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Decided to put up a short update video. Merry Christmas everyone!

I said there wasn’t gonna be a christmas video but i felt really bad so i decided to come down in the garage and try to make do with what i have be prepared it’s gonna be a shaky camera cuz i did not bring the gimbal but i haven’t ridden in ten days now i’ve not written a single bike in ten days and why have i not done that because for the last ten days i’ve been

Fighting the most intense allergic reaction of my life and it turns out that i might i’m like 90% sure it might be allergic to gluten because yesterday was the first day that i didn’t break out in hives all over my body after i ate something and that’s because i ate a full-on gluten free meal but since there’s gonna be no video no writing today makes i’m still

Recovering and i’m on a bunch of meds as i have been for the last nine days cannot be operating any motorized vehicles i got the graphics kit for my k x 100 and i put it on last week i think i ever actually showed it and like i said i want to pull it out and i want to show you guys but that’s just it’s just not gonna happen so hopefully you guys enjoy what i gave

Today i think it’s better than nothing and i think that you guys should probably understand why i’m not making a video or why cannot make a video but just remember that for monday i did promise that i was gonna release the video of me riding with joey mac and bloo boom dana even though the whole day was just my bike stalling and whatnot i will still try to release

That on mondays but if for any reason it does not come out just hang tight because it will update by the end of the week i have an appointment with my doctor on tuesday which because she’s booked she couldn’t type to take me in until tuesday so until then i will get an allergy test on tuesday and when i know for sure i’ll probably be able to adjust my diet and get

Back up on the road again but for now merry christmas to everybody and i hope you guys have a wonderful time with your family and uh i’ll see you on the next one you okay on second thought i realized how depressing that whole thing was so i decided to put in a little bit of work and actually move some of the bikes out and then pull this thing out so that’s what

It looks like now and i’ll show you guys have before but i’m not yet done because there are graphics for the rims and i originally really wanted the black ones but obviously i’m not going to drop anyone money so this is what i’m stiff enough to now it doesn’t look too bad the only thing i really changed as i put the 2016 fender on instead of yeah this is what uh so she looks like now

Transcribed from video
KAWASAKI KX100 By A Girl and Her Bike