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Kawasaki KX-100 2 Stroke Full Review

In this video I am reviewing and labeling every part of my Kawasaki KX-100 i also do a full review and overview of the bike and how it rides.

Hey you guys what is of its bobo first off today i just want to say thank you to everybody who’s been showing love and support on the channel liking the videos comment and clicking that bill clicking that subscribe button thank you to everybody shout out everybody in the bose squad i also want to say i hope everybody’s having a great day enjoying this beautiful weather

That we got just you know living living their best life living in most pure life so all around having a great day as you can see in the title and thumbnail today’s video we’re gonna be doing review on my 2000 kawasaki kx 100 i know in my first video i revealed the steps how i got it with all what are the little things that i’ve done too and everything like that but

Today we’re going to be doing actual full review on the bike learning what it all comes with the bike and learning a little bit more about the bike a a little bit more in depth about weight what actually the bike does and things on it the components on it so yeah let’s jump in this review so the first thing about this bike is it is a 2000 series like i said in

The first video is the 2000 series it’s a kawasaki it’s a kx 100 it’s a two-stroke this is a fully competition bike when i bought this bike it was from a guy that used to race motocross he used this bike in competitions so it is a full competition race bike another thing about this bike that a lot of people really don’t know is the cylinder head or the cylinder jug

Upgrade now originally i want to say the 100’s come with a 52 or something like 53 millimeter bore on the jug mine is running at a 54 point eighty millimeter bore size which puts the bike at about 135 cc something like that but it’s still a 100 frame 100 bottom in everything else is 100 cc’s another thing is the inverted foods you know inverters really go a long

Way when you’re out on the track you’re doing a lot of trail riding stuff like that street riding yeah but the track and trail riding they do a good job another thing i wanted to talk about is the remote reservoir on the back this right here is a remote remote reservoir now it’s fully adjustable for spring tension compression dampening and rebound dampening and

What that means is compression dampening helps the suspension absorb bumps on the road irregularly as the wheel moves upward in the stroke rebound dampening helps their suspension return to the proper position after a bump or other irregular causes the fork to compress now what that saying is when you’re out riding and you’re out on the track and you’re doing all

These things that your suspension is going to be reliable and it’s gonna hold up to which you which your standards are out there riding whether that be 30-foot jumps or 5-foot jumps rather it be 30 miles an hour on the trick 5 miles an hour on the track your suspensions gonna hold up it’s just it’s so it’s so new i’m so advanced you can literally do whatever you

Want to do with these so we’ll go ahead and start from the bottom now we got our tires these are 90 116 s on the back and then on the front we have 70 119 a little bit bigger on the front to give you a little bit of boost to go faster when you’re out on the track this is your throttle cable this is your front hand brake this is where you put your front your fluid

In for your front brakes your kill switch is your kill switch is your other grip and this is your clutch is just to stroke you to quit the clutch there’s your gear shift this is your exhaust i have the gold series fmf fatty pipe the front front fender converted forks another good thing i want to talk about this bike the water cooling now with these new not new but

When the bike was made new they put water cooling radiators in there which really really helps these bikes out our water cooling keeps them very very cool when you’re out there riding – no overheating i haven’t i haven’t heard or seen too many problems with the 100 on overheating but i know on the 125 and the woman tens that there’s been problems with overheating

On the bikes i don’t know if those bikes come with the water cooling or not but i want to say since there’s been multiple problems with overheating that those bikes don’t come with it so yes here’s the here’s the radiator the water cooling radiator right there it’s kind of hard to see but uh we have all original plastic on the bike this is the cylinder top in spark

Plug your radiator hoses this is your bottom in this is your your acceleration cable your rear brake fluid right here this is where you put your brake fluid this is your carburetor this is your fuel line so we’re you turn your gas on and off your air filter box your back brake compressor this is your back brake pedal or your lever so i know some of y’all are gonna

Be like buh buh you don’t have a kick-start bobo where’s your kick store what happened behind me losing my kickstart was i was trail riding one day and i got out look down where well we rode for about an hour that come back home and i looked down my kickstart was gone and it wasn’t secured on there the proper way the first time whenever we was running which is

Probably the main reason why i fell off so we will be ordering a new one of those also you guys one other thing i wanted to talk about is my exhaust i know i said that it is it is the original exhaust that came with it or the muffler and it is i have the fmf gold series of exhaust the fatty pipe right now as you can see but i do not have the fmf exhaust leave a

Comment below which which exhaust our muffler do you think i should get next do you think i should get the gold series fmf muffler to match or do you think i should keep the the original ones leave a comment below let me know what y’all think the main overview of this bike it’s just overall a well-rounded bike you know you can’t go wrong with it if you’re just

Learning out or if you’re a thirty-year experienced rider you cannot you cannot go wrong with this bike yeah i know it’s a little bit a little bit older it’s an older version of these bikes but if you go by a twenty twenty one from a dealership it’s gonna do the same good the same well that mine will do you know they’re just very very well furbished in chip bikes

You know kawasaki makes great bikes whenever they make them they don’t they’re they’re top-of-the-line they make the best of the best so yeah you guys there’s the full review of the bike again it’s i know it’s not the best condition but we have a lot more upgrades coming to this bike the next few videos if you guys will stay tuned there will be a lot more stuff

Getting done to this bike and the stunt bike or my wife’s bike but as you’ve seen you know this this was just the main overview and main review of this bike um there’s not really more i have much to say about this bike we’ll get some footage for you guys let’s go swipe today i’m riding that’s the full review and the overview of this bike the kawasaki kx 100

Two-stroke if you guys liked the video please drop a like below a comment about what you like would you want to see what exhaust you want me to put it on or muffler you want me to put on next click that bill turn on them post notifications just make sure you smash that subscribe button buh buh buh squat i’m out i see you guys next video

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Kawasaki KX-100 2 Stroke Full Review By BoBo’s Bikes