes there is of course a pc exhaust system on the bike uh typically

The race team spec pipe is a little bit different than the consumer one they sell in multiple reasons they have to pass a much more stringent sound testing limit in pro racing not all customers need that and then the actual spec of the can length the core size how the head pipe and mid pipe’s built all that is specific to the engine package so the pipe they’re

Running on the team bike may not actually work as well on a stock or lightly modified kx250 that a consumer is running and vice versa the pipe they have for the consumer stuff probably doesn’t work as well in their full race team package so it may look the same but there are definitely some differences there the radiators are also ordered to their specifications

Whether it’s the thickness the length the core size multiple things there to get the best cooling possible and then the right side radiator at least in supercross we’ve noticed features a sort of built-in oil cooler it does have some lines out of the bottom of the tank that are fed into the back side of the case which they have plumbed in years past when they go

Outdoors we do see them typically run a separate oil cooler that’s a little bit more efficient when it heats up when the temperatures are higher but in supercross they still run kind of a minor version of it that’s a little bit lighter another little neat item when you talk about weight for supercross and outdoors they actually run different front brake calipers

For a long time the factory nissin caliper they ran was magnesium the current one is aluminum it’s a little different than the version we see on like the hondas or the yamahas with differentiating pistons this one actually uses the same piston size top and bottom but they have a super cross version where basically the caliper isn’t as wide it’s a little bit thinner

The pistons in it aren’t as big and it runs thinner brake pads they’re not on the brakes that hard in supercross so they’re able to basically run this thinner pad all this thinner combination of parts because they don’t wear through it as quickly that brake caliper of course is provided to them through kawasaki through khi another part that is are the hubs the

Suspension on the bike of course is showa a kit they’ve been using these components for probably coming up on 20 years now something else that’s unique to this is most your race teams that work with showa get the components basically fully assembled or as a complete unit from show japan that ships it to show usa and they work with the technicians there pro circuit

Has their in-house suspension staff they also do have a show of representative that works with the team but all their components again are ordered and i keep saying this to their specs that means the lo the fork tube height the tapers the coatings are using they order all the thing the whole fork basically in pieces and pick out what they think they want to use how

They want stuff coated and then they even make their own fork lug here in the u.s says not something that’s provided by showa it’s made actually in california and they basically run a lug that is it years past sometimes it’s had a different offset for the axle we’re not sure if it is different than stock at this point but you’ll notice it’s a little bit wider and

It runs an axle that they have made to those specs as well just running you guys through a quick list of what else is pro circuit on this bike that they make in-house or have made and brand enter their name the foot pegs the foot peg mounts the water pump and water impeller on this bike the triple clamps the bar mounts a lot of items such of that nature are made

There along with the linkage and we do know that the guys on the team have options of different linkages that pro circuit has whether it’s just running a different link arm or the full bell crank to change the ratio they have all those options in house they do sell versions of it to the public of course so again if you hit a pro circuit there are certain things

About this bike that are specific to the team that a consumer can’t get but in the same breath there is a ton of stuff on this bike you can walk in and buy if your wallet allows and you really want the best kicks 250 out there basically it’s interesting to also look at their bikes and see a lot of the brands that the team has been very loyal with for a long time

Such as maxima oil and lubricant products renthal bars rk excel so rk for the chains excel where they run the a60 rims dumb op they’ve been with now for quite a long time you don’t see a lot of change in their sponsorship year to year maybe a couple little different associate sponsors but for the most part the core products that are on the bike are the same but

We have heard that for instance for hardware on the bike the titanium that they’ll sometimes use up to two or three different suppliers they’ll use public suppliers they’ll have machinists they know make different bolts for them and then talk to some mechanics on the team they’ll actually modify certain hardware depending on the application where it’s going on

The bike you know basically to cut down get to fit the best maybe get rid of much excess material as possible to keep the weight down another kind of cool one on the suspension right now is the rear shock on this bike is the first modular shock design we’ve seen them use in years past they’ve had a custom cast shock body a kit shock bodies are always different but

The ones that show and makes for the pro circuit team bikes are made again specific to their requirements their bladder size packaging this one however is basically a three piece body so your stamp your center body where the shaft and piston slides through is a billet component the top cap that then goes over the reservoir side is a forged piece or cast we believe

It’s a forging and then the bladder is another um billet component so three pieces are basically screwed together again it can be a little bit more cost effective but also by combining the parts in the right place they’re able to get strength where they need it better heat dissipation etc one last other cool note kind of about the pro circuit team or the bikes

And the way they’re built joe shimoda’s bike here of course his mechanic is maddie g talking to maddie tony a bunch of guys on that team um pro circuit still kind of has a little bit different work philosophy to some of the race teams out there all the mechanics on the team are responsible for their own engines most your large 250 teams have an engine department

Or engine guys that are in charge of servicing building the engines basically the mechanics are just taking them in and out of chassis and handing them off all the mechanics at monster energy pro circuit kawasaki disassemble all their own engines whether it’s practice or race there are a few components for them such as the cylinder heads which go to their crew

Chief to be inspected and maybe have a few parts switched out but for the most part they’re in charge of inspecting their motors figuring out what needs to be replaced keeping track of all the timelines and then they build and assemble their own engines so these guys are going to the practice track during the week with the riders as most of the guys on the team

The riders are typically based in socal they are building their practice motors they’re race motors they’re flying to the races they’re putting them in the chassis all the guys on this team are busy busy busy i think that’s why you see so many mechanics that come from mitch’s team over the years are just super well respected and known as hard workers of course

There’s a real stressful environment there which is the winning and what’s expected of that team so that’s been our inside look at joe shimoda’s monster energy prosecutor kawasaki kix 250 sr if you like these types of features make sure you give us the thumbs up the like the subscribe all the good stuff and if you like race team parts like this check out every week

On our website we have a feature called pit bits it’s where we run through the best new gear bikes and parts for the races cause these things are always evolving always changing and thanks for watching you

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Inside Jo Shimoda’s 2022 Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX250 By Vital MX