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Is a Full System Exhaust Worth it? Kawasaki Z650

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Hey guys before we get started the audio in today’s video is not so great just so you know before we get started so one question we’ve been seeing a lot here on gaming new is yammy should i get a full system or a slip-on exhaust and there’s pros and cons to both but today we’re going to be exploring the full bananas full system exhaust we’re gonna see what it takes

To install it if it’s worth it to get it and most importantly what kind of difference in sound and power you’re gonna get out of a full system let’s get into it today alrighty spikes we’ve got this full system exhaust here what’s going on so as usual we’ve got our leo vince system here and we’re running this as if you were a beginner who decided to get their feet

Wet putting an exhaust on their motorcycle they wanted to slip on but they look at their motorcycle and lo and behold no slip-on options so you had to drain your bank account get yourself a full system exhaust what is it going to be like to run the bike without the fuel controller it’ll blow up right well we’ll have to find out and obviously fuel controllers are

Expensive they’re an added cost and a lot of times i see people just slap a full system on to see what happens so today we’re going to give you some actual scientific data i mean as much as we can while riding a motorcycle on the street exactly so today we’re going to be installing this full system exhaust on our giveaway z650 over here this is one of the bikes

We’re giving away it’s part of a beginner bike giveaway series if you want the chance to win this bike head over to or links in the description below and get entered to win this beautiful machine so spike let’s get this thing on the road and see how it sounds let’s do it so bone stock exhaust on that z650 how does it feel it feels fine

It feels like a stock bike everything that you would expect it’s not too rowdy it’s actually very polite sure you can hear the system you know burbling underneath you but it’s not very inspiring you know it’s not you rev it out and it doesn’t make you feel any more excitement than just twisting the throttle you know there’s no auditory feedback that really makes

You feel excited about it i actually sense more intake sound from that bike than exhaust sound even from behind here i hear the intake actually opening up much more than the exhaust itself absolutely yeah you can you can really hear it honking in air and it it actually sounds a little bit funny the way it does it because it actually sounds like it is honking yeah

But it literally sounds like a honking sound out of this motorcycle it does have a little bit of an abrupt on off throttle which i would ass that would assume that means that the tune from the factory is probably very lean uh so when we slap an exhaust system on there i’d expect that to get worse until we tune in but how about we pull over and get you in the saddle

So you can tell us what you feel like yeah let me take a crack at it so hop it on the sea how does it feel so yeah just like you said it’s a very polite little motorcycle uh even more so than some other factory bikes that i’ve ridden um i’m curious to see how this is gonna sound unforked because for example the mt07 platform has that uh 270 degree parallel twin

Which sounds really different when you uncork it so i think this is going to sound different because it’s got that standard 180 degree firing order but you know with it all corked up like this it has it doesn’t have a lot of character you know and that’s what you want out of a motorcycle you wanted to you know pop and crackle a little bit have some fun and kind

Of like what you said you get on the throttle and it’s not particularly inspiring so hopefully with that full system we’ll definitely add some pizzazz to this the one thing that i’m looking for out of the full system the most for that bike is probably just some sort of cool pops and crackles that’s that’s really all i want out of it because i know it’s not going

To sound amazing like the mt07 does but if it has some pops and crackles some attitude that’ll really improve the riding experience because it feels so muted and so plane as it is right now yeah well nothing too but to do it let’s slap a full system on this bad boy already spike we came back at the baseline sound you want to improve it absolutely let’s get that

Full system on there it’s montage time all righty guys we’ve removed our stock system on our z650 you can see it’s this big behemoth over here it’s got this resonator on it and the big reason why it’s so big it’s to meet emissions and sound compliance and all that sort of thing and now we’re moving on to this flatter lighter system over there yeah and not only is

This thing a smaller system but it’s substantially lighter this thing weighed almost 18 pounds on the scale and this was so light it didn’t trip it which means it’s under 10 pounds which is really awesome that’s a lot of weight we’re removing from this motorcycle and it’s going to sound really good we put a system similar to this on the xsr 700 and it sounded

Just oh it sounded so good i’m not imagining that this is going to sound amazing because it’s the 180 degree crank but it is going to sound way better that sounds pretty good doesn’t it yeah it sounds really good sends beefy growly but there’s only one way to hear how it really sounds let’s get it out on the road see all that boil all righty boys and girls

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I absolutely love it yeah so hit that link down below check them out thanks again for them for supporting this video and now let’s check out how this z650 exhaust feels and sounds spike how you feeling on it dude honestly it feels really good and i can’t tell if it’s just butt dyno effect like the auditory feedback is just making me a little bit more excited

To ride the motorcycle but it definitely feels a lot punchier there’s there’s a bit more grunt right off the jump which is pretty good i mean this bike already was surprisingly torquey for a 650 and now it feels even torquier which is great yeah and you were saying on the way up here that uh you can kind of feel that weight difference huh yeah i’m not again

I’m not sure if it’s in my brain or not but the bike feels a lot lighter it feels like it’s tipping in a little bit quicker it’s a little bit more nimble it feels really good honestly even without the tune yeah and i bet with a tune and perhaps by removing that baffle as well that thing’s gonna sound even better so i’m really excited to oh hey but how about we

Don’t come out on the road yeah that was a little scary see i’m sure once we get the baffle out and put the tune on i’m sure it’s gonna sound even better yeah i mean it’s the idea here was to get a little bit more noise a little bit more power and we definitely feel like we’ve done that you know obviously you don’t want to just run out and get a full system and

Not get a tune for it you definitely need to but right now it feels like this bike is happy enough running with the stock the stock tune on here it does feel a little bit more herky-jerky when you do the on off throttle especially in first gear here in third it’s not that bad yeah and from here you know riding behind you and uh you know trying to listen into

That exhaust it doesn’t sound obnoxious at all you know it sounds like you’ve got a bit of a system on it but it doesn’t sound overbearing and i actually really like that i’ve come to realize that in my day-to-day riding i don’t want a big loud system i want something subtle something that’s you know going to when i get on the gas i’m gonna notice it but when

I’m off the gas and i’m kind of at a stop light just chilling out it’s not you know splitting my ears and irritating everybody around me yeah well what do you say i flip away over that thing and see how it sounds from my sounds yeah see what you mean it does feel a little livelier yeah just a little bit more uh peppy like it’s not a commuter’s motorcycle anymore

Like it’s actually wanting to go have some fun yeah it’s pretty good good sound out of it i do feel like it’s a little bit more vibrational through the seat what do you think i said um i do feel like it’s a little more vibrational through the seat what do you think i didn’t really notice that to be honest uh i think i was more just having fun on the bike so i

Didn’t notice it but you know who knows that bike is very vibrational uh yeah it’s just a big parallel twin those are not very smooth power plants so and it’s funny because you can see on the foot pegs that cali knows it because they put little weights on the bottom of the pegs yeah and the little rubber mounts on there are squishy as hell so you can really feel

It absorbing it through the foot peg it’s very mild-mannered i think once we get the baffle out on this thing and get the tune i think we’ll really make it super rowdy but right now it’s it’s super chill honestly let me know uh go through this section in first gear and kind of roll on and off the throttle let me know what you feel it’s not terrible but it could

Definitely be a little bit better yeah i mean that that bike was very herky-jerky on off before yeah it’s a full system on the visa success what do you think yeah absolutely i think that it’s improved the sound it’s improved the feel of riding the motorcycle and in a world where you can’t put a slip-on exhaust on that bike it really i mean you could do a whole

Lot worse you could be keeping that same boat anchor of a stock exhaust well guys next episode we will be installing a fuel controller on this bike and taking the baffle out and seeing how it feels after doing that and seeing if we’ve made some good gains on this machine but if you want to win this motorcycle be sure to go over to yamanoob co and you can get

Signed up for it to win and go to the merge page as well we’ll catch you on the next one see you later keep watching yammy noob keep watching yummy noob keep watching yummy noob keep watching yummy noob keep watching yummy noob keep watching yummy new keep watching yummy noob keep watching yammy noob

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