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Kawasaki H2

The sensational 2017 Kawasaki Ninja H2 has arrived! Kawasaki calls it “an awe-inspiring work of mechanical art”. Is it?

We often have to sign an indemnity when we take a bike away and literally this one i’m signing my life away because if i do anything to this it sends in 20,000 then i’m not affording that in a hurry am i thank you it’s mine so this is it the bike live all been waiting for and we’ve got it for exactly 30 hours i mean what can we do with it in 30 hours and don’t

Forget we’ve still got to live our normal life and talking of which time for the school run i gotta fire me you ever make it very nice moment thank you hey you put it no all couldn’t afford it this engine is producing about 500 degrees centigrade from burning myself a new heart commuting through rush-hour traffic epic fail number one we didn’t think that one

Through did we really know pillion seat epic fail number two what was the thinking wasting time on the school run and commuting despite its a special occasions in fact the pike is a special occasion our attacking until the starship enterprise full time in a steep almost time and space one minute courage a kilometer away from you the next thing is underneath

Real matter i haven’t been checking i haven’t got any official figures but i tell you what it seems to be emptying very very quickly indeed but i don’t think that’s going to be a problem if you can afford three hundred and twenty grand bring you buy he was worried about the cost of petrol we’ve come here to the settlor drove the traditional home of the top

Speed run to see what this bike can really do now keeping in the theme of responsibility we are of course going to close this road right let’s go i hope you like cleaning because if you own an h2 you’re going to be doing an awful lot of polishing but you know what it’s not a chore because look at it it’s actually a pleasure polishing this bike you’ll be

Doing it as often as you can strangely it’s even more good looking at night than it is during the day sometimes it looks black sometimes silver but always mean an imposing headlight themselves or two from the star wars stuff and you do feel like darth vader at night on this kind of mission wharf speed just to twist to the mister way there is of course a

No denying that the top state is deeply impressive you learn nothing compared to the way that it actually gets there wow that’s pretty bloody silly really oh and i don’t even mind when it’s true which it often does when it comes to a whole the bad yeah that’s that’s pretty silly pretty bloody silly but it’s all fun do norris class speed lock in the back for

Whatever do you need to come to nepal they’ve got us i’m now doing 160 that’s a homeowner stoppage all very well having all this performance but if you used it all you are going to be doing quite a lot of this all the time actually two thousand three kilometers the first set eyes on the strike did so it’s time for a new step no do you know what i do for

A living and seen the size of my salary packet i don’t think though what are you doing you’ve heard the phrase i’d give my left volatile of that well tea testicles is overkill isn’t it well that just about concludes our 50 hours with the kawasaki h2 according to my watch we have 3 minutes and 24 seconds to return mr. kawasaki hmm i think i’ll take the long way

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