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One atom twelve one item twelve we got some dirt bags on west main here gonna do a citizen’s arrest not in my hood that’ll give a ticket for littering one for graffiti and there’s a dirt bag next door that won’t mow his goddamn lawn so he sure as hell getting a ticket out of my watch got a tight ship on our hood what’s happening fellas check this thing out

This is a rockville interceptor kaplan america edition we had two of these in you might have seen a video of me doing a big smokey hole shot on the one we sold we sold that one as is needed to headlight and some other stuff we took all the best parts from the two and put them on on this one uh jeff added the brand new trip light brand new trip light um siren and he

Put a ridiculous amount of work into this thing got a huge stack of invoices for this thing he put the shinko tires on it front and rear uh the mags were painted black the uh bike has been given a a full cosmetic preservation restoration service if you will it’s got a new graphics package on it the windshield i think it was like 200 and something dollars on the

Windshield brand new smoked windshield the graphics are by christy steiger rockville interceptor just beautiful black and gold definitely cool hey there goes the police right there the real the real police so it’s a really cool looking bike um it parts people on the highway like the red sea they you know the only problem is if you’re on a two-lane road they’re

Gonna they’re gonna go really slow um so if you’re on a three-lane or four-lane they’ll definitely pull over because it definitely has a look if you zoom in on this graphic right here you’ll see it says rockville interceptor it’s got the american flag it’s black and gold leaf just a beautiful piece uh squirrel and kenny old school kenny spent quite a bit of time

Detailing it kenny polished and wet sanded and buffed to get the original paint on the gas tank and the fairings in beautiful condition and the front fender these are gel coated bags he buffed these bags really nicely cleaned up all the chrome and i’ve got a work order here i’ll go over it just to make sure i didn’t miss anything jeff put quite a bit of the minute

Mechanic jeff he’s done quite a few of these kawasaki kz 1000’s and um we’re the uh i’ll go down the part so it’s got a new uasa battery new spark plugs a new bellray 1040 oil new oil filter of course a new front tire it’s a shinko 110 90 18 beautiful tire new front brake pads new regulator rectifier a new rix electric um regulator rectifier new intake manifold

So you zoom in on the carburetor you see the intake manifolds are new new air boots on the other side to the to the air box uh new air filter new air filter cover and snorkel a brand new ek 630 chain a bunch of miscellaneous electrical connectors and wire new brake fluid a brand new fuel petcock it’s an oem kawasaki that was that was a hundred bucks for that

Everywhere you look there’s a hundred dollar bill a brand new pair of oem kawasaki mirrors if you zoom in you’ll see those are the original factory kawasaki black mirrors the tinted windshield was over 200 bucks um and then of course assorted windshield hardware uh and fairing covers the siren was over a hundred dollars so um quite a bit was invested in parts and

Uh the carbs were removed the bank of carbs were cleaned and soaked in the carburetor clean tank the carburetors were dismantled completely rebuilt replace the intake manifolds and the air boots installed the new air filter cleaned and rebuilt the air box new plugs change the oil and filter rebuilt the front master cylinder clean and hone the front brake calipers

Clean hole in the rear rear brake caliper bled the brakes front and rear and install flush with new fluid uh of course install the new front tire new rear tire replace the regulator rectifier this bike also has another substantial upgrade it’s a dyna electronic ignition big upgrade over the stock one um the the lights the horn the signals the brake lights replace

The exhaust the rear exhaust system mufflers uh from the other police spike which are better we’re in better condition so like i said we migrated some of the better parts from that one over this one has the factory uh police package which includes the interceptor style body kit on it with the full fairing bags uh the chrome brush guard or or bumper guard in the

Rear the saddle bag protectors the the highway bars up in the front the floorboards the heel toe shifter jeff put a total of 25 hours of service into the bike um the detail shop put a total of 20 hours in so we have 50 hours of labor or excuse me 45 hours of labor uh and then of course christy steiger designed the graphics she’s probably got a uh four or five

Hours into the graphics package uh the bike the entire bike was hot water pressure wash steam cleaned hand washed degreased they polished the engine uh repainted the wheels uh the shocks the bars the fairing was touched up the tank the tank and bags and fenders are all polished and wet sanded and buffed the frame was touched up the swing arm was repainted the

Hand controls were all cleaned up new graphics were installed the tires the brand new tires were cleaned and polished the side walls so they look factory fresh which they are they’re brand new and polished the exhaust so basically every square inch of this bike has been massaged tuned attended to it is a former police bike of course and if you zoom in check out

This keychain i picked up for it’s a concealed weapons permit we kind of got a little obsessed on the project and you know did a lot of cool things like this concealed weapons permit it’s been kind of a fun project here at the shop been working on for a couple months you might have seen it in a bunch of our videos now we’re putting it up for sale we can’t give it

Away we’ve got a work order with five thousand five hundred and twenty three dollars in parts and labor put into the bike fifty five hundred dollars it’s not hard to do restoring a a classic like this but it is the kz 1000 they’re known to be bulletproof motors this was maintained by the municipality which is uh to say over maintained um because it was a police

Duty bike so they always changed the oil tires brakes everything was fresh 46 646 original miles you can see the tack and the speed are in good shape has the storage compartments up here on the fairing definitely an all-day cruiser it has a super comfortable police edition leather seat fantastic nice comfortable seat with a lumbar support on the back here and

Gives you the ability to slide back a little bit at six two the only thing i would do is add some highway pegs and put a stereo on it and you got yourself a cross-country cruiser the um bike runs phenomenal the brakes everything works great handles phenomenal again it’s got the new chain on it you can see the center stand uh is intact and if you zoom in on it you

See it was repainted along with the kickstand which was repainted just a beautiful piece now um there is a slight whine in the transmission that you might have heard when i took off it is a transmission bearing which jeff said could last you know a long time uh or or you could replace it now um it’s not failed it’s just whining uh the oil in the gearbox is new

So um we discovered that after we wrote it around a little bit but uh we’re selling it the way it is uh it’s cosmetically restored mechanically uh gone through but it does have that one slight issue with the the gearbox wine which you can or cannot fix it’s up to you we’re selling it the way it is so if you have any questions about it give us a call 860-454-7024

June you want anything about this classic police interceptor definitely a luxury for the cops to be riding around on this eric cold big kz thousand with the chain drive and triple disc brakes just total classic in police form and i’m not surprised why they uh use these for so many years after the main production you know it is a replica the chip spike for sure

Is exactly what they ran in fact this is the original factory paint job just so you know give an idea of the way this bike was maintained this is not a repaint we only put the graphics on it and if you look at the side covers those are the original factory side covers almost 40 years old so obviously well maintained stored indoors municipal machine got all the

Services needed we ended up with two of these so we took this one right to the limit you can see the engine cases were polished all aluminum and chrome has been polished it’s as good as it’s going to get the bags uh this is a nice storage on the top here um i’ve got this one additional decal i’m going to monitor it says give me liberty or give me death that’s

Not what your country can do if you ask what you can do for your country my only regrets i had about one life to live for my country to life four 17 seventies i forgot to mount that that’s gonna get mounted right here um or not you know if you buy it you don’t want it on there i won’t put it on there but uh just a beautiful piece um lots of storage in the backpack

In the side bags so um kick ass piece this is the original kawasaki police edition mud flap on the back that’s been on since it was new you can see it’s in good shape and again the rims were repainted all black kick ass piece man if you have any questions give us a call again factory kz 1000 exhaust factory intake factory carbs the whole drivetrain is 100 stock

Original no mods no abuse it’s ready to go thanks for watching god bless america wow

Transcribed from video