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Kawasaki KLR650 FMF Pipe & Porting Mod.

While swapping out the FMF Powerbomb header between the two, 2007 KLR 650’s, I noticed that the KLR exhaust port could be cleaned up quite a bit so it would match the factory exhaust gasket. These two mods improved the overall performance of the bike throughout the RPM range, and allowed the engine to rev more freely all the way to the 7500 redline and beyond.

Hey guys how’s it going got the uh verbal luigi guy with you um i’ve done about 60 or 70 miles since i uh did the powerbomb exhaust and the porting of the exhaust port or the matching of the exhaust port on the klr and all i can tell you is thumbs up the bike pulls better everywhere it um it’ll zing up to 7 500 rpm going through the gears without any

Problem it didn’t do that before and um even just the cruising speed you know like uh when i had to pass somebody or something like that it was right there right now um so i’m very happy with the exhaust port mod and also putting on the uh fmf power bomb on this bike it’s off the other bike but i had a chance to ride it before and after noticeable difference

So that’s where i’m at on this um i would recommend if you do have the pipe off and you have the skills and stuff to do the modification do it um because it makes all the difference in the world the bike had the lex exhaust the power bomb does bolt right up to it and that’s where we’re at right now so um it was worth the effort and i’m pleased with the

Results and it’s better than it was before in all ways and through all areas of the rpm range so verbal widget signing out i’m gonna get back on the freeway and head for the barn so uh make your own adventures guys talk to you later bye-bye when you look inside the stock one you you can see the lip right here actually there you go you can see there’s a lip

Right in here that goes around the entire exhaust there you go that’s a good chap so uh that’s always a performance decreaser and then you have this um lip that’s right here and there’s also lips on the inside which aren’t too bad uh but they are there when you’re looking through this way you have the there’s a ding in right here so it clears oh maybe the

Starter mounts up here but and then you also have ding ins right here yeah anyway you have diggins right in here where the mounts are for the uh heat shield yeah other than that they are quite similar in appearance and stuff uh most definitely the fmf powerbomb it’s got just a very slight lip around here that’s really i’m i may just touch it up but it’s not

Really a big deal since it drops into there there is nothing on the inside i mean it’s just a smooth all the way through to where this one actually has like a reducer and then it goes uh big again with welds in it uh the other thing is when you’re looking at it down through here get the light right it’s just smooth as a baby’s butt all the way down um this

Collar here i’m going to pull it off but this color here on the end is from the lex muffler so anyway so that’s where we’re standing beforehand okay there we go you have a black line from here to here is actually this kind of white line right here there we go so there you go so you have a black line from here to here it’s really just from about there

Over to here there’s hardly any of it on the top oh i’m captain to kind of like hold myself up to do this um there you go um so anyway there’s a none of it really on the top i’m not really going to care about it but as you can see this black line from here is the line that needs to come off because because the gasket there you go comes right there so i have

All that to remove so um when i discovered this last night i didn’t want to uh break out the grinder and wake my neighbors up and stuff like that but um so i’m going to get in there with the dremel i do have a longer attachment that i can use and uh i’m going to knock that black city line out from there okay so the other thing is if you see this nut right

Here not the one holding not the one holding the flashlight but if you see this nut right here there’s actually you can feel there’s a stud right in there about where my finger is and it’s just sticking up a little bit so i’m going to knock that down too i don’t feel as good as i thought they do once i come outside but anyway that’s the black line gonna knock

That down i’m gonna grind down that top of the stud i’ll get my little uh gopro camera see if i can get that better picture of it if you look it’s just like kind of like right right there you can see the white metal polish aluminum polish holding that on but um yeah that came out yeah see around the corner on this side over here that’s really nice over here

Where the metal polish is that’s really nice down here at the bottom it just kind of rolls right into it we gained about an extra eighth to quarter inch off of that bad boy so um yeah just down second looking at it and straightening everything up like i said that white’s those metal polish that’s no big deal so uh that’s just holding that copper gasket which

Is my template yeah that came out really nice i’m actually very happy with that so uh i’m going to uh grind the weld on the exhaust pipe just a smidge and then uh put this thing back together and then i’ll use high temp silicone seal back where that metal polish is right there and right there in the corner and then let it sit up over and tighten everything down

Let it sit up overnight hey guys you got the verbal widget with you here i’m just doing a a little walk around here on the ol uh 2007 klrs 650. um last night i went ahead and put this fmf powerbomb on from the other klr 650 and i let it sit overnight with the uh high temp silicon seal on the crush gasket up here and on the mating surface down here um so i’m

Gonna take it for a ride and then i will um combine this with the installate or with the uh yeah with the installation video one thing i also did is i cleaned up the porch in the exhaust which uh actually kind of needed it so i’ll close that in there i’ll try not to make it too long but anyway yeah this is uh this is the beginning part of the ride but uh yeah

Everything went together good i had heard that you couldn’t put the powerbomb on with the lex exhaust everything actually went on really good just like just like with the factory one so uh anyway i’m gonna take this thing for a ride and see if i notice a difference yeah it definitely uh has increased the performance i mean it it went right up to uh 6000

Rpm with nothing so yeah i do know the staff so very cool yeah um yeah i ground down about an eighth of an inch to a quarter inch off the bottom of the exhaust uh port itself with my dremel and yeah it just feels like that over here just feels like a totally different beast yeah so far uh between the exhaust port cleanup and the power bomb i do know this

This thing will rev out without even thinking about it where before it would sign off like right now six seven all the way the red line and it’s still pulling so uh so yeah that’s cool and before it would start to choke out at higher rpms and that would just uh yeah i can read it’ll hit the uh 70 or 7500 red line without even thinking about it so that’s

Very cool i already know without without a doubt this thing is a different beast yeah i didn’t downshift it’s a lot smoother uh it just thumps right along ah thank goodness oh yeah way better all right so let’s get on the uh northern parkway west yep we’ll be back in the sun for a minute then we’ll hop on over to the uh 303. yeah she pulls right on up to seven grand oh bro you

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Kawasaki KLR650 FMF Pipe & Porting Mod. By Verbal Widget